Are you ready to go home to 5D Earth

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  • Love and Blessings Hellen..

    Only in humility and grace can we transcend our own self created prison. And become a welcome addition to the greater universe perhaps..

  • So you think you are an "incoming" that came from another planet and another dimension in mission to earth.. Its funny cuz i came at the same conclusion of myself i reconized the sindrome the feelings that an incomig have but im not sure... Anyway cant wait for nibiru to come cuz i believe they cant let us in the reptilian hands specialy if nibiru has a comandant like archangel michael:]
  • My understanding is that I came back to help them find their own inner light or presence? So that all may ascend to the higher frequencies of light.

    Perhaps the section entitled Dharma is not Darma or the Unbending Lion may shed some light?

    A part of me is Krishna/Christ and a part of me is Buddha, yet I AM?.. A part of me is real, and a part is unreal perhaps?.. Only in self recognition can I say perhaps "Be still and know that I AM God"..

  • Well I hear it may be in the works Mihai?.. But there's still no time like the present to wait perhaps?..

  • Yes i know the unconditional love is the key i experimented it i was changing so much my eyes were like crystal but the people around me couldnt undestant it and i knew that if i continued i will lose my family and my friends so i decide to come back in the matrix and let my ego take the control. What I want to say is that we need something big that happens to make everybody change. (Sorry for my english)
  • 8114911092?profile=original"It is through love for ourselves, each other and our beloved Earth Mother that we are to take the momentous time at hand to invest ourselves as deeply as possible into every aspect of our freedom by returning to the Source of our Light (God) and then, through our hearts, directing the Light of our Source toward the expression of our new reality." 

    By directing the Light of Our Source we are able to inspect our current consciousness, feeling, releasing and being accountable for whatever remains that no longer serves or is applicable to life now.
    "Resolve it or let it pass," is what I was clearly told. "Love is all that matters."
    What each one of us put asunder throughout all lives, space and time, in order to bring about the game of life in 3D existence, each one of us now has the unprecedented opportunity to lovingly steer in another direction as we move into a Higher Life of existence, where nothing is asunder. 
    You are The Way, The Truth, and The Life. You must know you are indispensable in the evolution of human kind or you would not have chosen in. 
    Namaste Beloveds,
    Maureen Moss
  • Wow so he says that only some of us will make it but ashtar says that whit nibiru upcoming we all gonna make it . So where is the truth?
  • Thank you Cosmic Warrior, and the answer is YES..:-)

  • Its just a breath away perhaps?..:-)

    A simple shift in perspective and vibration..

    Very nice Hellen, thank you..

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