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January 26

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I am a singer songwriter, have produced and record some songs connected to the Disclosure movement and are still recording and work with new productions ... A new popdance track is upcomming the song "Invitation" is forthcoming, A Tune is about the invitation to our Galactic Allies to land in Pease and Love and by that forever with us--- transform the present situation here on Earth. www.myspace.com/rainbeat www.peaceinspace.com http://www.peaceinspace.com/events/treaty-music I am working independant and as freelance singer and performer in RAIN BEAT band and also performe concerts for children in a project: "Rytme Rita and the universes"- singing for children /talking with children about the planets..and starsystems .. (Rytme Rita is very curius and love to dream, think and talk about the day we will travel in space ships and meet new cosmic friends) I´ve studied the Disclosure movements for several years and are also reading the Galactic Channeling.com , 2012 portal.com , "The Event movements" etc tec .. with all my heart and interest..

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Anni and Bob Moore Psykisk Center Rinkøbing Denmark, Dalai Lama, Ignatius Healing Center, www.livsvaekst.dk

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RAIN BEAT posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
RAIN BEAT posted a blog post
Dear Friends,Here is the possibility to Support New Peace, Free Clean Energy Songs And MusicProductions - Disclosure, New Knowledge and TechnologiesGo to: http://www.gofundme.com/CleanEnergyAndPeaceSongsPeace and Love Pia 
Apr 2, 2013
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Dear Friends, Here is the possibility to Support New Peace, Free Clean Energy Songs And MusicProductions- Disclosure, New Knowledge and Technologies: http://www.gofundme.com/CleanEnergyAndPeaceSongsPeace and Love Pia  01 VENUS AND MARS MIX…
Apr 2, 2013
RAIN BEAT commented on Matt Muckleroy's video
"Thank You with all my heart for your messages and loving vibrations ..
Send you A Celebration Disclosure Song/Music Track -RAIN BEAT latest released Electronic Dancetrack: INVITATION
http://youtu.be/tl0JtY_wt5o "
Jan 11, 2013

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 DisclosureNewsOn 12-13 April 2024, via a Single Hierarchical Channel, Co-Creators disclosed some details of their op during total Solar Eclipse a week earlier. On this day, they used the concentrated energy of many stelliums to maximally cleanse…
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Greetings! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.The joy and love you seek must first be found within. When you have come to understand and truly realize what is held in the deeper realms of your heart center, the streams of love…
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 VidyaFrazierIt’s very subtle. But if you stop a moment and tune in, you can maybe feel it. You can realize that since the Eclipse, something in reality has shifted. Something new has emerged.And it’s not just that none of the disasters certain…
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"The Euro-elites are running scared of freedom and free expression...

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