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  • I'm always open to new data, especially when it is presented with conviction and logic and I must confess to being highly impressed by the testimonial witness veracity, of British socialite; Lady Victoria Hervey, who had social relations with disgraced Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew....

    She claims that her friend, Prince Andrew, is actually innocent of being a recipient of trafficked girls, under the control of Epstein...I am open to that, in spite of having no royalist sentiments, nor any personal liking for royals....I would recommend that anyone who is interested in the Epstein case and it's offshoots, should view this GB News video...

    Maybe, being rather stupid, like his brothers, Andrew made the wrong friendship choice in Epstein.... He is now "guilty through association." And is gagged from discussing...However, Lady Hervey can discuss the matter....It is most interesting...

    You won't get this data revealed on BBC, nor CNN....

    If interested, please do watch the very sane and intelligent, Lady Victoria Hervey. She is convinced of her truths and any body language expert would probably confirm them...
  • Meghan Markle needs to take her lefty SJW activism, 'climate footprint' self-obsession, woke celeb feminism and obvious narcissism, as far away from the realm as possible...Meghxit to the north pole and stay there, please...You are boring us...GO

  • The true royal must possess spiritual wisdom and genuine skill in rulership, such as Ascended Masters upon the 6th INITIATION....JHRH * IHRH

  • Royalty has lost true spiritual pedigree on Earth, starting with the late Atlantean epoche's misrule...True Kings and Queens of WISDOM, ruled in earlier, juster times. Such as Jschwjsch Atlant and his beautiful wife; Jschrjsch Karyatide.....Note that these golden age times were marked by fully conscious royalty; SERVICE TO OTHER...133,000 years ago. Lemuria and Atlantis were allies then, in that anti-deluvian paradise........This was the 'mythical' Atlas, who gave his name to his island continent, plus an ocean and an African mountain range....

  • I only tolerate constitutional monarchy, because it binds together the Commonwealth and potential Anglospheric Union of C.A.N.Z.U.K. ****

  • Actually, the Queen has a strong sense of duty, sorely missed in other British royals....

  • Prince Andrew is a dumbass schmuck, a pampered JERK, who is soon to have his dubious reputation, hung out to dry.....LIGHT SHINES ON THE PRINCE's SORDID LIFESTYLE...I'm just sorry for his mother......

  • Some believe royals in the UK to be 'reptoid shapeshifters.' Actually, they simple limited conscious human beings and nothing so exotic. Icke in error.....

  • My dear sister and fellow Brit, Trinity, is like me, an English republican........We both have similar views on the Hanoverian royals....Those old German Sax Cobergs......LOL

    I will state for the record and with the full backing of the GFL Main Council authority, in the Vega system, that we know that contrary to what some may claim, people like David Icke, the British royal family are HUMANOIDS IN LIMITED CONSIOUSNESS.....They are not reptoids.....

    Now you know me for my extreme Sirian Samanet starseed humour......We love the joy of humour and will say that Prince Phillip may look like an old reptile monitor lizard, but he is in fact, fully humanoid.....I know some think he "shape-shifts" but we can assure you that he does not and lacks such skills....And yes, there are some human-reptoid hybrids, such as those on Aldebaran, who are masters of the shape shift...But truly, Phillip cannot match those dudes...believe me....

    Now having said all these facts.......facts fully backed by cosmos....Here are some laughable pix of Phil and the monitor lizard, so many compare him to....Poor old bugger....LOL ;-) Trin, if you're reading this, hope you find it a mega laugh... ;-)


    Repticon Anderson Page


  • Thanks for that like, Trinity.....I know your views on the British royals and share them.....It's good when we Brits get a chance to demonstrate to the wider world, that we don't all suck up to royalty, as many might assume we do, simply because we live in a disunited kingdom... that pretends to be united.

    I've got a February vid too, but have been forced to remove it from ACC, because of the confusion it seems to be causing some....The words "shifting sands" spring to mind. You can't build a castle upon a mire.....I'll leave that vid off for now...

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"A version of a sucessful japanese song done in 1968 by the brazilian musical group Os Incriveis.

Os Incriveis - Kokorono-niji

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