Emergency Broadcast! New World Order Ahead!

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  • Thank you for the insight. I fear that both my nieces and fsiblings got the swine flu vaccination....
  • One must remember for most people, this is the first time they ever heard of the conspiracy, but we still have issues such as; more or less forced vaccinatons e.t.c. I believe that it is a good thing however, to "warn" people about some of the things they can lure us into ,such as epidemic scares which meen vaccinations, microchip implants and so forth. It is very common to trust your government and think they want whats best for you. It is therefore wise to let people hear what actually could happen if they agree to let`s say implants or a not tested vaccine.It is great that some think these "clowns" are on their retreat but as i said, there are still some work to be done! Ps-) I posted the video all over my facebook.
  • This is old news. These clowns have already lost their bid for a NWO: The Swine Flu Pandemic was exposed for the fraud it was, as was the Global Warming fraud. Both of these frauds were designed to implement the NWO. And as we speak the Federal Reserve is completely broke & has no where left to turn for any more loans. So consequently these clowns have run out of money to finance their wars & to do their dirty deeds.
    Benjamin Fulford says he is negotiating with these clowns now on behalf of the Black Dragon Society, & that he hopes for a favorable negotiation in the coming days. See http://benjaminfulford. typepad.com.
  • I tried to post this to my face book, but it said that I wasn't allowed to because this content had "been reported" by facebook users.
  • nice :)
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