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This is the Update for all of the UFO and INTERDIMENSIONAL ACTIVITY in the skys, it pulls many threads of information into one and shows clearly the contact and ufo appearences that are currently occuring world wide and amplifieing. Thanks to: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/giant-ufo-update-hd-october

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  • Wow, this gave me goosebumps seeing the Ships coming!
  • Do not be deceived by the hoax folks! Ever heard of Project Blue Beam? If not educate yourself, just copy & paste the link below into your browser -


    Stay Aware Stay Safe - Circulate this link far and wide - NAMASTE
  • Servus Brothers/Sisters,
    It is always an honor to make contact with you.I want to share a recent event concerning UFO activity. The day was 11Sep2010 in my town of Weinheim Germany.I took my ten yr old daughter out to lunch at her favorite fast food shop where we sat next to a large window admiring the beautiful blue sky. The scenery was quickly disturbed when I observed jetliners with their chem trails of pollutants. What was quite fascinating was a cluster of 11 objects that looked like silver balls possibly two miles high. I kept staring at them while my daughter and I were eating our meal. I focused on their movement to rule out they were not balloons. With my prior military infantry skills, I knew what to look for and identify. These objects in the sky were not in any uniformed formation but were traveling very slowly. At times some would dissapear then reapear. I asked my daughter sitting across from me to look into the sky and tell me if she sees anything. She spotted the jets with the trails and even the higher elevation jets that can barely be made out but identifiable. She pointed out and started counting disc and spherical things in which she mentioned in her own words. My daughter also asked me "why the largest one would change shapes". She was excited to finally see a UFO she said. I was glad we experienced it together. This was my second experience from over thirty years ago.

    "Peace to all"

    PS: "Thanks for the updating Ben".
  • Wow! Fascinating. Thanks for the update
  • Thanks Ben, I was waiting to hear for some news regarding 13th Oct and mass disclosure. Looks like we got it!!! Fantastic! Great! Personally I think if the UFO's frquently started showing themselves in the air moreso than before it will give people out there a chance to assimilate and absorb the fact there is life out there for sure.Then maybe there will more mass acceptance and raising of mass consciousnes, allowing a landing!!!
    Nikki x
  • Yes Artie! THATS THE SPIRT!
    FEEL if it does bring you JOY! how does it feel , again not what you want it to be, but what you with your HIGHER MIND and heart can FEEL!
    keep using DISCERNMENT in everything you see hear or want!.

    love to all, lets keeping the focus on what WE HAVE TO GIVE AND CAN DO AND HOW WE CAN SUPPORT EACHOTHERS IDEA!
  • Thanks Ben... All of this is well and good. However, I'm going to have to agree with Kel. Something just aint right ! The excitement I should have waiting for this to happen, just isn't there.
  • Thanks Ben, Great to see the ships coming out more and more to condition people slowly. xx
  • Message from the Galactic Federation of Light....
    WE MONITOR ALL ACTIVITIES AND WE CAN SEE EVERYTHING....NO TOP SECRETS ARE HIDDEN FROM US......So these Spaceships filmed on videos must belong to the Galactic Federation of Light OR if they were from the dark forces they would have been taken care of by the Galactic Federation of Light who are WATCHING EVERY MOVES IN AND AROUND THIS PLANET
  • Amazing Ben, want to see more of this happening! :)

    It would be nice to get some professional cameras or even satellite images of UFO's in our atmosphere...

    I think this is just the beginning of some very interesting times we are approaching!!

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