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The Canadian newspaper very seriously ''Weekly World News'' was published February 14, 1995 an article which proves again the theory of the hollow Earth.

This is the title of the article: "Cape Canaveral, Florida - NASA receives radio signals coming from inside the Earth."

A senior NASA said - "they have a technology that is capable of sending signals through the earth's crust, hundreds of miles of earth and rock."

NASA has decoded them but won’t reveal the contents. The source of this information leak states that, “They obviously know more about us than we do about them."

The source said scientists agree that this is the most startling and important discovery of the century. "We have long thought that space was the final frontier, but now we realize that inside our planet lies uncharted territory that could prove to be far more important to our future."

It's clear that someone or something is communicating with us from the center of the earth.

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It seems to me very unlikely to be true, we radio amateurs We use all frequencies every day and monitor All the signals much better than nasa -

Lol ... If I were just a 'tad' more psychotic than I already am, I could by now have made millions through a complete TV-show about all the weird Sounds I always hear where I live... If I were to include all the stray radio/microwave-signals that roam these grounds, I could have made billons.. ;)

I envy KK.

Hopefully, he'll make sure to at least get a 0,1% kickback from all the crap he posts here, and from the cost of Ben's credibility and future biz'ability, generates lot of clicks from both facebook and other linked sites here... ;)

KK will cash in, and Ben will get to be unemployed forever as eternal thanks for allowing KK to roam here for free in the first place. ;)

If you want to listen to radio amateurs there are many websites on the internet Even without having to buy radio and antennas, try it here '


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