Have you followed someone from an blog site in order to attack and harass someone?

Have you made several attempts to instigate and provoke confrontations?

Have you manipulated several people to join forces with you without their knowing?


We are looking to suitable candidates for our Worker of the Light positions!   Some of our qualifications includes:

Having a pompous attitude

Must be able to jump in any post and sabotage it

Must be able to log in all day and type comments and post pictures

Must be able to host archangels in your home and brag about it

Must claim to received the Christ Consciousness and still to deplorable actions

Must post pictures and make sly remarks and suggestions of homosexuality

Must be willing to seek out and accept all praises in front of everyone...and more...

Still don't see if you qualify?  Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What are some ways to sabotage a post?

A:  One way is to make between 1 to 3 short sentences and click reply.  Wait one minute.  Click on the reply button of the comment you just made and make another short comment and click reply again.  Repeat this 5 to 6 times before anyone else can reply to your comments.  You can then cover almost the entire page with only your comments.  Do this throughout the post and you can sabotage any post with your comments.

Q:  What are some ways to instigate a person into a hostile confrontation?

A:  One way is to always answer his questions or comments with "I love you, I feel your sorrow".  You don't really love him, of course, just trying to antagonise him by repeating it over and over.  This strategy works on some,  but not on others, and they can see thur our little ruse.

Q:  What happens when they do see thur our scheme?

A:  Make out a false harassment claim.

Q:  Help!  A person has found out that I am a false worker of the light and he is going to tell everyone!  What do I do?

A:  Quickly, make as many posts as possible.  Join in other posts and make as many comments as you can.  Try to talk to as many people on the site as you can and establish a connection and make friends.  Once the truth of who you are comes out, people will rush in to defend your status.  You sit back, deny everything and act like you did nothing wrong and have other people come to your aid.  This is one of our most successful manipulation techniques and have served many of our Worker of Light employees over the years.  The people at these sites have no idea they are being played.  A fool-proof plan.  

Q:  There are a few people that see that I am a false worker of the light and are speaking out.  What now?

A:  We supply you with a array of pictures of a gnome showing his ass and post it in their reply window.  This is a good deterrent from people gaining more momentum of revealing who you are.  You don't want the fact that you are a fake worker of the light to continue to spread and revealing the truth.

Q:  I sent hateful and vulgar comments to manipulate a person against someone I am attacking.  Do I qualify?

A:  Yes, you definitely qualify!  Good job!  Be sure to have someone post pictures after you so it falls to the bottom and off-screen so people won't see it.

Q:  I have been making a lot of posts and making announcements in order to receive praises.  Do I qualify?

A:  Yes, you qualify.

Q:  I made a lot of posts, but no one will reply or make any comments on them.  What should I do?

A:  Start making replies to yourself in order to gain attention.  Have 1 or 2 more people add comments and pictures.  The other people in the site will see the number of replies and wonder what's going on.  Then you will start getting noticed and people will want you in their discussions.  This is another great manipulative technique and works wonders!

Q:  I hosted archangels in my home.  Do I qualify?

A:  Only if you bragged and posted about it in order to gain attention, praise and followers.  You can even say you received messages from them and make them up.  You have no ideal how simple and easy it is to fool people.  Just act as if you know what you are talking about and they will believe anything you say, without question, doubt or proof.

Q:  Why do you have to seek attention, praise, worship and followers?  Doesn't it say in the bible not to seek worship or praise? 

A:  We do this because of ego.  We are service-to-self driven and focused on manipulating others. 

Q:  Why is it easy to manipulate them?

A:  Because most people in the spiritual community are "light and love" minded people and accept you for what you are, without judgments or prejudice, thus making it easy pickings to infiltrate a spiritual community and sabotage it from the inside.  Many sites have been compromised by this.  There are a few exceptions where there were some that stood up to our many lies and schemes.  Be on guard for these people.

Q:  Who are they?

A:  These are people that question all information that comes in and asks for proof instead of believing everything that comes in.  They use their Analytical Mind and Deductive Reasoning and break down the lies, deceptions and manipulations we carry out.  They stand at the gate and will not let us pass.  You have them in every site and they are our greatest threat to taking over a spiritual community.  Do not engage these people for any reason as they can expose you with seemly ease.  Nothing slips by them and are considered extremely dangerous!

Q:  What do we do if confronted by these people?

A:  Lucky, the "light and love" minded people consider these people to be negative, trying to put people down, harassing them.  Pretend like you are being harassed and only stating your opinion.  Others will rush to your aid and defend you.  Stay clear of these people and work on those who are easily controlled. 

