God Speaks and Money Flows (law of attraction?)

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God Speaks and Money FlowsIf youre not in the presence of god following specific instructions, rules and regulation as the law of the land, the law by which ...

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  • lol

    why need?

    is he defined by his hair and beard?

    unable to 'function' and BE who he Is with the hair and beard?

    need different EYES (I's) to SEE ?

    Maybe he got BLIND through defining himself as PICTURES

    Maybe he got BLIND through defining himself as The REVERSED REFLECTED IMAGE in the Mirror he so valued ?

    Now - if so - The Damage is DONE and what remains is to walk through this Consequence and not do it ever again


    HEAR - HERE - the Message -- do not be deluded by the HOLLOW-GRAPHIC

  • God Speaks and Money Flows

    If youre not in the presence of god following specific instructions, rules and regulation as the law of the land, the law by which you must abide to be able to exist in this reality you are spit out. For you are no more of any value. For your value is solely determined by what you do for god. And if you do not exist for god the perfect regulated, controlled and conditioned slave existing according to and as the laws placed down before you as the agreement you sign with god to be able to exist in its creation you are simply deemed a criminal or outlaw, ostracized by god itself and replaced with another to fend for yourself. Because god will not support those who doesnt exist for god as the slave that live according to its specific instructions.
    As only gods best servants those that live by the rules and die by the rules are given entertainment and security as support from god as money, homes, food. All taken care of as the slave takes care of god.
    And in death you are powerless, because you are no more of god nor are you in god, the system that is, the physical. That is, this reality manifested. And you become but spirit and the spirit of god, as the being has become due to separation - nothing - to but exist, reincarnated into the mind as the physical; as the reinsertion into gods creation. Only then the being exist, through the mind in the physical as the physical as god to become but a servant to the monster that is god the system. The physical. This manifested reality.
    We have reduced ourselves to nothing. This death reveals. We are but the spirit of god for the son of god that is the mind for god itself that is the physical. And without the existence of ourselves, a being, through the mind as the mind in the physical is powerless. Nothing and of no worth or importance. In essence; non-existent, but as a reflected memory of our former selves as what we experienced on earth defined as a past. Created through a system as mind in the physical. The thoughts of god. Less than all that exists in existence.
    For god does not need spirit nor its son to exist. god brings its spirit and son into existence.
    All of creation is enslaved to this one system; the physical. god. And no-one can get through for the god - the system as the physical as this reality will simply advance in upgrades to ensure its existence as god of man.
    Meanwhile, the servants of god are kept happy, satisfied through saturating then with a reward-system that is money.
    Gods best of the best within its slave-market production as human beings that are provided for and rewarded with the most money are those in corporate control as a politician, those in the medical corporations, or lawyers of judicial corporations for they stand as the pillars upon and within which god exists that makes it possible for god to exist to function in control and remain so.

    desteni desteniproductions
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