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It's time to start separating beliefs from truth. I see basically everyone spout out something like they know it's the truth, when it's only a belief at best. And I've been there too, I've made that mistake. Where I would think my beliefs are true, because they make sense to me. But as we grow further in integrity, we come to realize that, they were simply beliefs. Unless we truly know something, or present something that is clearly demonstratable, they exist as a belief, an opinion, an idea.

And I've seen in my life, and on this site, and according to my research into history...that conflicting belief systems are source of alot of conflict that doesn't need to happen. Like on this site even, people get trashed, and insulted, and made to feel low, because they simply hold a different belief system than someone else. And egos like to think their beliefs are true. And anyone who doesn't share that belief, in some way, must be wrong.

I think to stay in true integrity, we need to acknowledge to ourselves...that our beliefs are just beliefs, prone to changes, prone to mistakes. And most of our beliefs are gleaned from second hand information at best. The only thing we TRULY know, is what we discover and come to understand within us, what we can clearly demonstrate is real and true, and what we experience and observe. Everything else, exists as a belief system, that may not be true.

And in order to stay true, and stay real, and stay in integrity...we need to acknowledge that. If we don't truly KNOW something....we need to acknowledge that this is just my opinion...and other people have a right to have a different opinion. It's okay to have beliefs, and opinions...most things are a belief system. I have many things that I believe based on years of research. Do I know what I believe is true, no. My beliefs are my beliefs. My knowing is knowing. And there's a difference and we need to be able to distinguish the difference. I think that would end alot of conflict, not just on this site, but in the world....and it would allow people to have true freedom of speech and expression, without other people jumping on them saying they're wrong.

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I think beliefs, are a determination of truth, from the level of mind. It's not an actual knowing of truth though, by true realization. And that's where I'm separating truth from beliefs, they're not the same. Many people have beliefs that aren't actually based in truth. They may think it's true, but they don't know it...and belief is not knowing. People like to think that it is, though. It may be our truth, but that doesn't make it THE truth, and we need to be able to recognize that, for real...not just say it, but still treat others as wrong for not having the same beliefs.

My advice to you Jancar, is not to worry or over think about other peoples beliefs to hard. Let them believe in what they are going to believe and let the rest guide you to the candle flame, while it gloew glows with the truth

U don't have to worry about what other people believe in, because they aren't going to change there minds over nite, some might have an open mind about things, but some may not have that open mind about things, and no matter what you do or say, they aren't going to change there minds, unless they themselves see something different

It's like me, I could sit there and really harp and harp on the fact that we don't have to send our energies out those that are suffering or hurting, but someone else will disagree with me on it. I'm not going to let the other persons belief ruin my day or evening, just because they want to send there energies out again to those that are hurting or suffering.

Just be who are, and don't worry about what others believe in, because you aren't striving to be popular, but rather just sharing your belief and ideas about things 

Bless the Nite


Hi folks, Hi john, thanks for sharing the thread.

I think this emptiness idea is bringing the all aspect of our being into the good old now, present moment.

I think this is what john may be trying to convey. I think consciousness is a direct stream, where as mind and brain and words such as these are a stored memory and choices and actions are based on this outdated information, whereas direct streaming is always up to date, so that one can never fall into illusion.

I also think this is along the lines of what is meant by, be like a child. It means to forget the past and only interpret what occurs moment by moment, otherwise we get caught in all kinds of mind traps, which makes us very easy to control by using past memories to steer us in a certain direction most times not in our best interest.

If we had no memory of the past, we could not be manipulated to fear the future and we would be impossible to manipulate or control, though i feel a balance is probably what is ideal, the middle way, oneness, emptiness i feel are all words describing this balancing act of forgetting what is not essential to the moment. Another phrase to describe this is from a movie called, 'The Little Prince'.

"its only with the heart that one can see clearly, whats essential, is invisible to the eye".

This is yet another way of saying, be balanced in the moment, beyond time and memories and connected to the universal stream of the heart, the information it conducts is never changing, yet the eyes are always given an illusion to play in.

peace love light


I know that what they say about stilling the mind, is very true. To be able to connect to our hearts, and our inner being, and to our self...we need to get out of the mind, know how to still the mind, know how to relax and quiet the mind. I know that from experience. Is that being in emptiness, I don't think so. I don't know what this idea of emptiness is. I don't think that's how you experience oneness, I think oneness is such a fulfilling feeling, you become so filled with all that exists, that you feel at one with it. I don't think it's emptiness. But I'm no expert, this is just my opinion, and I'm probably wrong lol 

I also agree with you that, to be like a child is important. To have that purity and that innocence, is important. I think ultimately, that's at the core of who we are. The mind is all about maturity and it's good to be mature, but..ultimately, our true essence, I believe is a very sweet and loving and pure essence. You can't feel pure and sweet from the level of mind, you can't feel true love and joy from the level of mind, those are all qualities of our inner being. And if people are in their minds and try to be that way, they're faking lol And you can tell who fakes it, and who really is genuinely love and light.

