David Icke ~ Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor !

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Oct 21, 2011David Icke - Essential Knowledge For A Wall Street Protestor.How not to be scammed by those you are protesting against.Please visit our headlines page http://www.davidicke.com/headlines for more daily news from David Icke.Recorded & Filmed by Chris Williamson & Lucius Borich at K e y s o u n d s t u d i o s Sydney Australia 20/10/2011.

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  • I just feel with Him as He has really been Laughed at for Talking since 1991 about things WE ARE JUST Starting to Grasp and Understand So He does Deserve A Lot of Credit Vagelis ;)
    AND I agree with You ~ 28 Oct 2011 ~ Is The Beginning of the END of Duality so YAY !! as per Dr.Carl Calleman Mayan Calendar Expert ~ True ~ We need to Get over the Us and Them Agree !

  • @Lily...lol..yes...i know... i just threw it out there... probably he hasnt seen even the 1st Zeitgeist...lol.... and also of course he was not the only one who was talking about the money scam from the 90's...or before... ;)
  • ..lol..he got a little over the top at the end.. but ok... i think he is still stuck in the the view that big corporations, or corrupt elites are the problem... which are not... i still believe we need to get passed this mentality of "Us, or Them"... 

    ..if we understand that what we see are just the symptoms/results, of what we create...

    if we create something completely different, there will not be any "Us, or Them"... we just create a new "game", that cannot from its core allow any "Us or Them" in it...

  • Vagelis ~ I have Seen David Icke Speak of the bank Scam in late 90's Videos ~ Way Before the Zeitgeist Movies ~ And YES ~ I Agree !!!
    The System Must Go !!!
  • ..what is that, that has to go, is the Money overall... a total new in system managing society...and not any more patches/reformations...
  • ..very nice explanation on the money creation scam... he must have seen the Zeitgeist films...
  • Can You Share More on this Adalis ? Please Elaborate What did you mean ?
  • Why is it that I'm the only one who can sense that this guy is wrong?

    And away we go deeper into the trap. This is the modus operandi of the elite. 

    I have mixed feelings about this and all of Icke's stuff.

    At 30:20 he says take our minds back, individual think rather than group think. Well that's cool.

    He says we need to get street wise and I agree.

    However what is happening more and more is that the ONE has separated to the outermost  limits in this

    experiment and  we are now re-uniting on the contraction and unification swing of the pendulum.

    Whether we unite as unique self determined co-creators or as a herd controlled by a power & control oriented small group of shepherds is the choice but come together we must.

    The real solution is to raise the awareness and vibrational  level of all and that would of course automatically raise "street smarts".

    The Occupy Wall Street.is a step in the right direction but as Icke says, beware of it being taken over and compromised.  IMHO  Occupying the Fed would be more on course.

    Icke is a powerful speaker and I admire his courage.

    Love, B

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