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The Grid of Light - the Violet Crystal of Sound, 10:10:10 and beyond!

10:10:10 is about LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ... LOVE, BALANCE, UNITY and LOVE ... and the Awakening of the Crystal Grid which shall help us to anchor Christ Consciousness on Earth :-)

One of the Portals which will be opened is in Brazil - and this is the Violet Crystal of Sound!!!

We initiate 10:10:10 through our midnight lightgrid connection (Middle European Time) - which is still the evening of October 9th for all lightworkers in America and the morning of 10:10:10 for people in Asia / Australia (TIME CONVERTOR) - with the following meditation:

Gather your crystals around you before starting. Your crystals will help you to tune in to the energies which are being released and moreover they will be charged with the energies, making them available for you whenever you are in need of them again.
Stay focussed (and do not send energy anywhere) See the Grid, see the portals, feel the connection to the many other lightworkers on the planet and BE HAPPY :-)
Still your mind, your emotions, and your body.In whatever way is your custom.

Come fully into your heart and know that. You are loved beyond measure,You are Love.

Tone AUM

long, long AAAAAAA - the sound of the Heart, the sound of Creation - UM

Or sound your specific soul note into the universe

Now connect to the grid of light, lightgrid, by invoking the Violet Flame of Freedom and Transmutation.
Call on the Beings of the Violet Ray -

Saint Germain and his Twin Flame Lady Portia, Archangel Zsdklie and Archaii Amethyst, Lady Kwan Yin, just to mention some -

to bring down the Violet Fire into your Earth Vessel - and beyond.
We are now forming a grid of VIOLET FIRE to help Mother Earth in her cleansing process.
We are anchoring the qualities of the Violet Ray,

CONNECTING to all the other lightworkers all around the globe who are doing the same NOW.

Allow the realization of Love and Self Worth to travel,
Throughout the heart of each of your chakras. (Allow time for this.)

Allow Love to connect your heart to your Higher Self,
Acknowledge your connection to the Heart of the Spiritual Sun,
The Great Center of Love.

Allow Love from the Heart of the Sun,
to pour down through the heart of your chakras,
You are radiant and glowing with Love.

Send Love to the center of the Earth, to Gaia,
Observe how radiant and glowing She is.

With your mind’s eye,
See the entire grid system of the Earth,
The portals are shining brightly,
Some more fully open that others.

Our Violet Energy Fields are touching and thus wrapping the whole planet into the Violet Light of Transmutation and FREEDOM, while each of us is anchoring the Violet Fire to the Core and Grid of Mother Earth.

The Violet Fire is masculine and feminine energy in total equilibrium ...

The Earth is bathed in Love,
We are bathed in Love,

All the kingdoms are bathed in Love.

We are One with the grid.

We are One with Mother Earth and Nature.

We are One with the Universe.

Our awareness of Unity expands to the oceans

and we connect to our brothers and sisters there, the cetaceans - dolphins and whales - keepers of the water, lightworkers of the sea:


Our awareness of Unity expands to our star borthers and sisters:


Our awareness of Unity expands to Source, our Divine Creator, and we realize:


And we are anchoring the energies for the Awakening of the Crystal beds and thus the Crystal Grid by letting go and being LOVE.

When you feel that you are coming back, see the Violet Fire still running through the grid, connecting us all, wrapping Mother Earth and all Her Beings into the cleansing and transmuting Fire of the Violet Ray and Light.


The Grid is ready to receive

What else can you do on October 10? - Lots and lots of meditations and gatherings are being held and YOU ARE your own Master and you know exactly what is right for you ;-) No one else can tell you what to do and when to do it - YOU DECIDE!

Welcome the Master Energies and look for answers to your questions "inside" of you - the Silent Voice of Your Heart yearns to be listened to! Use your feelings as a barometer which tells you exactly what is good for you and what not - discernment starts in the HEART.


Trust the flow of the River of Life & know that you are guided

"So now, as the portal of 10.10.10 arrives, are you ready ? Are you ready to make a choice for the betterment of the future generations ? For the healing of the Earth Mother ? To put the choices of the greater whole above your own petty needs, wants and desires ?
This portal is the beginning you have all been waiting for, will you rise to the challenge ?
We have witnessed the phenomenon in your world where everyone stops what they are doing at a given time and date and stands for one moment (minute) collectively in silence to honour a past occurrence, in reverence for your dead. It is honoured in workplaces, homes, and by government officials. So we call to you to make 10.10.10 such an occasion, and come together at 10 am in silence for 10 moments (minutes) when you cease all mundane activities and conversations, not for the past, but for the enhancement and betterment of the future of the Earth and all Her inhabitants. This is a choice of great magnitude that you can make at this time. The choice you make during the 10.10.10 portal will set the energies for the coming year. A year that will begin on the 10.10.10 and continue until 11.11.11 - choose wisely dear children, your future and the future of all children yet to be born depends on it. For this is where you take responsibility for yourself and for the future generations to come. If you do not like what comes to you, you will have no one to blame save yourselves. YOU (said with raised voice and hand) will have chosen your future path and the future of the Earth by your own actions or in-actions, thoughts and intentions on this special day and time.

Now, when you gather in your circles, bring your crystals, do not let another tell you what to bring, or what to put where, the crystal grids must be unique formations created by souls who are guided on what to bring and place where by the universe, for the universe knows what is needed where at this time in each of the places that you meet and gather your circles of like minded souls to create an anchoring grid of crystal beings to bring in the Violet Flame of Love and Transformation. Use also sacred geometry and sound in this alchemical marriage of light and sound frequencies.
Ancient sounds such as chanting and drumming, the thundering of dancing feet upon the Earth, serve to dislodge negative energies both within your own energy fields and within the Earth Mothers form accumulated there because of humanities atrocities. I urge you to perform all these activities interspersed with prayers, visualizations, words of love, honour, peace and wisdom share for and by all who participate, for each must add their own sacred energies to the circle on this special day in which to end the year of transformation and initiate the year of Manifestation. Yes, Manifestation dear ones, that is why your choices, from the small and seemingly insignificant, to the larger life changing ones, are all hugely important in this portal of 10.10.10, for the choices will set the energy for the manifestations in the coming year until 11.11.11.

Choose wisely dear ones, choose future generations, beauty, growth, love, healing, compassion and respect.


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Comment by Sunspiritsmiles on October 10, 2010 at 3:59am

To get through the portal, just go into your HEARTspace. What is on the other side is what is already withing...Unconditional LOVE & Unity of all that is...YOU ARE....I AM



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