Dolores Cannon - Three Waves of Volunteer Souls & Ascension

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This is an edited interview with Dolores Cannon on the information contained in her new book "The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth", conducted by Red Ice Radio. Full Interview:

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  • Thanks A Lot Ben for posting this - first time I´ve heard Dolores - and for sure won´t be the last :-) So easy to understand and her words makes my heart sing,

  • Thank you Ben

    Delores Cannon is so remarkable in her Webinars and so easliy to understand

  • I love this wonderful women! 

    Tank you!

  • Thank you Ben !

    this is right on the spot , this makes this visit to this planet more easy . in gratitude

  • great info thank you Ben I hope my familly and friends can hear her in spanish too.


  • She is amazing to listen much information. I liked what she said about clearing karma and forgiveness. It is neat to listen to her talk about the volunteers and see yourself in one of the discriptions. I started getting excited when she was talking about the new earth. It got me to thinking that a huge influx of indigos and star people have been born after all the wars and the atrocities and it makes my heart sing to know that something is listening....Great stuff!!
  • Wonderful post thank you Ben I always enjoy Dolores's sessions so straight forward and to the point. I enjoyed and learnt  a lot in one of her workshops a couple of years ago. thank you and much love

  • I just realised I am a first waver.. because I completely and absolutely resonate with absolutely every single word she says about first wavers... ha ! .. I am seriously outta here... bye bye to the old world.. greetings to the New Earth..

    I am a forerunner !!!

    now I get it !


  • Nice video..

    the wheel of karma is rotten.. no matter how much we ask for help from God, as she says, we gotta stumble back and figure it all out on our own.. go figure !

    brave souls we are.

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