STOCK MARKET ASTROLOGY .. The North Node Cardinal Sign Cycle (which is a 9.3 year cycle, and was 90.9% profitable over 110 years per stock market data). IS THERE A PANIC COMING UP BASED ON THIS CYCLE?

This cycle was analyzed via mechanical buy and sell signals with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The signals calling for buys and sells were based on using real time transits of the North Node through the Cardinal Signs of the zodiac (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). The diagram below is a log scale of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) from 1915 to 2019. The primary cycles (drawn above the DJIA graph) displays transits of the North Node through the cardinal signs of the zodiac. The concept of buying and selling with these cycles is based on techniques of ancient farmers who used the zodiac sign transits of the Sun through the signs of Aries and Libra in order to determine when to plant seeds and harvest crops. These farmers traditionally planted seeds during the first New Moon after the Sun transits past zero degrees Aries (spring equinox), and then harvested crops during the first Full Moon after the Sun transits past zero degrees Libra (fall equinox [a.k.a. Harvest Moon]).


The buy and sell cycle of the DJIA purchase (from buy to sell) is ~= 4.65 years, followed by an ~= 4.65 year time-frame of non-participation in the DJIA (and investment possibilities for this time frame are money market funds, T-Bills, and cash). The buy signals of the cycle feature the North Node placement at zero degrees Aries and zero degrees Libra; the sell signals of the cycle feature the North Node placed at zero degrees Cancer (from the past purchase of the DJIA at zero degrees Libra) and a sell signal at zero degrees Capricorn (from the past purchase at zero degrees Aries). The concept of the use of the North Node and U.S. stock market cycles was first written about by Lieutenant Commander David Williams; I got the idea of the N. Node from Lt. Commander Williams (regarding the stock market) and combined this concept with the ancient farming technique of planting and harvesting using the zodiac signs of Aries and Libra.

Is a Panic About to Happen?

LET'S MAKE ONE THING CLEAR: financial panics are emotional reactions to financial manias that are created by con artists. These con artists usually include the media, financial insitutions, celebrities, elected officials, and so-called "experts" (and are usually created via various combinations of these con artists because they have a shared need to convince you that you need to purchase [OR SELL] certain financial instruments for some reason that they do not want to reveal to you). Thus, P.T. Barnum was correct when he stated that there is a fool (a.k.a. sucker) born every minute. The problem is that we simply do not have enough suckers at this time to cause a panic. Financial panics take place during buying manias with non-sophisticated investors who have no business investing into such manias (remember the average Joe buying Bitcoin after Elon Musk announced he was looking into buying Bitcoin [and then Musk suddenly changed his mind about purchasing Bitcoin and caused a panic in the Bitcoin market?]) J.D. Rockefeller pulled a somewhat similar stunt in 1929 when he convinced many in the public to stay invested in the U.S. stock market after he publicly announced stock purchases a few weeks after the 1929 panic (and he then reportedly sold short these same stock purchases afterwards .. without telling anyone ..) Note that financial manias prior to financial panics feature bullish concensus readings among investors greater than 60%, and price bottoms taking place after these financial panics feature bullish concensus readings less than 20%. And there have been no such bullish concensus readings greater than 60% in the past three years; the possibility for a stock market panic is thus very low at this time. BUT TAKE NOTE OF THIS, READERS. My analysis of financial panics involving the DJIA (correlated with the North Node cycle being discussed) reveals vulnerability for financial panics in the U.S. during the 4.65 year time-frame of the entry of the North Node transit into the sign of Cancer through the transit to the buy point of zero degrees Aries (4.65 years later after entering the sign of Cancer). AND YES PEOPLE, WE ARE CURRENTLY WITHIN THIS 4.65 YEAR TIME-FRAME OF VULNERABILITY FOR A FINANCIAL PANIC; THE NORTH NODE IS IN THE SIGN OF ARIES AT THIS TIME AND APPROACHING ZERO DEGREES ARIES (in 2025). Per past data, both the 1873 and 1929 financial panics took place with the North Node transit very close to the dead center middle of this 4.65 year time-frame of vulnerability (between 29 degrees Cancer and zero degrees Aries. This midpoint is fifteen degrees Taurus, and is the middle of this 4.65 year time-frame that warrants one to STAY OUT of the stock market). Interestingly, the actual DJIA bottom from the 1929 panic (May 1932) took place about five months after the buy at the zero degrees Aries buy point (December 1931), and the bottom of the 1873 panic was about nine to twelve months after the buy point at zero degrees Aries buy point in mid-1876 (using 19th century railroad stock price averages. That 1877 low in railroad stock prices would never be seen again; this buy signal was within one year of the perfect time to buy railroad stocks). The October 1987 panic took place near the end of this 4.65 year time-frame of vulnerability as the North Node (transiting in Aries at the time) was one month away from the buy point at zero degrees Aries in November of 1987 (and if you bought at that zero degrees Aries point, you would [in 9.3 years] have been laughing out loud at the late 1980's author Paul Erdman [author of "The Panic of '89"] and the late 1980's author Ravi Batra [author of "The Great Depression of 1990"]. Yes Virginia, there is a sucker born every minute). BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE HAVE TO HAVE AN ENGINEERED PANIC GOING INTO THE NEXT BUY POINT IN JANUARY 2025. Another possibility is that the con artists in the expensive suits who play God are able to convince the middle class to sell their 401K investment plans via the prior discussed con artists of causality (a.k.a. the media, financial insitutions, celebrities, elected officials, and "experts"). CASE IN POINT: we are currently seeing such a financial con job in professional sports with commercial advertisements of Las Vegas style betting opportunities during televised professional sports events in the U.S. Thus, in order to sell something that nobody can financially afford in the age of financial aftermath from Covid 19, one must convince a market of consumers that they are advertising "the in thing."  Thus, the ideal mark for a high level con artist needing to sell his worthless goods (or get you to sell such goods back to a con artist at a lower price) is a market of individuals susceptible to expensive advertisements and social trends (with such individuals becoming gullible enough to believe that they can achieve or protect wealth based on these advertisements and social trends pushed into their faces). The New York Times played this con beautifully in the summer of 1929 with "experts" advising stock investment to people who had no business investing in the stock market. Yes Virginia, there is a sucker born every minute. You have been warned.


"Follow the meters, and not the leaders." - John Lennon

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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