copyright belongs to Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse 2014 email to request the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM Eternal Life Programming SHIFTS the cellular memory from a Mortal Based Program to an Eternal Life Program - Personalized Frequency Realignment, Re-attunement and Reactivation into MULTIDIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS When I send your Eternal Life Album, there will be AT LEAST 12 sections. ( The sections are sometimes 12 songs, but not always. Please realize that when I am creating the album for the individual I am being led through the Individual's Akashic records and their original Spiritual EKA- spiritual Coushas records. We have always had a parallel spiritual universe, galaxy and self. The process of Biological Ascension is the attunement into AT ONE MENT with the complete original Spiritual Self. That image is created in the MIND OF GOD as a Breath of Source and then formed into an IDEA in the 14th dimension of the Silver Pink Heliotalic Creation Lab. When the Earth's Sun, and all Seven Suns of Creation are formed into a new idea, they became the 8th Sun. When We attune into all that we were in the original Sun Alcyone of the Andromeda Creation, and then tune in to the harmonic universe five where our re-birth occurs, we have activated all of the TRANSFORMATIONAL ELECTRO MAGNETIC SOUND TONES that create the BRAND NEW YOU. This process of attunement involves my Consciousness, which has already been trained to receive all Frequencies from the Elohim of Hearing, to follow a program and a process that involves connecting with the Consciousness of each of the 12 Stargates. Basically, the 12 songs INCLUDE the Morphogenetic Consciousness of the 12 Stargates. What are the 12 Stargates? The 12 Ascension Portals of each of the 12 parts of Consciousness of the original Angelic Human Raceline. We originally had One Mind. We were originally the Cosmic Oraphim Race Line. Aligning our Consciousness now into all Five Harmonic Universes, all 7 Cosmic Suns and all 12 Stargates is the BASIC FORMULA of our Ascension. Our Cosmic Light Councils were the creators and originators of our Raceline and all other Race Lines who have agreed to help realign our Consciousness back into its original perfect form. They guide the formation of the Breaths in the Holographic Future Music, and they guide the exact Individual Eternal Life Albums creation. The reason that the albums contain God Language, Star Language, the Stellar Waves from the 12 Stargates, and the Holographic Formation process of the Cosmic Light Councils from the Spiritual Parallel Universe, is because we are breathing in the Stardust ESSENCE of the Original Creation Substance, which has always been called Consciousness in Metaphysical Teachings. The Original Perfect Idea from Source that we were created from has always existed and will always exist. However, our Divine Template was broken in half because of major Universal and Galactic mutations created by reverse spin technology of light and sound. Each creation - human, planet, galaxy, sun, star, universe- is created from the formula of the Merkaba mechanics. The Cosmic Entity whose name was Metatron created this great Cosmic technology which held the entire universe in perfect harmony balance and alignment. However, there were other Entities who learned this exact creation science and decided to use it for the opposite reason. There were Fallen Angelic Races who had broken themselves off from the Eternal Life Source Creation Template, who then needed to find their Source of Life from other Planets and humans. The most recent example of this was the rip placed in the Solar Merkaba Field of Planet Earth. That rip was created by the Zeta Rigelians to control Planet Erath. The rip was placed in the Merkaba Field that held the Earth in the correct alignment with the Sun. When the Earth is out of alignment-- even 13 degrees out of alignment- with one of the other pieces of the harmonic universes, the Planet and the Race Lines on the Planet are no longer in alignment with the Mind of God or the Divine Template of their Creation Formula. The rip in the Merkaba Field of the Sun would had caused Mass Destruction of Planet Earth between 1972-1974, if the Guardians had not placed the Frequency Fence around the Earth. If the Guardians had not created the 11:11 Frequency Fence that blocked the Base Tone Magnetic Pulses from the Earth in 1972, the Earth would had been blasted with huge Solar Explosions as huge as a State. The plan of the Zeta Rigelians was to create a rip in our Merkaba Field that would allow them to travel interdimensionally into our Consciousness to control us and to suck our the Life Force Energy from our Consciousness. That was once piece of the problem. There had been Seven Major Fences created for similar reasons over a period of about five million years. Each one of these Fences created a blockage in our DNA sub harmonics. The blockage created by