THE WINDOW- December 21, THE VEIL-February 6,  TURNING INTO LIGHT 2020

Mary Magdalene
Crystal Magic

I actually placed a BET with Jesus Christ and my Magnificent 8 team yesterday, December 8, 2016.  My bet is that I can TURN INTO LIGHT in THREE YEARS as a result of listening to my music. Elaika told Joe and I that we could turn into light within Six years if we maintained our present growth rate of removing density. 

All dialogs with Jesus, Elaika, Raphael, Uriel and my Magnificent 8 Team may be heard as the original channeled dialogs at Crystal Magic on the home page and the audio you tube page.

So, I asked Jesus yesterday if that six year probability would be changed after we move through the Veil on February 6th. His answer was it will change if we make it change. There is absolutely nothing absolute about these shifts. The shifts depend entirely on each individual's personal understanding, belief, desire, focus and intention of being in the Fourth Dimension.

This Divine Science of moving into the Fourth has been entirely altered by many teachers who have obfuscated the reality of moving into the Fourth Dimension with the IMAGINATION GAME of moving into the Fourth Dimension.

There is nothing the matter with this Imagination Game. We must imagine, we must intend, we must practice being in the Fourth in order to shift into it.

However, it needs to be known that we are shifting into the Fourth Dimension which will allow those who shift into the highest levels of the Fourth Dimension to turn their body into the LIGHT that Blips into the New Realm of Reality.

And that Blipping into Light is not in the Imagination. It is a real thing that will happen to the majority of the population before 2047. There were two different versions of this future given to me because we are always living in a PROBABLE FUTURE until we change to the HEROIC FUTURE of the new reality. Elaika gave me the time line of eighteen months between 2039-2040 would be when the majority of the population turns into light, but Raphael and Jesus are not that optimistic. However, please remember, that Elaika is the greatest Cosmic Calculator in our Team, so I am actually in agreement with him. 

I learned yesterday, that Jesus is not as big of a gambling man as Elaika. But, they are not men, so they don't gamble. They just see the light of the future.

We discussed my BET yesterday. Jesus, Elaika, Raphael see this slow move through the fourth dimensional window of the Earth. And they see that we must move with this window in time.

Jesus said that if I keep listening to the music for one full month that I would just turn into the atmosphere and my body and consciousness would not be able to move with me. This is why we must move together with the Earth into this dimensional timeline shift.

I made the bet with Jesus that I could turn into light in three years, and that I would not just become atmosphere without consciousness because I have placed the Consciousness in the Music.
We discussed how I needed to create music that melts the first three chakras completely into the seventh chakra,which is how ascension is completed.

I had Jesus listen to my music and look at the effects it has had on me and others and he said that this music can definitely do this.

The BET that I made with Jesus is that if I keep this music on my ears 24 hours a day for one month that I will shift into very high fourth dimension in the first month, and that I will disappear in three years.

He said that the three year BET will begin on February 6th, which is the day that my first Veil will be removed.
I have created another one hour album for moving through this last phase of removing the VEIL. The most important window for removing this VEIL, which must be done INDIVIDUALLY, is  the December 21st window.

Raphael, Uriel, Elaika and Jesus have explained many surrounding details to this last phase or last fourth dimensional veil phase,which is actually the first fourth dimensional removal phase. It is definitely not the last phase, it is the first phase of removing the first veil. 

For those who do remove the veil in this time period, there will be a feeling of lightness and freedom and the feeling of rising above the cares of the world. This feeling comes from keeping consciousness up in that high dimensional frequency where the third chakra has melted into the seventh and the seventh has connected with the 12th. The second phase of lifting up into the light is connecting completely into the Cosmic Frequencies thirty six inches above the head.

The music is designed to do these things, but the more the individual focus is on the intention of remaining in the FEELING of these Dimensions, the faster their shift will take place.

So, my newest adventure is this Bet that I have placed with Jesus Christ yesterday, December 8, 2016, that I will turn into Light in three years after the date of removing my Veil on  February 6.

