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Spirit Truths - Messages from three Andromedan BoL's - 28:10:2002

28th October 2002

Nº 3

Good evening.
Today I want to talk to you about sub-atomic particles. This has to do with what people call as paranormal, and actually it is a scientific fact, the sub-atomic particles. It is related to the difference in energies and I think you are wondering why the male energy is not necessary in this group? (We had to ask our male colleague to leave the group because he disturbed the flow rate required by the Beings of Light to manifest successfully).
 I will try to explain to you the difference. The male energy is not as refined as the feminine energy. The feminine energy vibrates at a much higher level. The male energy, sometimes also vibrates at that level, but there are differences in male, you understand. Some men are basically very masculine and others are not completely male and have a female side in his nature which makes its vibration better attuned than a male fully loaded with testosterone. Of course this may seem ridiculous but it is true, you can investigate.  
 I want to explain to you that it is because of this that he does not always see what others can see and I'll try to explain why. This sub-atomic thing you see that energy vibrates and everything is interconnected by an array or a fine or a grid network, call it a grid, an interpenetrating grid, or a  grill that is intertwined with each other. At this grill there are holes  (fine points like a pin) that you can call if you will as a dotted vision and these holes are placed there for a purpose.
 This is to instill hope on you because you know those who have a more refined energy can sometimes see through these holes. This gives you a view of the opposite side though momentarily but this GIVES YOU a vision of the other side. Some mediums or instruments are not so good as others because few can see clearly through the pin holes, the tiny holes, and it makes their information more accurate. They can see a little more clearly than others. And some that are exceptionally well tuned can provide very accurate information. Others will never give accurate and subtle information.. It's not their fault and of course your work is as important as the work of those who can see with more accuracy. It's like looking through a smoked glass.
 This is one thing that you should consider. There is always a scientific basis for all things, even paranormal, therefore it is why sub-atomic particles are involved. This is why we do not want male energy in a so small group as it is too strong and not too refined and probably never will be but can be used on a different level, in a different way with a different group of people, do you understand? This is why we prefer for this circle, at this time, that the energy is female. It's more refined, more receptive and reaches higher. You see that there is an ethereal world that is identical to that one in which you reside.
When it happens what you call to die, death - and when it leads you to what we call the other side, it is precisely the other side. It is exactly as if you crossed a door and it is precisely the other side, because it is an identical world, and this etheric world travels with you and have everything you need but is more delicate. It is faster, the colors are more intense. There are colors that you will never see in this earthly plane. It is a beautiful life, it is the first stage, so to speak. You will travel more to learn and to sharpen the issues that have learned to express. You are light waves, as you can see you are made of light waves  and that is what attracts us to you. Here on this Earth plane you vibrate very slowly and we vibrate very quickly from where we come but we can slow down. It took us a while (I even felt it) and we had some difficulty and arrived very quickly at first, but I noticed that the control is better now. I move slower as I get closer to my instrument when she allows me to work through her and with her. This gives us great pleasure; we enjoy working with you and maybe teach you (We are grateful).
I try to keep the information on a basic level, better saying, for not burning your brains out with items you do not understand, so it's a very basic teaching due to  the language we use, and of course, my instrument is very basic as you all know (laughs) and one can only use words in her vocabulary, which is difficult. I must say it is hard but in the end we managed. It enables us to work and we like to work with you very, very much. (And we like also), I hope this has enlightened you a little more and now I am leaving and I leave you with your experiments (laughs). (We had planned an experiment, but it went downhill with the appearance of Beings of Light!)
We shall see, we shall see certain things that will happen maybe not tonight but at another time. Do you understand what happens here when trying to pair with your energy? It is trying to keep OUR energy fixed and low, so we can work together. My daughters, now I leave you with our blessing. Our blessing and our love goes to you and engage you with light. (Thank you. Thanks for coming). We leave in order you continue with your experience and we will see what happens next. (Thank you). It was a pleasure.

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 I have only my translations in Portuguese because the original site was offline and it started  with the one dated 26th August 2002 translated by me on 22:04:2003. Now I am turning them into English that will be more correct then a translator machine. The owner of that site promised me to make the original English messages available as well as the audio of each séance. Maria Luísa de Vasconcellos - English - Portuguese

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