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3-28-12 David Wilcock Interview of Drake, “an Insider specifically asked by the Pentagon ‘good guys’ to come forward”

3-28-12 David Wilcock Interview of Drake, “an Insider specifically asked by the Pentagon ‘good guys’ to come forward” 

very interesting news

love to all ... stay connected

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Tim Turners is a black op disinformation engineer.

'Nuff Said.


Cause I mean... when somebody says that about this guy and ive never really even heard about Turner before... and that statement feels good.

And then when this Turner guy says stuff and it feels full of negativity... well my Intuition leads me through burning hoops safely all the time.


So Tim Turner is definately working with the illuminati and cant be trusted with anything he says. Mental Note is recorded and sealed away for future reference.

So that I do not have to Ask myself this question again and open up for possible deception.

Not that I really ever even knew about Tim Turner or follow his work... so its kinda obscure.

"Tim Turners is a black op disinformation engineer."

The proof is in the pudding, nuff said!    

This is from Tim Turners website,  lucky for you,  non-applicable!

Knowing failure to disclose material information necessary to prevent statement from being misleading, or making representation despite knowledge that it has no reasonable basis in fact, are actionable as fraud under law. Rubinstein  v  Collins, 20 F.3D 160, 1990.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere."  -Voltaire

PS,  The TimTurner education site was provided for all of you as source, nuff said!

George, I'm so excited to see that you've posted this interview. It's truly going VIRAL which it NEEDS TO DO!!! I first listened to it on David Wilcock's site yesterday, which linked the entire thing to You Tube White Knights channel. Then, as synergy would have it, I checked my e-mail and the Bix Weir newsletter had linked the entire interview to his "Road To Roota" website (check that one out too if you want to be prepared for the paper money collapse world-wide soon(!), as well as Miles Franklin website's Andy Hoffman aka "Ranting Andy"...he and Bix tell it like it is!! Also, John Kettler has posted the Wilcock-Drake interview which we've been blogging about all morning(!) so this information is reaching millions! Thanks again for posting it George! 

I forgot to add: What Drake exposes is  WHAT WE'VE ALL BEEN PREPARING FOR , and concurs exactly with what the ET's have been especially emphasizing lately. This is by far the most important item on this blog today, and MUST be heard by all!!

Dear kameron thanks for your input to this effort of exposing the news that need to be heard around the world.

I totally agree with you is one of the most important interviews at this point as most of us have been discussing for days all that is being addressed and analyzed in this interview. So it’s rewarding and encouraging to see people coming forward from the secrecy to inform the public. Always with love.

WOw! I am so glad this is happening! More and more evidence..

Mass arrests are coming into manifestation and what A NEW WORLD we will be living in after that event unfolds and the extra events following that.

Lets get ready.. :)))) and prepare thy friends and family.

Amazing ! this is so cool!


You know this really sorta feels like the calm before an Asteroid hits the planet.

Like the announcement has been made and now everything everywhere is so quiet you can hear a speck of dust landing on the carpet.


I would say Calm before the Storm but it really sorta reminds me of the stillness in the movie Deep Impact before the asteroid hits.

True interesting metaphor …. :))))

Beware!  Spreading dis-info is dangerous occupation!

"Tim Turners is a black op disinformation engineer."  - Sirgalahadwizard

Where is your evidence, where is the evidence whom "Drake" spews as "truth"  As also David Wilcox whom professes "Drake" as credible from  his lengthy brainwashing telephone interview. The proof is in the pudding, 

PS  Dis-information formula equals 90/10 rule  90% truth/ 10% lies

The proof is what God told me through my feelings, which I trust well.

That's usually the way I uncover phonies and disinformation, not through finding "proof" of it.

You should learn to trust my judgement, too.

Hardy, har, har!  That's your proof, what about your instinct?  Christ has equal faith in the dark keepers to pull the wool over your eyes to hide you from the truth. The flock of sheep syndrome, and wolf in disguise in the 3D world.  Wolves are beautiful creatures while hunted down and slaughtered most often, as their beauty causes panic and fear over their hunters who are cowards;  firing on the hapless creatures with 30.06 caliber rifles equipped with scope.  All the while stalking the animals using helicopters to hunt them down over mountainous regions.

Tim Turner was elected interim President by lawful grand jury in all 50 states of the Republic for the united States of America


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