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Time to destroy the source.




Citizens of nations around the world,
We are Anonymous.

Over the last few decades, the world has become a place of turmoil and confusion, amplified with the service of propaganda over the airwaves and through the internet. Because of patterns recently discovered by the public, we have pinpointed the cause of these problems.

The Illuminati have been suspected of as a secret faction dealing with the highest classes on Earth. Its presence is not legally identified, yet Anonymous and the public knows of their ubiquity.

The Illuminati have infiltrated every single known secret society that has ever existed, including the Freemasons. We know that they have infiltrated every known powerful nation that has existed over the past few centuries. We understand that all forms of the popular entertainment industry are being run by the illuminati. Of course this information has never been publically disclosed for reasons that are only known by the Illuminati.

For years, activists have been targetting the wrong problem. Seldom did we target the actual threats, (The arab spring, etc.). Most of the others were targetting sources that were just branches of an ever powerful tree. It is time to cut that tree down.

We are calling upon the entire Anonymous collective and the people of the world to target the source of the problem. This is the problem that is controlling industries, corporations, and entire governments. We must destroy it before it destroys us.

Anonymous will shift its power to prioritize this goal. No Distributed Denial of Service Attack will achieve that mandate. No physical demonstrations will have any affect unless the entire world rises up in unison. That is unlikely.

Hence, we are declaring Jihad on all illuminati subjects. They are the source. That source must be annihilated.

This is not a war of religion. This is not a war for christianity, or an Islamic war, or a Jewish war. This is not a war of secularism. This is not a war of Athiestic beliefs. This is not a war of Communism, neither is it a war of Globalization. This is not a war.

This is a duty that needs to be performed by all of mankind, and we will not show mercy to those who stand in our way of achieving it.

Operation Jihad, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are the soldiers of the light.
Expect us.

Follow @TheAnonMessage for updates.

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Yes, just got confirmation from the owners of 2 videos, when asked if this was about killing this people :

-No, it's about taking away their power

-No killing, none at all. We wish to take the targets out of power and their position. That is all.

But I'm sure if an ET message said "taking care of" you won't think about killing. You should trust more your own species :)

They may have meant what you just said but it certainly did not come across that way at all.  If they were talking about taking away their power then we would have understood that, but their choice of words certainly made it seem like they wanted all the people on the list DEAD.  That was the tone all the way sounded like they as a group wanted revenge and wanted to murder all the people on the list which is altogether different.  I have lost respect in the group if they truly want what they said in the video. 

Actually, I do not have any problem for all those to be taking out but I would prefer to see them  arrested, judged and executed based on what they did and by their own laws created for us. This is not revenge, it is just serving justice and the Law of cause and effect.

Up until now, I have largely supported (or at least, not actively disapproved of) Anonymous and their actions.

But this video shows poor judgement.

Firstly, to name it "Operation Jihad"; "Jihad" means "holy war". While I believe them when they say this is not about religion, they have used a word that goes against their claim, and carries significant connotations that will do them no favours. This, in my opinion, is foolish.

Secondly, to make the bold claim that they are "soldiers of the light"; those who truly understand what the light is realise that "soldiers" and war are contrary to its very nature.

To then say that they "do not forgive" betrays their limited thinking; forgiveness and compassion are the things that seperate us from the cabal. If we abandon these things, we are no better than them.

I am surprised at Anonymous. This video doesn't resonate with me in the slightest. I would even go so far as to question whether this actually IS a bona fide Anonymous video, or whether it is Illuminati disinformation designed to smear their campaign. I'd like to believe the latter, but the more I study people who choose to afiliate themselves with Anonymous, the more I find that many of them are simply disillusioned, immature people who show a worryingly gung ho and vengeful attitude.

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for revolution (it's high time we had one), but to "show no mercy" goes against what I believe to be right. I will not be supporting Anonymous if this is the road they choose to go down.

Love and light x

Very well put Achilles, definitely agree ~ <3

You guys are talking crap about Anonymous but they will do more than you ever will.

While you sit there talking about stuff, they are actually taking ACTION.

Got a point there BL, but I am just concerned what KIND of action they will take.  You are right it is easy to be an armchair critic, point taken.  But if they resort to execution and murder I will not support that.  If they are talking about taking away their control I support that and would be onboard with that all the way. 

There is no leader in Anonymous.

Anonymous is basically comprised of groups of people or lone wolves.

Different groups have different motivations and different ideals, that goes for the lone wolves as well.

