Galactic Federation Of Light Horus July 18 2011

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Dear ones on the surface, I Horus am here today to tell you of an advancing movement that is going to interrupt the ideas that the illuminati have implemented on the moon. It is well known through certain channels that there is life on the moon and that there has been for eons. In fact once it was created from the splitting of Tiamat it has had some form of habitation.One of the things that are taking place on the moon as I speak is the continuation of the intervention that began 50 years ago by the Galactic Federation and other members of our cosmic family. There has been much intervention in place on the moon that the illuminati from earth have been implementing in order to assure their power place on the planet and to seek control over weather patterns and cosmic affects on earth...

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Yes Sir we are not alone and never have been : The gigantic volcano is well-believed to be the home of at least one suspected secret alien base of operations thanks to the abundance of footage captured of crafts reportedly entering and exiting the…
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"Many of the commercials I see on YouTube are about the vegan diet, extra vitamin D and how to combat diabetes symptoms with BIG pharma.

And when I’m lucky they tell me buy Nutella cookies.

There’s an agenda, folks 😇

But of course, commercials are…"
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"et hugger-lets hope because 'they' are failing, losing the narrative so they are amping up the war against Russia"
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"The COVID scam is the first scam going mainstream. I expect that Fauci is the first one getting arrested and evil doctors from other countries will follow.

What is next? Election fraud in the USA or Ukraine? I think Ukraine, because the US, EU and…"
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