Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network

Mary Magdalene

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Durban South Africa - 6 June 2009

Christ Consciousness Gateway 6:6

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Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of S pirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

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I am Mary Magdalene, and I greet you in pure light and bless you with the most profound love. I gift unto you a wonderful energy of passion, beauty, dearness and togetherness, greetings dear ones
A; Greetings thank you

I have come today to give a very special message and this is always for me as Mary Magdalene a most profound and special occasion bringing a message of light and love, a message that interweaves the Energy of the Christ or the Christed One.

Dear ones each of you on this planet has a most profound specialness and that is the recognition of the Christ in you, we know that this may be very difficult for you to understand and embrace for the human factor most times do not allow you to embrace yourself as purity and light, in fact to embrace yourself with such divinity which enables you to be part of the Greatness of the One that you know as the Christed Being. In truth you need to understand that the essence of the Christed energy is a mere representation of that which has always been, which will always be. The Energy of the Christ is the energy of S upreme Divineness presented to each of you to embrace, take in, and be a part of (as you have always been invited to do throughout all of your lifetimes) to take part in that which creates the Christ awareness. The Christ Energy has been around within the Realms of Creation forever since the beginning of time. It is an energy which is shared by
many a being and for this very purpose it is very important for you to understand that you need to see this blessing of being Christed as an energy of oneness thus acceptance, which gives unto you a licence so to speak of shining your own inner light (out unto all). Every one, no matter if they feel themselves to be not worthy, or being drawn into the valleys of darkness at times, all share as part of this energy in fact when it comes to consciousness none is more superior than another with the differentiation being that levels of understanding and perception differs, either sharing these or not. In this way you are all the same, and if you are all the same then so are we. Do you understand?
A; Yes

The Christ Energy that you are being gifted with within this month (June 2009) specifically is to further bring forth a wonderful support for you that enable you to recognise within the self all the qualities and attributes of divinity and pureness which is still dormant within most, some perceive this whilst others don’t. The energy of this time is a true dedication to The Christ, for you have experienced part of this some time ago during the month of April celebrating Easter, then during May you celebrated Wesak (Buddhic) and now during the month of June the combination of these two energies, one that brings forth enlightenment of the heart and the other that beings forth enlightenment of the mind, and as these two Energies combine they create a third energy, the awakening of you as a Christ Child. This energy dear blessed ones is what you now have to embrace and come to terms with no matter how you may speculate yourself to be when it comes to
vibrations, it matters not, but what indeed matters is your part in this awareness and with that the realisation: of you being most profoundly loved and cared for, thus it truly doesn’t matter what your present life situation may be, but that you as a Christed being (and know that I don’t only address those present but also those that may come to read these words feeling drawn to them) have taken on this time the responsibility of a lifetime to bring an awareness to this energy, grounding it, unto this planet. Therefore we urge you to take the time especially during this time (June) and connect to the self. Create time to connect with the self, light a candle, perhaps two, be quiet and with that use this time specifically to connect to the inner essence of the self. There are some that find this quite difficult to do as they are unable to be still especially for prolonged periods, but you will find when you try, that there is always a way that will
come forth for you that will guide you to be calm and still. The calmness and stillness (which you have had numerous messages on over the past few months) is what now truly comes into a divine perspective as you realise the need of this.

You need to be calm and at one with the self, not only at this time, but always. I understand that some aren’t able to create a specific ritual or a set area to do this but if you can, give it some thought especially at this time combining the most recent celebrations of these Christ Attributes, that of my beloved Jeshua and Lord Buddha.

There are great support coming forth for this planet at this time and within this text it includes the last 20, 30, 40 years of your earth time, as with the current which will continue into future times, infinitely. There is tremendous support and energies beamed forth from off-earth locations, other galaxies, constellations, star-systems, and then also from some nearby locations one of the closest being the waves emitted from the planet you know as S irius, which as you know is not simply one single planet but rather a combination of many that makes up that which you perceive with the naked eye as one. Take the time to glance through your local telescopes and you will see this to be true, in fact there are three which you seem to single out yet there are many smaller stars and Light Clusters that combine to create this energy reflected as S irius.

