Ten Symptoms Of Spritual Awakening - July 2, 2011

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Describes the Ten Symptoms experienced by those of us leaving the 3D World and entering the 5D world thus a Spritual Awakening. I did not create this video, ...

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  • Interesting post.  Of the sympotoms, here's what I've had:

    1. Not really

    2. Kind of - mostly my throat chakra and my nerves are all messed up on my head, side of my head mostly (I think from stress though)

    3. Yes definatly

    4. Yes - getting over it and trying not to dwell in the past.

    5. Yes- Put on 10 pounds within a month :/ not very happy about it.

    6. Yes very much so.  For a while I kept hearing "MIKO!" in my head repeated over and over again.  I"m still not sure what it means, but it feels like something was calling for me or wanting to get a message across.  That has subsided, I had to tell them to stop, lol, it was driving me crazy.

    7. Yes- I had an awakening.

    8. ??? I think they skipped a step

    9. Not sure - I'm always changing :/

    10. Deffinatly! It's been crazy, I've given up keeping track because it has become so frequent.

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