"You need to hear this, THEY left a message!"

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  • Nuclear bombs taring up dimensions is what people don't know much about this is why many of them watch and observe this planet closely and they do protect earth from asteroids and have known give out warnings before things start to happen. It has been proved they do help humanity in a lot of ways. There was an incident that ocurred in Russia a few years ago I saw this spaceship that came so fast and hit this asteroid that flew into many pieces and hitting many locations on the ground. In the early 1900s a large asteroid landed in the remote area if this asteroid hit a city or town it would have caused a lot of damage to property and killed thousands of people. Some of the star nations of this solar system have known to give out warning and have solved some the issues that could endanger all life on earth, some of these beings have stepped to help humanity such as the incident where a nuclear bombs were dropped on two Japan's cities in world war 2 they came in and warned humanity to stop the nuclear arms race I believe this what it was called back then. In the 1950s nuclear bombs were dropped on the Marshall Islands and surrounding nearby islands and the Indigenous people suffered cancer of all types their DNA was damaged from those bombs and atomic bombs have been tested in oceans causing cracks along the seabeds having connect with fire underground without measuring the consequences of their inhumane acts on earth. As result of this cyclones, hurricanes have increased in numbers and caused much damaged to people's property and flooded towns and cities. This could also the effects of this red planet and it does exist.
  • This is exactly how the Orion's and their sub channels operate. They warn of a threat, but don't tell those who they experiment on that it's they who are that threat.
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Roaring Lovely commented on Holloworld's blog post Where you at now Q-Trump Huh?!!! "Trust the plan"
"My point is that if meditation was there long before Marxism, then there is another use of meditation other than as a Marxist tool to pacify masses. We don't need to do away with meditation altogether. We need to be careful with it. I think this…"
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I believe we shared the following video a couple of years ago but it’s excellent and apropos for the current situation in America so more people will be interested at this point—and it’s coming from the military—which lends credibility.Americans…
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"Roaring Lovely
You'll have to watch the documentary there is evidence that will convince you.
I posted an article here last summer about Hitler with a great deal of evidence and it was immediately removed, so I can't repost it here again, but here…"
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Kabbalistic Cross – bringing down divine light and beaming it in all 6 directions over the body part 1https://youtu.be/yxs1oRb7LQI part 2https://youtu.be/OF6trxDTX8I  
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"Marxism / Communism and Capitalism / Liberalism / Democracy – which are all tools used by International Jewry for their domination of the planet. Many of the younger generation brainwashed in schools do not know that they are Marxists and…"
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"Roaring Lovely – I said they use meditation not that they invented it. This was just a summary. Read the full article to have the whole idea. (I'm not the author)."
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