Dear beautiful beings I cannot emphasise enough the importance of being at one with the self, thus cleaning out, dusting out your closets from that which has kept you bound slowing your vibrations down preventing you from stepping through the threshold into a much greater and higher purpose. These are usually created through the act of fear which is one of the most powerful earth energies for it truly prevents expansion and thus prevents one from being the best that you can be. One of the energies being beamed forth from S irius at this time is set in place to directly influence the cosmic lattices which surround this planet dealing with un-and-consciousness This has been set in motion for humanity to now begin to grasp and understand the origins of that which they fear so, for fear as you well know is mainly caused by ignorance. If you are not sure and don’t understand something then you fear the aspects of this (what it reflects to you) for you are
in fact unable to share your passion and compassion with the end result of that which it represents. Once these fears are being brought into the open and you are able to go into the origin and depth of these, thus the actual root cause of this, then the hold and control that these fears has over you is in fact eradicated and eliminated.

One of the other energies that keep humanity snugly glued under the blankets of insecurity is being unsure, and here specifically one of the major challenges that those of the Magnetic service had to and is facing as part of the Ascension project, is to weave a whole new energy into the unconscious which eliminate and dissolve all of the matrixes that holds the energy of insecurity together, for what happens is you will find that someone finds a fear in something that they haven’t previously experienced, or not in a good way, yet by sharing this they feel more comfortable. Let me explain a little, what I am getting across here is humanity would rather gather together in times of turmoil fearing the worst than to actually want to know the origin of this. To give you a clearer example; at present massive pillars being constructed around your planet, some of my own energy through the Magdalene Columns and others that anchor the energies of other beings,
yet there is tug-of-war playing out between various groups of differing ‘thought forms’ as some present a whole new way of giving support integrating new energies, whilst others may see this from a fear-based perspective as the enemy. Much good as you know is being done by many beings on many levels even though they don’t all share the same platform or understanding of that which is perceived by some to be good or not. Nonetheless within the energies of various groups familiarity breeds content therefore some of the masses would rather run from that which create new energies than to turn and face that which controls their fears, and in so doing being able to remove the thorn from their side eliminating that which pierces them so.

The energy bringing in a whole new vibration of Christ Consciousness and anchoring it at this time, is what is supporting the dismantling of the matrixes of fear which are fuelled by the imbalance of the lower chakras in other words those below the heart. Consciousness on the other hand is a reality dear ones, which is now expanding and growing at such a speed. Consciousness is Energy in Expression (also that of the Creator, Father Mother God Goddess) which means ‘becoming aware of something that is very different from that which you have previously entertained’. Consciousness or being conscious, gives you the ability to move beyond the matrixes that previously fed these fears keeping them in life, some kept alive through the control of some of the world’s religious orders, many fearing the ‘new age’ for example - if you could call it that - but in great honesty there is nothing new about this age, admittedly it is different, but it has always
been, was always projected simply not through and into earth reality but it was always there and soon this shall be your past thus there is no newness as all is creation which is the expression of God Goddess from the Creator, it is the expression of all that is Light in manifestation thus thought, deed and love.

