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To uphold constant freedom of volition and will within me as it reflects honestly what I'm currently feeling and pained by or inspired to do....


          In one way or another everything in mind body soul to physical manifest world in motion affecting everyone physically we are all in mind from spirit experiencing valid, real and substantially irrefutable raw sensory data that come from something....

         Otherwise it would be nothing and wouldn't exist at all.....

            Everyone exists and they are all real because they think so and if they and everything was not real.....

                It simply wouldn't be and you would of never of thought it and it would have never just have been typed here on this physical screen in your physical world...

                       *Yessss.......everything in one shape or form is real....

               How you interpret and deal with that information is your trip though and I'm here to dissolve confusion, insanity and teach the lost that

             Life Is As Great As You Can Create!

I don't know about movies in general as they are mostly ego fantasy with false narratives about how these actual true to life realities really manifest into this world. Hollywood and much movies are fun but pure delusion from problem, solution and outcome completely ignorant of the human souls experience entirely on an individual basis anyways.

Music...That's a whole other thing..everthing...dark..light rainbow fright right inside out all about....its all good and the real language and wisdom of the whole human experience is here if it's cult status to not completely basic root inspired mindless drivel with catchy loop siren in a money/fame/ego cage??!! Personally I'm into Moth Music and Culture...not so much Goth Culture and Music...

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Comment by Zachary Paul Hunter on November 10, 2017 at 10:10pm

Oh....I'm not here to post some work before congress. That was only expressive creative writing. I would never take myself so seriously and honestly to AA your writing is torture to read. By the time I'm done I have a migraine and my body has tightened without out one drop of love.

Comment by Russ Hatfield on November 8, 2017 at 10:02pm

Roots, rock, reggae. 


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