Galactic Federation Of Light: Uriel - November 24 2010 - Your Power of Judgment

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Your power of judgment is the power contained within your free will, which is how you control and manage the energy of the third dimension. This is the power which allows you to say 'it is so' and the Universal energy responds to your request. Judgment is the way you command the energy that creates your reality. There are many ways to use it and it can be used in ways that enhance, uplift and expand your life or limit it in many ways.When used expansively you use judgment in a mindful way that reminds you of the power of your words and thoughts. Every thought you have or word you speak creates a vessel for the universal energy which manifests as some aspect of your reality. You can command good or evil, abundance or lack, love or fear, through your use of judgment. You judge others as well as yourselves and each judgment creates a form that either limits or expands your reality.When used in a limiting way judgment creates obstacles in your life which you feel as lack or fear. These limits are created through how you use your power of judgment. Are you limiting yourself by affirming what you believe you do not have? Are you judging others and creating this energy in your own life? You can judge for good or for ill, both will manifest in your life in some form because you have sent out a command which must be fulfilled.Use this power to judge for good, to affirm your power and divinity and that in others too. Judgment is the only reason you experience any aspect of fear in your life and you can change that in each moment. Remember that a judgment is a commandment that you extend to the Universe which it must fulfill in its promise to you as creators in the third dimension. Use this power wisely and you will create the heaven on earth you seek, the abundance and joy that are your birthright and the peace and love that are your memory of Home.Shared with Love

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