As far as I know, They haven't killed anyone and I doubt they ever will.

They are mainly a group of protestors and hackers trying to wake people up.

They themselves do not take on anyone. They simply expose people and let others do their jobs.

Using their skills they have uncovered murderers and other criminals as well helping police make arrests in the past.

Anyone can pose as Anonymous though so don't blame them entirely for some kid doing something stupid in their name.

Beautiful Laser, perhaps you could clarify for me - do "talking crap about" and "questioning the wisdom of" Anonymous mean the same thing for you? For me, these two are different.

I take my own kind of action; the action I take is simple:

  1. Inform people - I make a habit of sending people links to well-made videos and websites in an effort to get them to engage with material I think is important; I ask my friends and family to question everything, including my own ideas, and reach their own conclusions based on careful analysis of as much data as possible. In this way, I hope to awaken as many people as possible to what is really going on

  2. Be the change I want to see in the world - I treat everyone I meet with courtesy and kindness, because this is the way I would want to be treated by them. The smallest thing can make a big difference in someone's day, and this can create a ripple effect. The more people adopt this attitude, the more chance we have of a better society

When you say that Anonymous is / are "taking ACTION", I don't disagree with you. But I think it is worth questioning what their actions have achieved thus far.

Most people I have spoken to about Anonymous only know what they hear from the mainstream media - that Anonymous is a hacker collective that engages in "illegal" attacks on various websites. While I believe that Anonymous as a movement is well-meaning and has the potential to become much more than it currently is, I have to admit that they do themselves absolutely no favours when it comes to public perception.

Wearing masks, saying "we do not forgive", graffitiing and being generally rude and antagonistic to the police are not well-thought-out or mature things to do. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against graffitiing in principle, but a lot of people who might otherwise identify with Anonymous' aims DO, and by engaging in these kinds of activities they are alienating an audience they could potentially have welcomed.

Going to protests is wonderful, and I highly recommend it - but the last one I went to was full of people being deliberately rude and disrespectful to the police, the vast majority of whom were only there to do their job and keep things civil. People cannot claim that their right to peaceful protest is being violated when their language and actions are not peaceful. There is a difference between being peaceful and just not being physically violent.

So, what has Anonymous achieved so far?

Well, they've pissed a lot of people off (not necessarily a bad thing, of course), but in the process they've succeeded in isolating themselves and alienating many who might have been able to help the movement. A number of their members have been arrested and are facing serious charges. They have managed to "take down" a number of websites temporarily... but these websites (from what I have read) have been up and running again within the next few days.

They have apparently successfully hacked into email accounts of law enforcement officials, but as yet I haven't seen any data gleaned from these hacks that has had a significant impact or revealed anything new or interesting. Perhaps this is my fault - perhaps I haven't looked hard enough; but, one would think that if anything substantial HAD been uncovered, it would have been widely reported, at least in the alternative media, and I haven't come across anything like that.

The path to peace does not lie behind a mask and a computer. It lies in the wisdom and compassion that currently lie dormant in so many people. They just need something to stir it; I believe that thing is consistent kindness. But hey, this is just my perception. You are more than entitled to your own :)

Love and light x

Hi Brett - I didn't see the video but read the script.  I think your intentions are well intented (probably due to frustration) - BUT - THOSE OF THE LIGHT SHOULD NOT FEED NEGATIVETY OR FEAR IN ANYWAY - these DARKIE cabal types 'LIVE OFF IT" regardless of what episode is send out to diminish the light forces - do not buy into this...if you do you are FEEDING THE DARK!!  I believe our job at this time is to SPREAD LIGHT and assist those find the light - we are the pillars of LIGHT!!!  Do not waste your time or energy on negative things - I can only say...... hold your own light or good intentions for yourself and those around you.  BELIEVE IN LOVE AND LIGHT - re evaluate your position and I am sure higher elements will take care of this illuminati / entities when the time is right - sending you all LOVE AND LIGHT AND HUGS - BLESS YOU Gailene xxoo

u realize the illuminati are actually good guys and u want the new world order. the new world orld and the new age are the samething this is why the illuminati were created to create global illumination. The main way is a peaceful way but if destruction is the only way to get people to wake up then WW3 will happen so that the christian and muslim religions wipe eachother out. it will be by a peaceful way tho i believe. one quote weishaupt who started the illuminati said was "if i can't move heaven, i will raise hell." Peace.

What have you been sniffin Tyler?

Love and Light


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