Where the U.S. Hides its Secrets

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How the US invented a country in Africa to hide its secretsGo check out Fully's big sale. It lasts til the end of November https://bit.ly/2UWnl8Q I'm really ...

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  • This may seem a little main stream, boring and low level. but as terran corruption goes, it's actually where the most valued business and commercialism hits its mark so to speak. And the problem with that is, you have a global paper trail in key decisions for shipping physical goods. It's sneaky in the sense that, if you wanted to hide something, the best way to ship information about it is to use another law altogether and then claim marketing standards of the other when it reaches its final destination. That's how scammers operate as well, just to let you know if you are ever entrapped by one. Safety when dealing with unaware humans is important.
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"I have noticed that many public shops and also railway stations are increasingly being rebuilt. Everything is then in black design. As if shadows want to change the world into grey and black. In my place the sun rarely shines, it is mostly grey in…"
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"Many people die from the coronavirus? Does this virus really exist? Are we being forced to vaccinate? Do all those who refuse to come to so-called camps come? What does the government do with those who refuse? I think they're being deprived of…"
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Hello there, my Light friends. The title of the last channeling was ‘The wait is over!’ Clearly, it’s not, as there was no announcement made … and you were so sure. What happened?Dearest Blossom, and All of Light that come to this place to hear or…
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"My point is that if meditation was there long before Marxism, then there is another use of meditation other than as a Marxist tool to pacify masses. We don't need to do away with meditation altogether. We need to be careful with it. I think this…"
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I believe we shared the following video a couple of years ago but it’s excellent and apropos for the current situation in America so more people will be interested at this point—and it’s coming from the military—which lends credibility.Americans…
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"Roaring Lovely
You'll have to watch the documentary there is evidence that will convince you.
I posted an article here last summer about Hitler with a great deal of evidence and it was immediately removed, so I can't repost it here again, but here…"
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Kabbalistic Cross – bringing down divine light and beaming it in all 6 directions over the body part 1https://youtu.be/yxs1oRb7LQI part 2https://youtu.be/OF6trxDTX8I  
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