The Christ Energy at this time is beamed forth to bring about calmness, thus awareness for you about the part you play as a being in the overall picture, yes this energy you carry within. It is available to everyone and intended for you to become this by living through its essence serving as Light Pillars, thus to hold the power by sharing it with others, family, friends and also those that you do not know for in this time someone might come forward asking for your advice and input thus you need to be able to share your wisdom with others which is one of the reasons initiations are being hosted throughout the planet anchoring light pillars into your beingness and this planet, in many different ways, taking on many different forms, many different realities for at the end all is as one. The overlying essence of this beauty and Christedness lies for you in the understanding of your sacredness which is the Christ within-ness. Being able in some small way to
share knowledge, experience, or relating a story on this all serve to anchor light upon the planet for as you know all which is reflected is recorded within the unconscious realms. The collective unconsciousness is where this energy collects and takes on form of that which is projected into it therefore know this: Your governments cannot go into war without teams to fight for them. What would you think would happen if every single one of the soldiers of your lands refuses to go to war? Nothing… there can’t be, for the governments aren’t able to fight their own wars thus they rely on the collective energy created by the anger of these soldiers (men and women) which support this energy, creating it anew with each day. If all do not gather forming platoons joining camps psyching themselves for the war at hand and what they ‘believe’ they are fighting for (even though it is so completely ridiculous)- there will not be a war, and this is the
reality of it therefore the sadness here lies within the indoctrination influenced through dark forces, the men and the woman from their lands enforcing them to do so.

Dear lightworker friends if you could but read or see the energy being reflected from the many men, woman, young ones within the war stricken areas, the countries at war, civilian war, any wars, you would not believe the unhappiness and sadness that is present for many of those fighting within these situations are only in that position because of the monetary controls these governments has over them in other words kill for a wage. S ome may be there because of circumstance, some because of emotional manipulation be that from a completely disgruntled base chakra aspect reinforced by immediate family and friends, be it through government manipulation it matters not for the fact remains when you look at the true patriarchs fighting, very few are truly there because of the deep conscious anger they harbour towards their fellow man. This is another aspect of the Christ energy being anchored this day, to heal this energy as part of the celebration of that
which you know as the 6:6 Gateway, this is to anchor pillars of light unto this plane unlike ever before supporting a new matrix of love weaving this into the cosmic lattice of divine and pure enlightenment.

By interweaving this energy into the unconscious through this gateway (not only this gateway but most certainly every key date activation which some of you might be quite familiar with), through the energy being beamed forth from the likes of S irius this day comes forth vibrations of imprints which works through the Metatronic Keys which naturally relates to geometry. In geometry there is always numerology and within numerology there is always the understanding of balance and the balance that is expressed through this is what brings to you the possibility of rewiring all of the energy that surrounds your planet preparing your planet as we speak taking her into her ascension years, being given a whole new influx of light, love and compassion so that she may shed her third dimensional self, shed her fourth dimensional skin, and take on her glorious and most profound fifth dimensional coat of many colours.

The Christ consciousness Energy increases with each new day its power, ability and ways through which it is able to change and transform not only lives but life. The energy of The Enlightened One is a reality that is now coming to face you though the mirrors of your inner consciousness unlike anything you have as yet experienced. Changes will be more evident and will increase with the flow of time which will result in even more massive changes which will change the face of the planet as you will see things in a different light, you will live within a different light and to prepare you bit by bit, slowly and with intent, we introduced to you a ‘free-will’ way of changing that which you presently face. Dearest light and beautiful friends the only way that you can get to the stage of embracing all of that which I have shared with you so far is to acknowledge your inner power thus light, and the power that I am speaking of is certainly not the lower
limiting solar plexus but indeed a combination of all of the chakras and with that I mean all of the lower 12 chakras for these energies combine and is expressed through that which you know as the 13th chakra. All of you have experienced the chakric initiations in some way or another and the 13th chakra simply gathers all which goes before it in a subtle way. To be able to absorb this thus make head or tail, is to make a pledge to begin working diligently with the self and believe me it matters not if you are only able to share one minute, hour or day at a time with the self, just do it, thus what matters is for you to take that step forward and begin to truly know yourself deeply, intently.

