Our Wisdom Is Lame!


Mecca conveys no message

If one has no knowledge.

The Vedas have no standing

If one has no understanding.

Pope means nope

If one has no hope.


God will not save

If one does not crave.

By the Guru what will be done

If one’s knowledge is undone.

They’re all not to blame

If our wisdom is lame.

**** Salutations to the shoes of my Guru Kanhaiah Ram Nath ****             

                  The True Guru's Grace Has No End!

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  • Dear Xian,

    Thanks for your comments. Hari Om!

  • Realizing lame wisdom opes the door to sane

    Who is in the doorway always?

    It has been said, he who knows does not speak

    He who speaks does not know.

    Yet, Covering the eyes, ears and mouth won't make one enlightened

    Uncover the covered

    unveil the hidden

    lurk in plain sight

    Lose the knowledge

    to find true knowing

    ; )

  • Hello Devi, Hari Om!

    You are right! Soon, by the grace of Guru and God, it will be proved with rhyme and reason (may be meter, I do not know grammar) that the knowledge taught in the universities is only ignorance. Many more poems are on the way to completely clean the minds of people. Those who want it, it will be given free. But who are brave to accept it? Only time will tell.

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