Q:  What if we have more questions?

A:  You can contact us at support@fake worker of light.com

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  • That Peter K. Is up to no good again! He is sending me messages now and I just got here. Wtf??! LMFAO about this supposed lightworker. Maybe he is an agent of Satan himself?? Someone please educate me!
  • I AM no one other than me, Mr Peter;)
  • You are such a coward loser daryl for moderating this discussion,

    I bet you don't have the balls to open it.

  • You 

  • Touche'
  • Plenty of recently sacked, well seasoned  light workers available.

    Talk about petty.Peter Immanuel, 

    liking a 10 month old post created by someone who has a known grudge against me.

    What you have failed to recognize is that whilst people were having a laugh on the side at your groups expense, during the mass sackings, some of them your own people, I paid you the courtesy and respect of presenting my concerns to you directly in hopes that we could find an amicable solution.

    something that is appears to be increasing less ,likely.

     I could see the damage that the public display of your internal politics was doing to both your group and this community.

    It is a sad state of affairs when people prefer to be laughed at than confronted.

    You see Peter whether this discussion be true or not isn't the point

    I've never claimed perfection.

    I do claim to be seeking perfection. (Perhaps I AM Borg)

    As a result, I've worked hard in the  10 months to learn the lessons of this debacle.

    And I take pride in the fact that I've done so.

    I AM a  better man as a result of incidents like this.

    The pity is that people who pertain to know better haven't done so.

    and for a bit of history on this discussion, 

    It was written during a period of time when I been gang rapped by Daryl and his mates.

    I had taken some time away and they took the opportunity to have a but of fun whilst I couldn't respond.

    They thought that they'd got rid of me.

    10 months later, they've all gone.

    I AM still here. better than ever.

    Still glorifying the I AM presence.

    what have you accomplished in ten months 

    Peter Immanuel,

    He who bears the name Sananda.



  • Kelly, you have a bigger heart than most people realize.  It's a shame that Peter K. has to take advantage of the discussions and he realize that the only way to stop his comments is to shut it down.  This is what I am talking about.  Peter K. is a devious, sly, slick individual that knows how to manipulate people and situations.  His little world will soon crash all around him.  Rest assured.

  • Peter K., you are a sad, sick, twisted individual.  It's not enough you have to go after me but you have to harass Kelly.  Here, members of the Ashtar Command Community, here is the link that proves what I am talking about when it comes to Peter K.: 


    Peter K. has been told numerous times to stop commenting on Kelly's post.  But he continued onward with his rant.  Kelly had no choice but to report to Ben on Peter K. actions. 

    One can only feel sorry and have pity at this point in time.  What happens to you, Peter K., will be the result of all your plots and schemes you've committed and done on purpose, with intent to harm.  And you continue to do so, even now.  You do not have kindness or compassion in your heart.  All you have is evil intent and the manipulation of others in mind.  I pity who you are.

  • Thank you, Nancy, for your comment.  And I also consider you an old friend here at AC Community.

    As you can see from Light of Wisdom and myself responses, it is the lack of Spiritual Awareness and to keep your guard up against all deceptions that the so-called worker of light is counting on to work his way of manipulation into people's minds.  The "light and love" mentality that many have, to accept people as is, with no judgment or prejudice, are the most easily fooled.  Because they drop their guard and open their arms wide for all.  They do not realize that not all people come here seeking "oneness".  As Light of Wisdom said, even Atlantis fell for this type of warfare.  It is a war from within and you must keep you mind, heart and soul alert.  You can accept people as is but that doesn't mean you have to fall for their tricks, either.  And their have been many a person, group or organization have fallen by this tactic.  Peter K.'s actions have taught us all this.  There are no spiritual beings that have done the manipulative, deceitful actions like Peter K., and claim that they work for God and expect people to believe them.  NONE!  NOT ONE!

  • I want to thank everyone for the part they've played in facilitating what I believe to be a duality breaking healing for me. I hope to be able to share the benefits of this with you all in some way.

    You all provided a space with enough integrity for me to feel safe to let go.

    And it is appreciated.

    And I apologize for any untoward behaviour. If in fact there was any.

    I've always maintained that humility is the greatest healer of all. And so it's proved. Only love can truly humble you. There be much love here.

    I would also like to add that if anyone would like to hear my side of the story, please feel free to ask me.     And if you don't ask me, don't expect me to lose any sleep over your opinion.


    When everything is perfect in my world,

    We are empowered to change an imperfect world

This reply was deleted.

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