A Message of Hope from Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther - September 9 2011

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Book Available Now: http://www.earthmotherpublishing.com/ Little Grandmother has a message of hope in the midst of widespread upheaval on the planet. For mor...

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  • Kiesha is to me a very honest and courageous person. We are human beings but we are not so strong willed or strong believer like she is doing all this to help us to grow the way we need to. Many people here are doing so a nice work talking of this changing that are coming and trying to help those that are not aware of it.
  • Many blessings to you little Grandmother.


  • I still respect and love Keisha, she is a messenger of Eternal Love and send by the Divine Light.................
  • That is so true. We just human beings that are strangling to understand what it is to be a spirit in physical body.  We are learning how to be our best spiritual selves. That is all OK as long as we understand that we came to this planet to learn through our limitations and this way uplift and reunite with the ONE. It can only be reached with love and kindness and compassion toward each other. Be LOVE- that is saying it all!  


       Love Ya sister  you are so beautiful dear being   many hugs from a brother

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