President Bush Senior & Bill Gates have secretly and quitely been arrested by the Pentagon - todays info from Ben Fulfold --- Celebrate !

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  • Archbishop Of Cantarbury has resigned (been forced to resign)

  • I would not give too much credit to clones, they have been found to be deeply inferior to the master as resrearch has shown. Certainly they can not mirror themselves to ones who know a fake. Anyway the dominoes are falling quickly now and the endgame is almost over. Then the real times begin with much education and teaching as follow up for millenia. Thank you for this post.

  • Stunning Revelations !!


  • LOL :)  Okay.....whatever. 

  • well we can't find anything yet because it's still being kept quiet - I do Vibe David's Wilcock's info and feel that Ben is also a good source and are both spoken of in many different channeled messages that have been coming through of late-

  • If they say it's a "clone" I'll be very disappointed, lol.... heehee "clone wars" lol...

    In the end it comes down to you and your path, this is great but it's just another 3d construct, the only real truth I can count on 100% is my inner core guidance, and it says "hold on tight this may be bumpy" :) 

    Off subject, anyone notice new sensitivity to sound waves?  Feel them in my chakras now...

  • I've followed chains of links with articles on this subject too past day, and all articles trace back to B. Fulford.

    Somewhere in the past year I became questionable about mr. Fulford (and mr. Wilcock too), this info from him shall prove what his true intentions are. Be aware of cointelpro.

  • LoL Kelly ~ a truck show is right up his alley, I have a feeling he will be showing up.  And I have Bill on my facebook, he is also very active right now so yah, some of this information coming in is definitely questionable.

  • I've been checking around, still can't find up to date info on Gates, Bush Sr is scheduled to appear at a Truck show tomorrow for a keynote speech... will see if he attends :)  (lol, yeah a truck show!)

  • Stay tuned Gwendoline more news on the way

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