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Owning Your Power The Star Councils of Light, through Solara An-Ra Channeler: Solara An-Ra

Owning Your Power
The Star Councils of Light, through Solara An-Ra

Owning your own power is a key to your success and happiness on the Earth plane dear ones. The path towards owning your power starts at home, through practising self-love and acceptance.

You must learn to praise yourself and feel affection for yourself – things that you usually reserve for others. You can start by paying attention to when others are expressing admiration and affection for you, and emulating this behaviour towards yourself.

Instead of dismissing compliments, learn to really hear, accept and appreciate praise from others, and express thoughts about your own beauty, gifts and strengths to yourself.

This is more than merely saying or thinking ‘I am good at this or that.’ It involves taking the time to acknowledge what you are achieving on a day-to-day level, rather than focussing on what has not been completed or healed.

It is an acknowledgement which includes a ‘Well done!’ pat on the back and a feeling of happiness and satisfaction in yourself with every little step you take, encouraging yourself forward as you would do a babe who is learning to walk.

Just as shining a light into a dark room dispels the dark, shining the positive light of acknowledgement inwards dispels the negative energy of self-criticism and disappointment with oneself. You are, with these simple and practical steps, beginning the journey towards forgiving and loving yourself unconditionally.

The second step to owning your power involves looking at your relationships with a fresh approach. Because you are reflections of each other, your lessons and challenges come most frequently through your relationships with others.

Where you feel you are being disrespected, manipulated, ignored and judged, you are usually being shown where you are not loving yourself unconditionally. You can use every relationship, every difficulty, to strengthen yourselves and to come into your power – and we will explain how you can achieve this now, dear ones.

Suppose you are struggling within a personal relationship - with a partner, parent, sibling, work colleague, friend, or any person in your present or past reality. You may be experiencing thoughts about this person which stimulate the emotions of fear, frustration, anger, sadness, disappointment or self-criticism into your energy field.

In your meditation time or at any time of the day, close your eyes and picture that person opposite you. Thoughts and corresponding emotions will automatically enter your consciousness – most likely thoughts and emotions which are on repeat, like a stuck record replaying over and over in your mind.

You choose to take control now, focussing on yourself rather than on the other, and the part you have played or are playing in this relationship. Tell yourself:
‘Well done!’ for attracting this situation into your life in order to grow stronger. Say out loud:

‘I love myself’, and smile inwardly at yourself. Say:
‘I am a powerful creator, choosing my experience in this lifetime in every given moment.’

You are initiating the proccess of owning your own power in this relationship simply by acknowledging that no other being has the power to drain your energy unless you allow it.

Now search in your memory for any times where you have succeeded in being loving and compassionate to this person. Say ‘Well done!’ to yourself for trying your best. Choose, right now, in this moment, to feel loving and compassionate towards him or her.

Acknowledge your efforts and forgive yourself for not always managing to be in compassion, accepting that it is sometimes difficult.

Turn that stream of unconditional love and acceptance inwards now, focussing only on yourself and the part you are playing in this self-chosen drama. You are succeeding in shining the light of acknowledgement and respect inwards, dispelling the negative energy of self-criticism & disappointment with yourself.

You are owning your own power and learning to be affectionate and loving with yourself.

In no way is this practise fostering a lack of humility or encouraging self-righteousness. Indeed, when you truly love and accept yourself exactly as you are in any given moment, you are filled with humility and a sense of awe at how perfectly the universe is orchestrated by the Source, or God.

You become infused with a deep KNOWING that you are Source energy embodied; that you are Love and Intelligence embodied. In this deep knowing you let go of blame towards yourself and towards any other person in your life.

You see how owning your own power as a creator of your destiny is not possible without self-love and self-acknowledgement, for through this blossoms your autonomy and strength.

When you are truly in your power, there are none on your planet or in the universes beyond that have the power to control you or drain your energy.

You give away your own energy through perceiving yourself as faulty, weak or victims. Shine the Light of love and respect inwards every day, dear ones, to dispel the energy drain of self-doubt and self-judgement.

Smile inwardly in every moment possible, choosing to radiate the healing, transformative power of LOVE through every cell of your body. Praise yourself, searching for ways to commend yourself for trying your best to overcome difficulties in your life.

Thus will you come into your true power and knowing; thus is your human tribe healed, person by person, until you are lifted en masse into the light of Christ consciousness.

And so it is. Namaste.

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