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August 13

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I am here as an intuitive healer, on a mission to heal all who contact me. I have a special "gift" of connecting to your healing guides and angels, to heal your life, relationships & health challenges. If you would like a condition or life situation healed please send me your request, and, I will work the Magic,* behind the scenes. Those who contact me for healings in their personal lives, (whether it be healing of health issues, relationship challenges, attaining life goals, or your finding your own personal life path) should be serious about healing and believe that healing CAN happen in their lives. If this service appeals to you, you can email me your healing request, and, I will send this request to my guides and angels, who will then contact yours. For your added support, it is also, helpful, (but, not mandatory) that you communicate with your guides &/OR Angels, be open to receiving healing, and honoring your healing process, along the way, by taking gentle action steps, toward your life goals & best health!! One Healing Request Costs $5 Two Healing Requests Cost $9 Three Healing Requests Cost $17 (Beyond Three Healing Requests) Each Request is an Additional $5 *there is no limit (however, it is best to be specific about the type of healing you would like to receive, when emailing me : ) Please email your Specific Healing Request: Stating where you are now (in your life/health situation) and the healing you would like to take place, for your future. This process works on your soul's schedule. However, devotion to your own life healing, WILL, expedite your healing process. And, some Healings can occur instantaneously. I will perform your Healing Request, after receipt of payment. Please send, me your email request, when you feel moved to do so, for those parts of your life you would like Healing Assistance & Guidance, with. And, send your payment out, at about the same time you would like Your Healing Request to be performed. The Healing Request for your life, health and happiness will be performed within 1-8 days, after receipt and clearance of your payment. I will send an email back to you confirming that your payment has been received and accepted. And, all you have to do is "be" and follow the above mentioned steps, for the healing process to unfold in YOUR Life! Blessings* & LIGHT AND HEALING*** to all : ) Angelic & Astral Healing MY BLOG: http://miraclespirit.blogspot.com/

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  • Hey, haven't been on AC in ages! Good to see you here! *friend* :)))
  • Hello :) wanted to hank you for being my friend :)!
    Lots of Love,

  • May Our World Heal in Peace Love and Harmony ! :)

  • Good Morning, Have A nice Monday

  • Thanks for the connection an the friendship
    may you have a magical week filled with
    laughters an joy.

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Angelic & Astral Healing* posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
Angelic & Astral Healing* commented on Krishna Kalki's blog post INDIGO CHILD activate the brain where all the Cosmic memory is registed....BRILLIANT ..MUST SEE
"wonderful!!!! watched them all : )  thanks for sharing!!!!"
Sep 1, 2011
Angelic & Astral Healing* commented on David22's blog post The Council Speaks of Themselves
"this is wonderful information... i love the universal theories that string through all levles of growth. thanks for posting! blessings!!!"
Nov 28, 2010
Angelic & Astral Healing* replied to Orion Das's discussion have you met any space brothers or sisters and have you seen their craft?
"wow!!!! that is awesome... ironically, i am totally freaked out by actually coming into contact with an ET (although i really want to : ), and, i am just getting used to the exhilaration of seeing/feeling UFO's. ironically, i think i was woken last…"
Nov 13, 2010

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"The Dark Cabal continues preparing for WW3 knowing they are running out of time and will soon be defeated. Its gonna be a bumpy ride, but these sickos will be defeated. WW3 will not happen and peace will win the day.…"
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Please do remember, that my…"
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""Look So Sweet" · Composed by Stephane Deschezeaux, Nothing But... Keep It Funky, Vol. 26, ℗ Boogie Land Music, Released on: 2024-02-16👏🏻🌞

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"My earlier reference to the Oxford Uni Debate, with discussions about "populism," which took the form of debate between Nancy Pelosi vs Winston Marshall, is elaborated upon further, when Piers Morgan had a chance to discuss the finer details with…"
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"AE I'm sure you will enjoy watching this Oxford Uni Debate, in which visiting Nancy Pelosi's elitist credentials, were challenged.....Globalism vs National Populism...
"Nancy Pelosi HUMILIATED at Oxford Debate!!!"😉…"
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