The Obama deception

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As someone who voted for him I should have known it was too good to be true.This is film was just finishedthis week .And all I will say is what can we do as Lightbringers do we join the fight or sit on the sidelines?

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  • I can't think, only regurgigate he he hehe he, too much aspartame and genmodified products running through this body :D

    But please, do tell if thou wish to disclose....

    IMO, the hidden hands are not someone who is public (hence secret), so that kinda xclude someone famous, but of course, I dont know
  • Pasiel wrote "Nearly everyone "serving" in congress, Obama, Clinton, the Bushes....all of them puppets. What would be important, is to identify the puppet masters. Their upper public handlers are the known Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski, senior Bush etc. but who's pulling their strings, coz they aren't the capstone in this pyramid."

    To answer your question it's not too hard to figure out when you think about it " think about the most famous family in the entire world and you have your answer"
  • thank you. wooow....
  • Yes you're right, and my point was not that these neccessary were Obamas policy or politics, but to illustrate that this deception of "Obama is da man" is....well...a deception, if anything, he also was well aware long before he became President, that he was and is nothing but a puppet.

    Nearly everyone "serving" in congress, Obama, Clinton, the Bushes....all of them puppets. What would be important, is to identify the puppet masters. Their upper public handlers are the known Rockefeller, Kissinger, Brzezinski, senior Bush etc. but who's pulling their strings, coz they aren't the capstone in this pyramid.

    The FEMA camps, IMO are a precautionary messure put in place in a "if" situation....and I do mean if the public should suddenly realise they've been duped for a long time and decide to re-gain control again, or, in a falseflag operation and in that scenario, a pandemenic would be the easiest way to make people voluntary enter these sites.

    I dont think they would ever dare to start forcing people into these in a open dictatorship style thingy.

    Gientner was one of the dudes behind the current financial "crisis" funny, first he operates as a xecutive who was a big driving force behind the so called problem, and now he is put in charge to fix it? I sincerely hope people are not so stupid they are buying this. Most of all, I think people are to ignorant and dont care....but people ought to do as you say ; "Please do your research and see for yourself"

  • Also I dont know much about AJ but the rest of the film speaks for itself, the FEMA camps are real, I think these camps will house those who dont follow thier rules and take the chip.Also Even if McCain would have won
    this still would have happened, the president does not run the country, Congress does they have give thier approval before he can do anything with bills.Please do your research and see for yourself i was watching CNN and listening to Gientner and when asked "how will the american people benefit from these proposed bank changes " he danced around the questions. So to me Time is repeating itself
  • Peace
  • First off, I dont relate this to the film, I am personally not too fond of mr.Jones, he is not completly honest either, he's got his own "agenda".

    But, the movie is (the Obama parts) are mostly correct, unfortunatly, but only the first parts of the movie is worth watching....of course, you really should watch the whole movie and disregard what I just said heh he he, just airing my opinion.

    But I am still a bit baffeled that people are surprised of the issue? I think the issues was adressed pretty clearly for quite some time, but was brushed aside by "believers" as being racism or whatever....any good xuse to not look at the issues. Still, there are people who live in denial, cognitive dissonance is the correct term.

    I have repeadetly asked the believers/supporters if they know anything about his politics, plans etc etc, but noone has managed to construct a meaningful sentence yet beyond "believe""gotta have faith" or "change" (I ask: believe in what? have faith in what? and what change? but noone has provided a confused soul the answers!) people, should be ashamed of yourselves.

    So, let us try again, Amir : you seem to know alot about Obama, why dont you tell us what is in store for us, courtesy of Obama?

    If I may, let me remind you about a few item's, he said US would leave Iraq, a lie, 50 000 troops are going to remain in Iraq whenever they decide to "pull out" (a definate date has not been confirmed).

    Allready, there has been (at least) 5 attacks against Pakistan with drones, killing a vast number of innocent people....none of these attacks have been approved by the sovereign state of Pakistan. Now that sounds like the actions of a man of peace...right?

    Talk to me about Guantanamo Bay, have you read the reports that the brutality has not only continued but increased as well, add to it, there are no definate plans for abandoning the practise, it has been stated : "they shall look into it"...that differs from what was the pork served before he was elected. Not only that, but after being elected, he has now approved continuing the use of countries (which we dont want to be associated with) where people may be transported to and tortured even more severly???? Give me a break, I dunno if I'm gonna laugh or cry.

    The war efforts are going to increase in Afganistan, man, I really have pitty on the innocent folks over there and the terror they have had to suffer under for 8 years, and now they are going to intencify? May goodness have mercy upon the population and the soldiers on both sides, and upon you supporting this activly or passivly.

    How about the financial situation?
    Obama was one of the senators who PUSHED and worked the hardest so that these bailout (robberies) was passed in congress...and this was allready last year before he was elected? You guy's dunno much about your leader do you?

    And what about the last bailout, Obama giving the legislators less than 24 hours to read and aprove a 1000 page document? And at the same time he went public saying that if this bill was not passed....the world would end?
    C'mon....has everyone gone completly funking stupid?

    And that was just a few xamples, you could litterary fill a book with things Obama has done and not done...the not done refers to promises broken...or in common terms lies!

    But again, if anyone could PLEASE prove me wrong....c' should be easy...or?


    Be Blessed...and Be Good
  • :)Welll ...NOTHING IS TO GOOD TO BE TRUTH ..ACTUALLY TRUTH IS FAR MORE BETTER THAT YOU CAN IMAGINE ! please dont rush to fall for diception ..have a little trust.and sipmpleykeep on be the cahnge that oyu like to see.. PEACE TO YOU MY BROTHER .:)
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