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Last year I discovered, the Zeitgeist movement on Youtube. I joined the website without hesitation after seeing the videos, and reading the Venus project. Personally, I think Peter Joseph is brilliant and truly motivated out of compassion not ego. Likewise, I have deep admiration and respect for Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, and his vision for the future bears resonates within me. Money enslaves, and destroys lives as we know. The capitolists, the elitists do not love humankind, they have given themselves to irrationality and materialism. From what I can tell, whether capitalist, communist, they all want us to be brainless, spiritless worker "bees" and consumers while they rule us. I embrace socialism or some form of it. I find it troublesome when you view our whole world that there is a large gap between some cultures and others, as far as advancement. There are people still living in garbage dumps, grass huts, and in complete destitution that are under educated. Many people still do not even have electricity, television, phones, computers, or cars or access to higher education. Take for example, Darfur, many parts of Africa, technology is foreign to them. Can you imagine a world like this? Unfortunately, many of our brothers and sisters face hardship such as this?

We here rave reviews about technological advancements. I just shake my head. There is lots of technology I do not have, as I cannot afford it. I do not have a cell phone, an Ipod, etcetera. I know that the elite will make it so the gap continues to widen between who gets this technology, and the hand me downs, to none at all. I wonder out there in those forgotten places, in the young people what treasures for the world are buried in them that need to be found. All those people are jewels like all us here. If the inequality gap there was diminished greatly, their society would stabilize and they would be able to increase their contribution to the world.

I find this elitism or class dogma that is dominating our world evil, as each person is unique, and special and a part of humanity. There are many great geniuses, inventors, artists, musicians, philosophers out there that never become because of this gap. Such a loss! Here in America, people do not want socialized medicine, and education, when the average person can not afford it. People here join the opposition to the reform, without thinking about the fact that Capitalism and Socialism are enemies. Most often on television it is the Capitalist view point that you are hearing. They spin giving you some truth, then twisting facts to covey their message. The Capitalists are all about who has the most toys wins, or being the king on the mountain top wins. The problem is if we go back to the war of dualism in our present world, between materialism and the spiritualism mindset, materialism is not about liberation. The spiritually driven want equality, unification, and liberation for all mankind, while the materialists promotes, consumerism, hive mentality, elitism, exploitation, and selfishness. The Capitalist in my nation, whether Democrat, Republican or Libertarian, demonize any kind of socialism that seeks to better the average person's life.

The under current of American society is driven by Christian Fundamentalism, the Baptists and television preachers, who think America was just created for them. When Zeitgeist was released it, provided suppressed information on Christianity, that I encountered previously and had researched. Peter Joseph had an interview with Alex Jones, who is a Baptist. Alex Jones rudely attacked him on air calling him, New World Order, and all
which Peter Joseph was not. Alex Jones is a Baptist. Need I go further? Since this interview and his second release of the documentary, Peter Joseph and Zeitgeist Movement on Youtube and the web have been attacked
by Alex Jones supporters, doing their best to discredit the movement. I have seen the movement referred to as a cult, when there is no basis for this. I do know that the Venus Project was looking to design a test city with any government that would. I see this year they are giving a 20 country lecture series worldwide.

Jacque Fresco is remarkable, he is 94. His mind is still highly functioning when many people his age, are in old homes, battling memory loss. Not him he is sharp as a whistle. He does not look 94. He is traveling the world, making every minute count. When I think of both him and Peter Joseph I am inspired. Peter Joseph has put everything he has into this vision of the future to. It is not cheap to invest yourself. Time is irreplacable, as well as giving of yourself, it is a big commitment when you seek to make your dream real. Both men, I feel are ahead of their times while following their calling.

Note: Do not wish to exclude Roxanne meadows as her contribution, and belief, and support of the Venus Project, is as equally important to its success.

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  • Mark Dice interviewed Peter Joseph a few years back on Resistance Radio. Some of the listeners that called in were attempting to debunk Mr. Joseph's ideologies on spirituality calling him a "Satanist" etc. (Part 1 of 4) (Part 2 of 4) (Part 3 of 4) (Part of 4)
  • Nonya, people get caught up that there is just the elitist out there. Depending where you live there is generally several more factions. Organized Religion, like the Baptists, are afraid of loosing converts to the New Age movement. Being inside like I was, I saw how it all operates and functions. We here at this site, or any metaphysical are generally seen as part of bringing the new world order. Have you ever heard of Constance Cumby, or Phyllis Schaffly (I might be misspelling their names). basically, because we are esoteric and a movement that merges all teachings, coming together, we are part of the New World Order to them and evil. We are the ones they think, that the false messiah the anti-christ comes from. I'd have to listen to it again, but Peter was branded NWO guy. So any kind of global coming together in the Baptist, Fundamentalist religion outside their world view to them is evil. That is the mindset.
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