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Is This How Crop Circles Are Really Made ???...let's have your Feedbacks

A clip from the documentary Thrive. It emphasizes how many of the most complex patterns are actually 2D representations of complex geometric 3D shapes, such as the torus, that is, the atmosphere that forms around planets. 

I would challenge all skeptics to give a detailed explanation of how people can shape these complex designs in the middle of the night without leaving footprints or traces and without breaking the stands, but rather bending them with advanced microwave/radiation technology, which also leaves traces of radiation on the ground.

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GREAT VIDEO. Yes, the use of torus energy is the key. I love the comment "NASA continues to deny extraterrestrial contact of any kind." JUST REMEMBER THIS: if you work for NASA and try to connect with extraterrestrials, you will be fired on the spot with your file reading "employee terminated due to belief in little green men who live on Mars,"

Whenever I visit a childrens sandbox nowadays, I always "tag" it by leaving a perfect 3D-cube in the sand. I use my foot to do the lines in the sand.

Imagine what one could do in a cornfield, and with some financial backing that would allow one to use better tools than just a foot... What wondrous patterns THAT could create, eh? ... ;)

Many have tried to recreate this phenomena. The results are laughable. Unless you are in the air and above the area you want to draw, your sense of perspective will be off and the results will be nothing like those done by our ET friends.

a harvard prof was studying a crop circle in england when around 3 am she saw small balls of light flying low over a distant field-they spun around ,flared and were gone-inspecting the new circle in daylight she took a sample and had it looked at-the crop was flattened the same way veggies soften when steamed-she said she thinks the balls of light were  each igniting and creating steam from the water vapor in the low atmosphere and created the design-each programmed with a certain design task


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