Return of Planet X Nibiru

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Clip from Robert Sepehr's Planet X Video detailing the existance and history of Nibiru, geologically as well as historically in the form of Sumerian cration stories thousands of years old. Will NASA announce the discovery of a 10th planet (Planet X) will Nibiru's effect on our Sun cause another cycle of cataclysm on Earth? The Bible refers to Planet X as Wormwood, other cultures call it the Destroyer. Comets have long been associated with bad omen. In 1600BC (3600 years ago) we see that civilizations were wiped out, like the Minoans. We see extinctions like the Wrangler Island Mammoth. We see super mega eruptions like that of Santarini, with tsunamis recorded globally (Ireland and Australia). The Egyptians and Hebrews recording this time period as the exodus with parting seas and fire from the sky. 3600 years before that, around 7200 years ago we see the formation of the Black sea in a suudden cataclysm. You can Google for Black Sea Deluge, taking note that this flooding was sudden, they know by the settlements found at the bottom, and it was around 7-8000 years ago. 3600 years before that we have the last ice age, which is also when Plato says Atlantis sank. What is expected to happen after 2012 during the new cycle? Who is to return, the Anunnaki?the Planet X Video by Robert Sepehr:"robert sepehr" (Robert Sepehr)

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