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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NWO Dismantling Here Begins Tonight!


NWO (New World Order) installations of several sorts will be hit--hard--tonight according to authoritative ET/ED sources. Targets include: institutions repressing/enslaving/planning to kill the People, symbols of NWO and occult power, NWO FEMA detention/extermination camps and so on. The chemtrail system, from agents to delivery systems, will be be the object of particular attention. The ETs/EDs warn that any attempt to artificially trigger the New Madrid Fault system will first be blocked, then mercilessly punished, to include destruction of all equipment and personnel involved. As is their custom, special measures will be taken to protect innocent humans.

NWO Has Run Out Of Time!

Despite frantic, unceasing attempts to institute and implement the NWO agenda of control, domination, enslavement and genocide, the NWO has run out of time, for the cavalry has arrived! The Liberation Forces of benevolent ETs/EDs are now ready to give the NWO not only a taste of its own medicine, but the whole bottle! Devastation will rain down from above on the NWO, and as was warned before, there will be "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide." This explicitly includes hardened deep underground hidey holes, which have already proven death traps to multitudes of negative ETs/EDs.

NWO Throw In The Towel--While You Still Have One!
The NWO needs to understand the Liberation Forces can apply combat power in ways unimaginable, ranging from electric shocks and annoying voices to planet shattering blows, plus everything in between. Be it unexpected public nakedness of NWO personnel, disappearance of highly protected, embarrassing NWO documents, abduction of NWO personnel and equipment, nothing and no one are safe, save the innocent. Your NWO mind control and sex slave centers, your NWO pedophilia rings, human trafficking, gunrunning and narcotrafficking, your NWO schools for assassins and many more such things are all destined for exposure and destruction. There is nothing you have that they cannot take, and if you don't believe it, ask Pakistan, Israel, Venezuela, the U.S. Air Force, Iran, and the people at a bunch of black project facilities!

John Kettler | February 21, 2012 at 9:21 pm | Tags: ETs/EDs, FEMA, Liberation Forces, NWO, U.S. | Categories: General

NWO To Receive Mauling in U.S.--ETs/EDs Warn | John Kettler Investigates

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Just checked out the John Kettler site. His stuff doesn't resonate at all. I don't think he is a power for good and on our team so to speak. He discredits most of what we uphold on this site including the beloved archangels, so how do we discern the above message? The message above rings true, but check out his site. It disturbs me.

The intuitive take I get on Kettler is that:  he doesn't know everything.  While he has a seeming wide-view of things, the information comes in a narrow fashion.  This is not a criticism of who he is, or represents, and he certainly has more "facts" than I do.

It is always good to have our "beliefs" challenged - as that oft points out opportunities for growth within.

It is best to simply keep an open mind & heart; do not judge; all information will be vetted as time goes (and more quickly I might add).

You are right Anthony...and I agree with you. I have heard the same thing from elsewhere about this guy & his stand on the GFL & some of the channels.

I do agree with his post & that's why I posted it.

I really admire a reader that does his homework.   

Thanks Mr Ed, right back at ya!!

Have to say, in lieu of the post below, Steve Beckow is a soul of great light and force for change. I know him and have spoken, and admire his work greatly.

@ Anthony -  I agree again with you on everything except his (Steve's) position on Obama.

I don't consider his stance on Obama his fault as he got the info from a channeled message.

The question would be discernment with the source of the information.

Steve and all of us are on the same team.

Good, I'm glad you agree! Just had to iron that one out!

  Who is Kettler assuming is doing all this taking out?

I think Kettler is a black hat like Fulford

Fulford is not a black hat.

I can't speak for Kettler...but there are many others that walk the fence in my opinion.

Like the channels who support Obama for example. (Steve Beckow comes to mind)

Thanks KK...I hadn't seen that.

I'm glad it's going viral.  

My take is also that Kettler does not have the whole picture. Many out there only have half of the picture if that. My intent is for this to be true, I will be watching and hope for the best outcome.


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