Yes Jancar, You can quiet the Mind and still the Mind in your own down time, you have that part right. It is hard to do when your Mind rambles a lot, but it is still worth trying at times to get that state of ahhhh I'm relaxing kind of feeling, and drifting off into trance mode to get the Visions I need or to just find that sort of Zen space for a while

You are right though about Stilling the Mind, it is healthy at times to do that, every now and doesn't hurt to do it, but some won't like the idea of it either lol

However I don't think that Oneness has to be so blah as it sounds. I think that you can be One with yourself, and your Being, because you can find all Aspects of yourself when in you are in the state of being One with yourself. I think this is how some maybe able to find some of there Past Lives, maybe not, but it might work if you are One with yourself, you might be able to find all sorts of Past Lives that you have had before coming into the world we are living in

The whole child thing though eh, not so much so. I think that it is important to remember our years as a Child, and to keep these memories a live with us at times, but we can't dwell on our own Past too much, because we are now an adult, and we have to take care of grown up things, in order to live this life. Finding our Child like Soul, might help in some areas, such as taking care of Kids, because sometimes you have to find the Child within, in order to understand what they are going through, but you can't live your whole life being a Child 

You have to grow up, and say well that was a life I had back then, and thank god I'm an adult now where I can take care of my own things, and the lessons I have learned are all in tact 

I think that with people who stir around there Child Being way too much, have sort of a Peter Pan syndrome where they don't want to grow up, for a reason. That reason is because you would have to go back into your Childhood days and find out what you were missing from that time period. For instants if you have been abused, or if you had to take care of your siblings and didn't have time to be a Kid in this life

It's different though for everyone Jancar,

Bless the Nite


Well if we can't quiet the chatterbox in our heads, we still have work to do. And you can't truly meditate until you can do that. Or it's not authentic. And visualization isn't the same as meditation, I think people tend to confuse the two. And you know, I'm actually pretty good at quieting the chatterbox in my head. And I think all artistry, and all self expression, at a level of mastery at least, requires that.

That doesn't mean we don't think, ever lol That doesn't mean we don't use our minds ever, or don't have mind chatter ever. It's good to have that, it's good to be able to analyze and rationalize and conceptualize. It's also important to know how to just be still and know. I think true knowledge and true understanding comes when we can be still, and get out of our minds, then things will become more clear. The mind, as great as it is, tends to get in the way, in alot of different ways.

And I think you missed the point about being child like. I think it's good to be child like, for the purity and innocence and freshness. For the love and joy and laughter and fun. It's good to be light hearted and carefree. It's good to be creative and inspired and be in the moment. Kids just do that almost automatically. we grow up, we lose that...and we become mature, and into our minds. And it's good to be able to do that, but I think that there has to be a balance of childhood and adulthood. And as Jesus said, the greatest among us will be like children. And that's true, when you look at all the greatest in any field, there is always something child like about them.

Usually the reason that people get the two confused for, is because while they meditate, they go into what is called a heavy trance mode, and can get some Images or Visions coming in with that

As for the whole Child thing Jancar. I don't think that being adult is real bad at all. I think though you are over thinking this concept of being Child like forever. You can't have the pure innocent effect when you act like a Child either. Children do mis behave as well Jancar, I have watched things where a Child will act out, because they aren't getting what they want, or will do something that they aren't suppose to do even

Children grow into adults, and sometimes they just need to be told when they are doing something wrong, so they can fix it, and become more like an Adult. Children even want to grow up and become adults Jancar

They want to explore there childhood, but they to are in a hurry to get a Car, Job, all of the things that adults have, because that is who they are watching in there years of experiencing things 

I mean they watch something growing up, and either they do the complete opposite of what they are seeing, or follow right into the foot prints of what they are seeing when they become adults

Jancar, the reason that I'm so curious here, is because I'm wondering right now what it is your mind is telling u that is so bad and negative, from what your heart wouldn't be thinking about or feeling rather

Bless the Nite


Well I actually think you're over-thinking the whole thing. I think having a balance of childhood and adulthood is ideal. But I meant the positive qualities lol Obviously you don't want to be childish...and I think you can be child like without being childish. Again, for me, Michael Jackson was the prime example of how you can be like a child, yet still be mature.

I don't want to be mean or rude even, but the reason that Michael Jackson got a bad rep for, was the fact that he had Kids sleeping over at his place, and of course Adults are going to be like eeeeee when something like that happens

I don't think he was a bad guy though, but more less just never grew up in a sense of being around Kids a lot 

If you are the kind of Adult that is around Children a lot though, set aside the times you have to be around  them, then you are going to get looked at more, because Adults do grow up, and even parents get babysitters because they need a break from there kids.

That isn't always healthy either, but that is why Adults get them for

Bless the Nite


Well I feel like I know Michael Jackson, I've always felt close to him, and I tell you what....he was much more mature than most so called adults. But, he was also very child like. I think he had a great balance of childhood and adulthood. I think we all should strive for that. As for the having kids sleep over, I don't even want to get into that lol Suffice to say...many so called adults just don't understand love.

He had the money to be able to be both as well, and sure it is nice to have a balance of both, when we want to understand how to help some of the children that are out there

I'm not going to say that the media didn't blow things out of portion when it came to him, but also at the same time, I understand why some adults would be weary of a grown man having sleep overs with children like that 

Bless the Nite


Yes I agree with your post. Ascension for example is a belief of mine - but I can't be sure of it yet.

But the presence of ETs is way more than only a belief of mine, since I found so much indices for it that I'm really sure about it.


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