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  • An interesting movie, presenting the Lost Book of Enki, by Zecharia Sitchin....
  • Never take the professional advice of conventional medical 'experts' who simply serve the agenda to keep you fat, ill, drugged up on prescription pills and stuffing yourself to excess, to help fake food profits. Many foods eaten have zero nutrition value, they just spike blood sugars and cravings. ETs do not have food cravings, so why should we Earth people...??

  • The key to long life, free of illness is one to two meals per day, no snacks outside a defined nutrition cycle. Mine is 4-hours only. Perfection results, as blood sugars and insulin kept low, prevents inflamation, the root cause behind most illness.....Avoid snacking

  • There were ancient Earth humans who lived by applying these simple diet and fasting principles. We can too, even before ascension [5th degree.]

  • Most people have too much insulin [fat storage hormone,] and thus not enough glucogon production [fat burning hormone.] I have never met a fat ET. They know how metabolism works and honour the physical body [temple for spirit] with health and longivity, as should outer-Earth people. Sugar, carbs, alcohol in the trash bin, please. Take responsibility, take control of your life.

  • The method by which a normal human being may achieve a lifespan, far in excess of 72-years [1 degree of precession arc] is maintenance of the saliently important telomeres within DNA strands....Refined sugar has to be totally excluded, as well as regular autophagy applied, through 19 to 23 hour fasting. I accomplish such feats, every day/night cycle. Willpower is key to your success.

  • fasting prevents oxidative stress on body cells. autophagy self-healing will bankrupt big pharma, so they prefer you not know this simple health tip......

  • i can fast for 20-hours with zero hunger pangs, or cravings....this because my hormones operate better than normal people, burning metabolism runs on clean fuel [ketones.]

  • give up snacking, carbs, sugar, alcohol and get good sleep, veg nutrition, amminos, health fats and exercise.....insulin spikes can be minimal with just two meals per day..fat burning metabolism, results. sugar/carbohydrates makes fat bellies, not eating fats....;-]

  • i recommend ketosis and intermittent fasting, for health and longivity.....

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