Disclosure has begun - UFO media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place - March 31, 2011 -

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UFO media coverage, worldwide sightings increasing

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  • Hey Karma,


    That was great, that wasnt a hoax at all! Wow Im putting this on my facebook...





  • OMG That Art Bell part is definitely scary.
    I don't think they are extradimensional beings, but are able to make themselves invisible. And I don't think the GFL would let them cause havoc, but they probably do want to control the masses, and perhaps destroy the ones they can't. They made wars and extreme aggression possible, but nowadays, their power is decreasing. Peace has taken over all of our minds.
  • great video sitings with the news ufo (as you like to call them) videos.

    its adviseable to remove the fake radio panic hoax remove the hoax radio panic lol and re upload with peacful music resonating within the footage with exceptable playback qualitie, i.e the background music clear quality

    love and light

  • Very Exciting to watch... The Global media is running out of excuses on this. Great work on finding this, Karma. Namaste!!
  • funny thing, doesn't the ufo in jerusalem sounds familiar? how about the  moving star "the guided" the three kings to jesus? ufo? just an speculation.
  • Oh I am Very Open Aqua......I take Everything with a Grain of Salt ~ One Never Knows what One Never Knows ;)

    Thanks xo

  • That LAst part in the video at about 8:16 min about the Frantic Caller in 1997 that phoned Art Bell later called few months later and said it was a hoax....

    Not funny in my opinion ~ here is the clip when he admits it .... :(



    ...Cry "Havoc!" and let slip the dogs of war,
    That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
    With carrion men, groaning for burial!!!....

    Let's get it on!!!

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