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~ A Message From Ashtar Sheran ~
“Welcome to the 5th Dimension”
(as received by Ariel DeAngelis on Thursday,February, 2011)
I AM Ashtar Sheran; I AM Archangel Michael.  I have been many others whom you would know by name, but who currently are not a part of this once blended Soul.
I am a leader and I am a follower.  I am first and I am last.  I am the lion and I am the lamb.  I am a Commander and I am a Lover.
I lead a vast Army of Love; The Family of Light; the soldiers and relatives of which consist of you and your Galactic Brothers and Sisters; the Children of the Blue Ray, the Lightworkers, the Rainbow Warriors, the Indigos, the Starseeds, along with the uninitiated, the awakening, the still sleeping.  All are called.  All are here to usher in a New Reality of clarity, Peace, Abundance, Joy and especially Love.  All chose to participate at this time, and from the beginning of such knew of this which we herald and is now upon us.
The scale has weighed; the Balance finally tipped in favor of a different way than that to which you have become so accustomed.  Life will soon change for the better in this existence. At one point Time had seemed to speed up, carrying All careening toward this point of which I now speak.  Now we are here; and “WE” are here.  Effectively All on the other side from where you once stood ~ some saying “Thank God!” knowing now the inevitability of the goal being reached.
We are here to take you the rest of the way; to facilitate the movement of All into the reality of existence which by default has been reached through made-known desire of the majority.
On behalf of Ashtar Command, The Galactic Federation of Light, The High Councils, All Inhabitants of the Higher Realms, and the Source of All That Is, it is my deep honor to welcome you All to the 5th Dimension.  Although you are now fully within the Realm of the 5th Dimension, bits of the old will continue to overlay the new as we approach the 11:11:11 portal, though once through, the old will fall away and evaporate like so much mist rising from a morning lake.  Even now such remnants scurry for cover of dark corners which are becoming scarce.  But this is all we will mention of hold-outs clamoring for the last toe-hold.
I and others from Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation of Light await disembarkation to Planet Earth.  Upon our arrival emissaries, which are already in place, will deliver a message to the masses by way of popular media formats (though in no way in affiliation with or reference to the “Mainstream Media”).  These messages will explain to you, utilizing the voice of people you trust, what you can expect in the days to come after our arrival.  Allow me to conduct a preamble to those messages by stating that your prayers for Peace, and desires for Joy based existence have been heard and, once again, we are here to aid you in realizing those heartfelt desires.
As we approach the 11:11:11 portal you will notice that time seems to continue to speed up, though once through it, as your old reality falls away, so will your perception of the passage of time ~ until the point at which you will realize that keeping track of it no longer has any purpose in your lives.  Some of you who are already vibrating more fully within the 5th Dimensional Reality are already experiencing this sense that time, or more precisely, the perception of it, no longer exists ~ you go about your daily lives continuously wondering “Oh, where did the time go?” (you know who you are {wink, smile}).  Expect more of the same coming up and be ever ready to assist your Brothers and Sisters in assimilating this new way of being into their lives.  Also expect that I and a number of your Galactic Brothers and Sisters have opted for an extended stay on Planet Earth in order to make ourselves available to assist you in all ways possible.
We so look forward to meeting and greeting all of you, and interacting with you to bring about Peace, Abundance, Joy and Love to you and your lives.
I AM Ashtar Sheran; I AM Archangel Michael and I CAN’T WAIT to get started! {smile} 

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