the 11:11 blocked our Base Tone Magnetic Pulse Rhythm. The Seals were actually created by the Guardian Races to keep our Race Line from being completely obliterated during each of the attempted take overs. The Guardians could not allow the removal of these Seals until our Race Line was placed in a Zone of Consciousness where there could be no more Invader Race Take Over attempts placed on the planet. The Guardians had a deadline for securing our alignment. If they did not have the Seals removed before December 2012, the Zeta Rigelians would had been able to complete their original plan, and the Draconians would had been able to complete their One World Take Over Plan that was backed by the portions of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation and many other groups who have pretended to be Friends of Planet Earth over the Centuries. The first part the plan required to remove these Seals was completed in 2012. There were Six Avatar Children Born through the Earth's Portals without those Seals in their DNA. There were another 5000 Indigos born with the 6th DNA activated at birth and the potential of 8DNA by 2017. In addition to those requirements, the Guardians needed to bring in the Consciousness of the 12 Stargates. This was achieved by Six Stellar Wave Infusions and Six Activations from the Solar Spiral, Pleiadian Alcyone Spiral, Sirian, Andromeda, Orion, Lyra, as well as Inner Earth and Rainbow Spirals. Each of these Stellar Wave Infusions was also responsible for Infusing the Light and Sound of the Consciousness of each of these Star Gates into the DNA sub harmonic strands. There were 12 sub harmonics in each DNA that needed to be Infused and Activated. I am explaining these details because these are the same waves of consciousness that I breathe into each and every one of the Individual Eternal Life Albums. There are various Albums that have one aspect of the Consciousness needed for the Ascension Process. The Six Avatar Children's Consciousness Frequencies are in the Complete Perfect DNA Activation. The Stellar Wave Infusions are completed in the ULTIMATE DNA ARCHETYPE, however, there are a series of these activations in the Parallel Universe Set, Universal Life Force Set, Mother Ship, Dolphin Therapy, Violet Flame, and Symphony of Love. There are many other pieces of the formula included in each of these other Sets. For instance, the Violet Flame focus is on the moment of Pleiadian Infusion and Sirian Activation. The Symphony of Love was the moment that the Music of the Spheres sang the new Song of alignment of all 12 Stargates. The Heavenly Dolphin Therapy was the moment the Fifth Dimensional Dolphins became the Sixth Dimensional Dolphins. The Mother Ship contains the frequencies of the Cosmic Blanket that was wrapped around Earth by our original Cosmic Ancestors who have waited for this moment of awakening for 5 million years. The Cosmic Blanket is holding Earth in balance until she morphs into the Ascension Earth. Each one of these moments in the history of the Music of the Spheres alignment into the the original Symphony of Love which held all of our sub harmonic harp strings within this Cosmic Orchestra that sings together through the alignment of the Harmonic Universes is an essential part of our Ascension. WHAT IS ASCENSION? It is basically removing all of the Fences that blocked our DNA sub harmonic strands from braiding together. It is raising our Frequencies of Consciousness into a new reality. Frequencies are raised by Lifting Consciousness up into the Five Harmonic Universes through the guidance of the Elohim of Hearing, the Cosmic Councils, the keepers of the Akashic Records and the Eka Records. Ascension means becoming totally At One with your original Spiritual Body through the activation of your Spiritual Template within you. What is a Spiritual Template? It is scientifically created from pre light and pre sound which is the pre stardust, pre plasma essence of spiritual water called hydrolaise. In the Normal Planet, an entity would be born and then spend the first 33 years of their life absorbing more and more of this spiritual substance that was called prana and manna and many other names. Now we call it Hydrolaise, because it is the scientific formula of changing our entire biological and chemical structure of the Earth and out bodies. The album Eternal Life Waters holds the frequencies and the journeys for this part of the Ascension Journey. There were many other steps to the Ascension Journey before we got to the Eternal Life Waters. The Stellar Waves exist partially in the Eternal Life Waters albums, as do the Dolphin Frequencies, the Mother Ship frequencies, the Avatar Children. BUT only PARTIALLY. The focus on one aspect of the Cosmic Consciousness at a time is the same as an artist who is painting the new Universes, the new Galaxies and having to align every single light particles within each of the 12 Stargates and each of the 15 Spheres of the Music of the Spheres together. This