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These are people who cannot hold an intellectual discussion with you, and always reply with "f*ck you" or "you're a racist" or "you're a Nazi" when you demonstrate that they are wrong via intellectual discussion.

 I hope Trump declares these people as terrorists.

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malcolm none of these photos are from boston do a reverse google image search on them and you can find the originals. and try to do a little research before you spread misinformation from people who are counting on ignorant and uncritical media consumers


In addition to Google, I bet you rely on, too.


These are the people you won’t hear the media condemn


'Peaceful:' Antifa Goons Hurl Urine, Rocks, and Epithets at Police

Guy Benson
Posted: Aug 21, 2017 10:25 AM
'Peaceful:' Antifa Goons Hurl Urine, Rocks, and Epithets at Police

Nothing screams, "we're really just against Nazis" like flinging bottles filled with urine at police, and burning the flag that defeated Nazism.  At a 'free speech' event in Boston over the weekend -- at which counter-protesters vastly outnumbered actual demonstrators, some unclear percentage of whom showed up to espouse detestable views -- things got ugly.  While an overwhelming majority of the anti-racism/anti-Alt-Right contingent conducted itself peacefully, the Antifa faction was not, and they were literally cheered on by some sympathizers.  Even after the original protesters had reportedly gone home, the Antifa types did what they set out to do.  They exist to sow violence and chaos.  They do not exist to oppose "fascism:"  


Police officers were also subjected to nasty verbal attacks, both in Boston and elsewhere.  This is protected speech that's preferable to physical violence, of course, but it's a dreadful way to treat those trying to maintain the peace

Biological Warfare? Antifa Protesters Threw Bottles Filled with Sh*t, Piss at White Rally

malcolm please learn how to reverse image search these are not all from boston either. literally none of the original images are from boston and you won't even own up to the mistake. you are entitled to your bad opinions and loving cops just please refrain from spreading misinformation on this website. godbless u.

ps. any decent historian will tell you that if any one flag deserves credit for defeating the nazis its the flag of the red army not the united states. the soviets inflicted 80% of the casualties the nazis suffered.  they liberated the majority of concentration camps and took berlin.  please read some history fammo.

ps #2 peeing on cops is extremely good


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