POEM; ~ **** I see LOVE upon the UNIVERSE**** ~


~ * I see LOVE upon the UNIVERSE* ~

~ * I saw LOVE type away, her beauty OPEN for all to SEE

~ * For SHE never held back her words;

~ * The UNIVERSE responded with a smile, and showered her with COMPASSION

~ * and said “I SEE you LOVE”, and tied your hair back with DIAMONDS;

~ * For now, LOVE shone brightly, in purple and shades of blue

~ * and spoke, “I SEE the LIGHT of my LOVE”, for I SEE YOU;

~ * Instantly LOVE expanded throughout the ETHERS of LIGHT

~ * In her DIAMOND hair, she WEPT in innocence, BUT

~ * For EVERY tear drop was not wasted BUT captured, delicately; as I SEE kissed and held LOVE, and said

~ * “OH light of my LOVE, thy whispers of grief are HEARD”;

~ * So step forward and SEE thy LOVE expand into the HEART of MANY

~ * and OPEN your humbleness in your WHISPERS of LIBERATION;

~ * FOR their always be LOVE in the INNER sight of MY Soul

~ * Realise your diamond shades of purple and blue,

~ * and you were BORN to set FREE, LOVE upon the universe;

~ * WITH Such affection , I watch, as you are cherished and covered with garments of SILK

~ * so fly with ME ~ * LOVE * ~

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

Copyright © SHAZI SIGNPOST 2010-2015

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