process began earlier in 2007 with the creation of entire albums of just the Cosmic Consciousness, and just the Ascension Portals, Vortals, Vortex, and the basic God Language. We began with these basics of Ascension back in 2007. They were contained in the Ascension Workshops given at that time. There were many steps and stages of the process into 2012. Those who were on active duty of holding these frequencies in alignment with the portals of the Earth were the Cosmic Dolphins. All of the albums created have been created with these Cosmic Dolphins called the Oraphim Braharama Cetacean Family. The albums that contained dialogs between the dolphins and the Inner Earth Aquafarians were recorded on Magic Dolphin and Cosmic Consciousness. The conversations with the Sun as the first Frequency Fence was coming down is in the Ultra Violet Blue Sun and in the Cosmic Butterfly. If you look through the purchase CD section you will find the complete history of Frequency Activations that happened on Earth between 1992-2014. Most of the activations between 2012-2014 are on mp3 only. Those will be updated to CD's in the near future. Each section focuses on one part of the complete alignment into SOURCE. The focus is always Source. We must align every cell through the micro omnions of Source and weave every particle into the Source Frequencies in all fifteen spheres of the Matrix. The Sun, is in a way, the creator of the Universe, because the Sun holds the IDEA of Source in the form of he Plasma that holds the crystal liquid light of Source. Each form of creation - Cosmic, Universe, Galaxy, Solar, Planet or Person is always made from the original divine blue print template of Source. When I send your Eternal Life Album, there will be 12 -16 sections, plus about ten minutes of pure AURORA FLAME energy - Cosmic Crystal Liquid Light- The Flame of Source Creation Energy. Each section focuses on one part of the complete alignment into SOURCE. The focus is always Source. We must align every cell through the micro omnions of Source and weave every particle into the Source Frequencies in all fifteen spheres of the Matrix. The Sun, is in a way, the creator of the Universe, because the Sun holds the IDEA of Source in the form of he Plasma that holds the crystal liquid light of Source. Each form of creation - Cosmic, Universe, Galaxy, Solar, Planet or Person is always made from the original divine blue print template of Source. That template is manifest simultaneously in millions of density levels. The Sun holds the template in the form of Plasma and creates Light Bodies. However, the reality that all forms of density allow all to become One, allows us in Reality - to live within the Sun. This is why we think of the Sun as our Creator. The Sun holds our individual templates that were made by Source. However, our frequency signatures and divine templates must always flow into our planetary matrix through the suns matrix. So, this is why the Sun is thought of as the Creator. We haven't experienced this reality of living inside of the Sun yet, because our Matrix was destroyed. Now, it is being re-created in its divine template once again. One of the objectives of the frequencies, which they naturally do themselves, when the breaths are from Source, is to realign the base tone rhythms within the entire time matrix. This process of rhythmic alignment of the Earth into the New Earth greatly affects the rhythm of body, which must always stay in rhythm and in tune with the Planetary Matrix that it moves within. Please always keep in mind this rhythmic pattern that you will learn to hear with practice. The rhythm is within the breaths themselves. When I breathe from Source and record layers of those breaths and then breathe from Cosmic Consciousness and record layers of those breaths, there is a rhythmic pattern appearing within the breaths. When I breathe the Universal and Galactic frequencies there is another rhythmic pattern. Each time I record more frequencies, I always resaturate them with Source Frequencies to repattern the rhythms and the frequencies into absolute ATUNEMENT with the Crystal Light Frequencies of Source Consciousness. 1. Feel the plasma flame surrounding the body and penetrating every cell in the body. Listen to the rhythm of the pulsation and waves from the plasma flames. Feel the dancing waves swirling around the body and swimming into the atoms. Feel the plasma swimming deeper and deeper into the etheric funnels within the cells. Feel the funnel of energy pulling the wave deeper and deeper until it disappears. Listen for rhythms and work on moving your body to this beat. 2. Listen to the frequencies and feel the overall pull into the attunement with the highest frequency of Source. The base tones are created by layering all 15 spheres of the Music of the Spheres. Each of these spheres is filtered through the Breath of Source to create a brand new time matrix--Cosmic Time Matrix.

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