Visualization is indeed not difficult, but simply requires a stern commitment and effort to focus clearly upon that which you wish to manifest in your Lives...To those who are looking to make a steady contact with us or with your guides at this time, we wish you to know that the energies being offered to your bodies, souls and to your world are strong enough that the veil has thinned significantly in favor of a mass amount of souls incarnate on Earth discovering this contact with us after having expanded their own mental and emotional channels



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-Channeled through Wes Annac-


Visualization will aide in your ascension processes and in finding and manifesting that which you have been wanting out of your Earth experience. You are the Creators of each and every energy signature you send out to be manifested in your reality, and the importance of taking a firm grasp on your Creations and manifesting only that which you wish for in your Lives for the greatest good for yourselves and those around you is very strong, especially at this time.
The imbalance of the surface of Earth that has been fed for many centuries has been because of the lack of understanding on the part of humanity, of your ability to manifest that which you desire on your world rather than that which continues to feed the illusions of separation and imbalance. You have heard before of the illusion that has been fed on your world since the fall of Atlantis; that is, that you are all simple humans who possess no power to change the world and the reality around you.
Your sheer belief in limitation is what makes limitation real and solidifies it in your own experiences. If you could fathom at this moment your pure, unfiltered powers of Creation and how important they are to your overall experience, you would understand fully that each and every thought and emotional impression which you give out to the Cosmos will come back to your Lives in some cases instantly, and will have a powerful energetic effect on which events do and do not play out during your experience.
With this we come back to the importance of visualization. Visualization is indeed not difficult, but simply requires a stern commitment and effort to focus clearly upon that which you wish to manifest in your Lives. Let those parts of yourselves know that what you are thinking of and presenting to us, your guides and to those parts of yourselves who will help you manifest your thoughts, is very important to you and is truly what you want for yourselves and any others involved in the manifestation of the event.
It does take a solid commitment, but we have seen how solid and strong a commitment you have made to your ascension processes and we know that with a clear, focused mind on visualizing and manifesting what you truly want out of your Lives, you will see the results that we speak of and many of you have noticed without any effort on your part how quickly some of your thoughts and manifestations have come back and shown themselves to you.
The ascension of the surface Earth and of you all who are inhabiting Her surface is seeing that you begin to notice the etheric, higher dimensional parts of yourselves who have been waiting just on the horizon to be noticed, felt and experienced by you. There are an infinite amount of us ascended beings who are looking down upon you and assisting you at this time, and we have noticed that interaction with us ascended beings has been something that has interested many on your world as many find this contact for themselves.
The process of finding the energies of the higher realms for many, involves finding and making a direct contact with us ascended beings who inhabit the higher realms. As this is done, most of the souls who find this communication with us use it to the advantage of the Light, to help others on their ascension journeys.
As other souls are exposed to our energies and our messages, if an interest is garnered in us by such souls than they themselves begin looking for a solid, steady communication with their own guides and/or with the souls whose messages they have read on your internet. To those who are looking to make a steady contact with us or with your guides at this time, we wish you to know that the energies being offered to your bodies, souls and to your world are strong enough that the veil has thinned significantly in favor of a mass amount of souls incarnate on Earth discovering this contact with us after having expanded their own mental and emotional channels and expanding the barriers of what they perceive to be real.
As with manifesting that which you desire, the commitment to finding this contact for yourselves and staying open enough to receive the energies of us ascended beings as well as the energies of the higher realms, is a very strong commitment and one that involves much testing along one’s Life path.
Visualization and manifestation practices are encouraged when trying to feel our energies, as we can feel the energies of every soul incarnate on Earth and when a soul’s thoughts which are themselves energetic imprints are directed toward our spirit complexes, we receive such energetic imprints as they reach the souls whom they were directed at.
Even simply being familiar with our energies through feeling them by reading our messages and taking such impressions and incorporating them into your desire to communicate with us and feel our energies in a more pure way than you can by reading our messages, will see an almost instant energetic connection with us at our end.
Believe us dear souls, we make telepathic and astral contact with many awakening souls on this beautiful world on a moment to moment basis when called upon by such souls, and the majority do not realize, know or understand that they are in a communication with us as they cannot physically perceive us but believe us dear souls, we are with you when you call upon us.
Of course, our energies when being given to you are funneled down to your third and fourth dimensional bodies and spirit complexes, and our energies are distorted by your egos and various structures and programs of mind. There are so many things, so many truths and insights that we wish dearly we could share with you all, but that we cannot because the very essence of these revelations and truths are far more advanced and complicated for your current perspectives than the information that we are able to share with you.
The human program is a very interesting one, and is one that we as well as many other ascended souls have been studying since your original templates for a lower dimensional experience on Earth were designed.
The original templates for the behavior, mood and attitudes of humanity were very simple and hollow at first. Your bodies were programmed in a way that they could bring through the basic human emotions of happiness, anger, sadness and such, and while such energies, emotions and feelings originate from your souls and the essence of your spirit, your bodies are receptors of sorts for the energies that are coming through.
An easy way we could describe the relationship between how emotional impressions are sent through your body would be to compare a radio receiver with which channels can come through it. At first, your bodies were programmed again to bring through the very basic human emotions, feelings and structures of mind that your spirit Created, and this could be compared to your radio bringing through basic audio signals and frequencies
The original body templates for the lower dimensional experience of humanity were programmed to bring such basic primitive modes of thinking and feeling through, and what your bodies were not and in many cases still are not able to do and perceive could be compared to how a basic radio is not able to bring through high-definition video programming from cable or satellite-based television frequencies.
