North American Union & RFID Chip Truth

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I heard that there may be a possibility after Dec 21, 2012 that the North american borders may be broken where the USA, Canada and Mexico will merge into on Nation...and we will also be offer a chip to the wrist where no man will be able to buy, sell or trade with out it....

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  • There is no need to be afraid. We have already won.
  • Also, it is already true that nobody can buy or sell without the mark. The mark(666) is in fact on the very dollar bill in your wallet right now, its already happened. They just want to step it up to a more severe level of control.
  • Erika, nobody can define whats true and whats not for you. That is up to you to do your own research and use logic. The technology exists, these people worship the devil etc..

    In my opinion, it is part of their plan and true, but we can educate each other to minimize the impact. We do have help from ET's, but they are not going to save us, so just remember when people are lining up to go on buses to the FEMA camps you and I know that its a bad idea. Head inland to a mountain range and survive without the governments support, just remember that the government is not helping us anymore, they are our enemy and have deceived us.

    Very very soon the entire power grid is going to go out and all electronics will be fried from the suns CME for solar cycle 24. When this happens there will be a MASS food shortage, all electronic devices will be fried permanently until new ones are created. This means the technologies we use to sustain our current population will collapse and people will go hungry, thirsty, etc.. I suggest you stock up on canned food, water, move out of the city to a rural area etc.. if you have the money. When this happens, just remember this message and what not to do.
  • This stuff is pretty scary...but is it true?
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