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November 17, 2001

Hi, Matthew dear! Can you tell me anything about Nibiru—or Planet X, since that’s what some are calling it—and how it’s going to affect Earth?

Mother, hello to you, and of course I’ll tell you what I know. In certain circles there is a lot of talk about “Planet X” and some do say it is Nibiru. Others think it is the photon belt and still others believe it is a small planet that’s approaching your solar system from some unknown origin. Because no one in those circles can speak about this mysterious celestial body with any certainty, some folks are looking for an answer in ancient cosmology records while others are counting on science.

The photon belt, which is far more than some regard it, merely a meandering mass of photon energy, is not Planet X. Neither is “X” Nibiru or some as yet unidentified planet. This astral body is an asteroid that isn’t recognized as such due to its Venus-sized body, which has a hot core and an exterior so desolate that it conveys no possibility of any kind of life.

Ah, the deception this has caused unwary civilizations! That appearance of a completely lifeless big body in space is camouflage. Totally contrary to desire of the asteroid’s tortured soul, which is seeking refuge in a higher spiritual frequency, its surface is populated with people you could think of as mercenary soldiers. They are a rag-tag population gathered by the universal dark forces to roam through the heavens and devastate whatever worlds they find. Now, in a last ditch effort to capture Earth, the dark forces promised their wandering marauders that if they conquer this prize planet, they will live richly in its sublime atmosphere.

The plan of the dark forces is to destroy Earth if the bunch aboard the asteroid cannot capture souls by invading and occupying the planet. The crucial point here is, it is only a plan. A plan is one thing, bringing to fruition the intended results is quite another!

It isn’t yet known whether the planners will use the asteroid as transportation of their puppet army for an Earth landing or whether it will be maneuvered into a collision course. In the latter case, the dark forces know that their hapless army would die, but lives to them are expendable.

Those forces don’t need any kind of transport station to capture souls that are weak or willing, but in this case it is serving their twofold purpose. It is easier to convince warrior beings to invade a world if they can feast and be jolly on the way, and the asteroid’s size fits into the Nibiru theory. Nibiru has been called a “battleship planet,” and according to some lore, long ages ago it came to capture Earth. That tallies perfectly with the purpose the dark forces have in mind—that is why they have it in mind! Individuals who are familiar with that cosmology not only can believe the theory that Planet X is Nibiru, but also that it is returning to once again try to capture Earth. The more thought form energy directed to the theory and to that belief, the more reality is given to the asteroid’s ominous approach to the planet.

I hasten to say that this asteroid presents NO danger to you whatsoever! It will neither destroy the planet by collision force nor will it transport strangers to land and enslave all of you. Yes, it is a large body that could have explosive impact upon the entire solar system if everything continued according to the dark plan, but that plan will not come to fruition. We have been told that the asteroid will be turned off course within your time period of the next six months.

More light than you can imagine is accomplishing this. Much is being generated by the extraterrestrials who are working throughout your nights and days to keep Earth stable and to moderate the polar shifting so this movement is barely perceptible as Earth’s orbiting is continuously strengthened. Sudden shifts have happened before to cleanse the planet of negativity, but this time another plan is afoot, namely Earth’s ascension!

Mother, give your fingers a break while you read what I’ve said and correct typos and see if you have questions.

OK, dear, thank you. …. Matthew, this sounds like really bad science fiction! Does Nibiru even exist?

Mother, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, and this gets into what “reality” is. In some parts of the universe there is no doubt at all about the reality of Nibiru’s existence. Some peoples in antiquity needed to interpret their history in the context of fragments of stories they had heard, and one such story was about Nibiru. Eventually the coalescence of their thought forms about Niburi and similar thought forms in the universal mind manifested the planet and its advanced civilization.

The universe as a whole recognizes all ongoing manifesting activity and its results—all is within the universal mind, or the God mind, and of course within Creator mind. However, not everything is known by all civilizations throughout the universe. Many manifestations are not recognized as realities in those worlds that are far removed from them, and Nibiru is one. That puts it in the myth category of those distant civilizations that may have heard of it, but due to the lack of verifiable facts, they do not recognize its existence beyond the story.

There is some reason behind all myths, so something prompted the civilizations in antiquity to devise the kind of history that altogether created the Nibiru known today. In the continuum, what happened eons ago in linear time is the very same as if it is happening now, not at two different “times” in the universal history of development. That’s why it is very difficult to state categorically whether something is real or it is mythical—almost always it is both, not simply Either or Or.


May 21, 2002

Hi dear! The six months is up—where is the asteroid now? Also, I read that Earth’s revolutions will be stopping—what is that all about?

Hi yourself, Mother! The asteroid is in an ongoing directional energy flow, not moved out of the way by a single gargantuan jolt, and by now there is no possibility of any collision course with Earth. The warrior force that had intended to plummet toward the planet for a battle worthy of their fighting prowess has been told by the galactic hierarchy that they may choose to accept the light or they will be taken to a lower density placement for remedial learning in accordance with their low energy registration.

As for your planet stopping spinning on its axis, those who will stop at nothing to either scare you or entertain you must be chuckling about that. It is ludicrous to think that a single celestial body would suddenly stand still while all the rest of the countless bodies continue in motion. No theory proffered with good intent should be ridiculed or ignored, but rather investigated—that fantasy you read about, however, doesn’t merit investigation.

OK, thank you. Have ETs ever destroyed any large body so it wouldn’t severely impact Earth?

On occasion they have, but not recently because it hasn’t been necessary. Your movie makers are having a field day with their ideas about heavenly bodies approaching Earth, but none is. That can change, as can anything or everything, but if something were imperiling you, it would be deflected or dispersed by the extraterrestrials who constantly and diligently are attentive to Earth's needs.

July 2011

Yes, maybe Planet X finally has been identified, the comet called Elenin that purportedly poses potential disaster to Earth. As you instinctively knew when you first read about that, it doesn’t pose an iota of danger to your planet.

This is another attempt to promote widespread fear by disseminating “leaked” information under the guise of “what governments won’t tell you.” Although that does imply that you can’t rely on your leaders to tell you the truth even about the possibility of impending danger, the real intent of those reports is be fearful! It is a testament to the raised consciousness prevailing that very few who have heard about Elenin’s risk are buying into it.

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