We hope that this metaphor can be understood and that it conveys in a clear enough way what we are trying to communicate to you, as it is a very complex and intricate explanation and we wish to break it down in a way that it can be understood better by the many souls who will read this message.
Your bodies are now evolving to a point where your minds and temples can bring through parts of yourselves who exist outside of the physical and who have not been expressed or felt by you in the physical as a result. Indeed, it is your very soul essence that is ascending, but the distorted parts of your souls who are being expressed through your physical bodies are being upgraded with your bodies as you ascend.
This upgrade of your bodies is being performed so that you can begin to shake off the illusory lower dimensional constraints, blockages and mental constructs that have kept your bodies from being able to bring through and have you feel the ascended parts of yourselves.
As your bodies ascend, you naturally begin to feel and experience a higher and more pure state of consciousness. Though many of you have only begun to perceive of what we mean by this, the reality that you are to know and experience upon a full expansion will truly be unlike anything you will feel you have ever experienced.
Despite seeming a bit unfamiliar at first, after time spent and lessons learned and grown from in the higher realms you will begin to remember with much ease and clarity your experiences in these realms before your descent into the lower vibrations. You will begin to feel and remember all that we have been informing you of in ways that will see you know and understand such things so much better and easier than you currently can and are by reading our communications on your internet.
This is one reason why we are excited to meet you dear souls when the right time comes, and indeed the extraterrestrial souls you have recognized will not be the only souls you will be reuniting with. Oh dear souls, there are infinite multitudes of us ascended beings who wish so dearly for a reignited direct contact with you in your fading physical, and indeed there will not be much physical left to exist in once you all begin to ascend away from such constraining and heavy dimensions
What you are feeling right now and the Lighted energies you are being graced with while pure, are just the tip of the iceberg. You are to feel and experience things that are to completely shift your concept of reality as indeed, your conceptual restraints have been and are being torn down at exponential rates.
A part of this tearing down of your egotistical and mental barriers and constructs is you looking upon such constructs and constraints and realizing them for their true, hollow nature. This is happening with so many of you on Earth right now as you grow to states of consciousness that see you meeting the constraints you had set up for yourselves, eye to eye.
This is a very delicate part of your ascension processes as you are being exposed to parts of yourselves that you have kept hidden down for so very long and for so very many reasons. The general process of ascension is indeed easier than many think it to be; it is just that the hard part along your ascension paths is always when you have to come face-to-face with fears, hurts and concerns from past or current Lives.
We have noticed that many of you bide up your fears, worries and concerns, and make them your worst enemies and the things to most reject and attempt to keep oneself away from. Unfortunately, to do so is to hide from parts of yourselves that have simply needed to be exposed to you , so that you could realize them for their true nature and transmute their fearful, heavy or otherwise energies at their and your very core. This dear souls, is the process of integration and transmutation.
You have heard many times through terrestrial or otherwise sources of the integrating and transmuting of heavy and dense energies, and as Earth has been cleansed at Her very core and ascended or rather remembered back to Her beautiful fifth dimensional form, the violence and fear that has existed on Her surface is being exposed to you all who have fed such violence and fear for centuries, through your own inner- fears and hates that you have kept yourselves close to while at the same time, distancing yourselves away from at your surface.
If only if could be fully communicated to you how your systems of behavior and modes of belief and perception actually do manifest not only what happens in your Life, but what happens in the Lives of others through the choices you make. Of course it is known that an unkind act toward someone may hurt their feelings, but is it quite known that an unkind act toward someone can make them manifest difficulties in their own Life as a result of the unhappy feelings such an unkind act would cause?
Of course, karma comes into play in such a scenario, and the soul who would have caused the distress in the first place would certainly experience the proper karmic alleviation through possibly difficult or otherwise stress-producing events which will manifest in their Lives.
Detachment is becoming the name of the game so to speak for many at this time, and as you have heard before detachment does not signify a lack of Love.
Detachment lets oneself and those around oneself know that despite what happens during one’s surface experience which in nearly every case is Created by the very soul in question, such perceived lower energies will not get one down or bring their complexes out of balance. Balance is exactly what is needed at this time dear souls, which is why detachment is required in many cases.
Do not get us wrong dear souls, you do not need to slip into selfish modes of behavior while under the guise of being ‘detached’ but you also do not have to strain yourselves in an effort to make those around you happy all of the time.
Indeed, Service to Others is practiced here in the higher realms and practicing Service to Others in your own Lives will open up the avenue to happy karmic experiences and pure energies that you have not yet experienced, but it is also sternly important that you find the time and make the effort to treat and serve yourselves, for you cannot be in a proper aligned state to serve others if you yourself are feeling low and unbalanced.
We hope dearly that as you make your effort to find the higher realms in more pure ways known, you will begin to realize when you are employing conceptual constraints in your own Lives. Of course, you have been acting under and feeling such constraints for many centuries and Lives and as you realize these constraints for just what they are, you begin to shake them off and get used once again to being limitless and infinite.
As you perform this inner work and see yourselves much more purely-tuned and happier and more clear in general, the Creation around you will naturally begin to respond by opening up the avenue for many more rich and fulfilling Life experiences. Imagine how all of this is happening now, at this time in your history when you as a society are about to have the veils taken off from over your eyes and your hearts.
You have been in the thick of your ascension processes for some time, and while many still feel that they are at a standstill we remind you to look forward to the events that are occurring on the surface of Earth for the validation that real, solid change is coming to your world. We have not been able to say this while communicating with other civilizations in other time periods of your history and especially not in your recent years, but your ascension is happening right now and the energies behind it are sweeping away all that has been of the old paradigm, and you are literally seeing this in progress, in the physical at this very moment.
Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.



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