What do I have in addition to this great music that contains these Frequencies that place me in the higher Dimensions? I have this STRONG WINDOW that will Ignite a huge push forward, if I use it and BELIEVE IN IT, and Intend for December 21st to shift me into a huge push forward and upward. I will feel it like a huge WAVE pushing me far out into the Ocean of the Fourth Dimension.

What else do I have going for me? I have the LANDING of the GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS. I will be connecting my Consciousness with millions upon millions of Beings with the Greatest Light in the Universe. I will remain continuously in communication with these beings because that will strengthen my ability to turn into light and it will PULL the entire Earth Consciousness into this same Communication, which will allow many to Shift Higher.

These are the events leading up to the first step of true Ascension, which is moving through the VEIL on February 6.

I will be using these ALBUMS to move through the Veil and Turn into Light:
This is the formula that I will be using in addition to listening to my own newly created ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM.


Are you willing to leave your headphones on 24 hours a day for one month? 

I have done this before when we lived in Japan. I left the music on 24 hours a day for several months. That was the time when my same TEAM- the magnificent 8 were working with me on this music project. I was truly living in a world that was separate from the third dimension. Once you get to this place it just hurts too much to take the earphones off because you would be sliding back down the pole from 4.9 to 4.2.

Jesus told me two things yesterday. He said that the TEAM is always listening to my music and they are supporting me completely in making my miracle happen. 

What I want to tell you about is this new album called TURNING INTO LIGHT is I re-made all of the elements that were originally in the TRANSFORMATION KIT which includes the TRANCE, RE-BIRTH and ATOMIC MIRROR. I still strongly recommend using this Set of Frequencies because they will definitely help move you through this December 21- Feb 6 period in a very strong way.
I just always want something better, so I created an ultimate version of the same formula that focus was on the 4th-7th chakras connecting with the 12th and 15th. What is different about the new TURNING INTO LIGHT, is I added this most important phenomena that I discussed with Jesus yesterday. I had added it before I talked to him. That is probably why he explained this to me.
The remainder of the problems that will surface before this window is completed is the second and third chakras will continue to fight for their survival until they are completely MELTED by the SEVENTH CHAKRA. 
The TURNING INTO LIGHT SET contains much stronger, intense MELTING frequencies. You will feel a hole being drilled through the top of your head where the seventh chakra is. You will feel the melting away of the second and third chakras into the seventh. You will feel the Kundalini vibrating your spine. This album is vividly intense.

 I am going to keep on my ears continuously in intervals with THE LANDING, MOVING THROUGH THE VEIL, and my own ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. 

I'm loading up my Wave File player that plays continuously for 16 hours at a time. And I'm going to turn into light in three years. I will have as little interaction with the world as possible.

The TRICK to turning into Light is to Stay in that place 36 inches above your head while you are listening. The new album will focus on pulling all of the chakras up into the crown chakra where there is a feeling of drilling a hole through the top of the head until you finally break through the crown chakra and feel a new connection between the 7th and 12th chakra which is 24 inches above the head, and feel the connection of the 4th, 5th, and sixth chakra into the 15th chakra thirty six inches above the head. That is mainly what needs to be focused on. AND FOCUS IS THE KEY.

Would you like to join me?
I would like you to join me in my BET.

I have been creating EXTRAORDINARY MUSIC over the past month because I am so passionate about the landing. I created a five hour LANDING ALBUM of seeing this Future Event, well it isn't future any more. They are in stage one of leaving the God World.
This music contains the FREQUENCIES of the combined consciousness of the Travelers themselves. I have already met with all of them in this way. Many of them are Angels and many of them are Creator Beings and some are extremely high dimensional beings who have gone through millions and millions ad millions of years of ascension cycles. The Frequencies of their combined consciousness is in this Music.

It will be their Consciousness that we can tune in to much more in 2017 while they are actually living here on Earth in their fourth dimensional form.

Jesus told me that when I talk to them they will give me some secrets about turning into light.

I will write more about the LANDING in the Newsletter.

What I want to tell you about is this new album called TURNING INTO LIGHT that I am going to keep on my ears continuously listening to Moving through the Veil, THE LANDING , TURNING INTO LIGHT and my own ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM. 

I'm loading up my Wave File player that plays continuously for 16 hours at a time. And I'm going to turn into light in three years.

Would you like to join me?


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