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"Human life is a special, special opportunity to wake up from our dreaming state. Casual affiliation with a particular Church or Temple or Mosque will not do the job. It may get you to heaven but they won’t get you back to Godhead. I doubt that it could get you in heaven in kali-yuga either, because even the Pope eats nasty things. So that won’t do. One has to go deeply into the science. One has to challenge his whole belief system. One has to challenege his own values. One has to be prepared to change in a major way - a complete renovation of character.Human life is a chance, it’s an opportunity. It’s not just another life. There are many species of life that offer different things - every species. If you want to eat in this way you can have this kind of body, if you want to have sex in this way then this body is good. You know - it’s like a manual in a restaurant. Whatever you want, there’s a choice there for you - take this body. But the human body doesn’t offer anything special as far as sense gratification goes. We are not particularly better suited then any of the other animals for sense gratification. In fact - you would be much better off to have some other kind of body.Bears can sleep for six months, elephants can eat hundreds of kg’s, pigs can have sex with mother, sister, daughter, pigeons can do it ten times an hour, tigers can eat with, hmm, can eat meat without cooking it or spiceing it or using ghee or anything. The animals are just better suited for sense gratification. There is no competition.”Šrila Šridhar Svami

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"Channelling technology is a very good idea. After all why should we only channel a lecture about how to conduct our afairs on earth? There are humans who can advise us on such. But ET technology will truely be a unique benefit from a contact with…"
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