You recently received teachings on trusting the self as master Djwal Khul asked you to be clear about being honest or dishonest with the self , so this honesty is what then creates a safety platform for you to step from raising your vibrations into a totally different frequency of unconditional love. In reality if one takes the complexities of the structures of life out of the picture humanity seems to believe there are many different types of love be that the love for food, parents, tea, money, driving, work, studies, institution of prayer and so on. Humanity seems to think that love differs between parents and partners which is true in some way yet KNOW that love is universal, it is the most important and powerful essence that my beloved taught when He walked on your plane in the shoes of Jeshua. Unconditional love has only recently become more understood as you realize that you cannot truly place a limit on love, or for the sake of something place a
limitation on love because of the way you feel or project energy at that time.

So this new energy that is beamed towards this planet this day, anchored through 12 specific Christ Rays is made available to everyone that wishes to shift conscious awareness and with this awareness awakening your consciousness you are urged to practice unconditional love much more freely. Unconditional love demands honesty and truth, and within this sacred space you cannot entertain judgment thus you cannot only embrace that which makes sense to you and reject that which you fear for how do you know unless you have gone to the core to explore and dearest ones, beautiful beings, this is what the power and the essence behind life truly is all about, to explore, to learn and have fun. In fact if you are able to look at your lives from a detached aspect you will clearly see what most of humanity focuses on, that being after they stepped into life detaching from the cosmic realms into physicality setting out to embrace the Christ energy upon this plane no
matter the challenges, they soon run away from just this energy for after the birth process the more conscious they become the more unconscious they react.

When younger you don’t have the consciousness challenges as when you get older, in fact life is suppose to get less challenged when you are older but because of fear most are unable to rise above this, let go of the clauses of fear that hangs over them, digging into their skins, spurring them to go to war. Firstly declaring war against the self by challenging everyone else except the self which is all of a lower solar plexus vibration which then grabs unto the straws of the lower vibrations within the outer crown chakra and through this self righteousness you find it almost impossible to even comprehend the existence of unconditional love, and from there it is a downward spiral fuelled by fear, lack, greed and insecurity all because of internal conflicts sparked through the dishonest aspects of the self. It is for this reason that we ask you to pay true attention to being honest with the self and as beloved Kuthumi suggested on numerous occasions dear
ones, rather be honest with the self even if you feel unsure about sharing this with another at the time than to be in denial with the self in other words create a situation for the self where you are able to share your own wisdom with the self in an honest and kind way without judging the self placing the self under the spell of the laws of expectation.

Charity begins at home, you know this?
A: Yes
MM: it cannot be truer and in the same way honesty begins with the self.

The confusing thing here is humanity gets confused about the commitment they have with the self and what the charity should be that stays at home and of course these are put into balance or imbalance through the scales of guilt, so with bringing the Christ Consciousness into a more profound and clear vibration comes the understanding now for you to embrace the self as a Christed Being. Let the judgement fall away, let the expectation fall away and embrace with purity, love and Light all that you KNOW is possible and how do you know this? You experienced it before be that active or as a observer, you know the true essence of Creation deep within, and in the same way many has to support each other to create a collective awareness in the name of war, why not create support amongst many to spread awareness in the name of LOVE. Then in this same way begin to see love as a united oneness energy that is ALWAY S the same.

Dear ones, beloved beings, the essence of this energy comes to life through you reflecting this from your inner being, reflecting out to everyone and not to make different situations comply according to the love that you believe it to be. Do not give this kind of love to this being and that kind of love to that being because of your judgment for this is conditional. To get into the Grace that is released through the presence of unconditional love you need to understand how you create your reality, this means claiming your truth, your honesty thus divineness and then by claiming to love the self as all others you have to be prepared to bring these vibrations to life sharing this with all on which ever level of understanding they may be able to relate to it. In this lies no judgement henceforth if you are not able to share the same love from one to another then the question here is for you to ask yourself ‘Where does this love come from’? Is this
projected through the lower heart aspect? Is this love projected through the higher sacral aspect or is this infact a mind-generated love reflected through the third eye? These are the questions you need to ask of the self.

The current and unfolding energy is about compassion, care, and recognition of sacredness beginning with the self, thus see this in all others, for if you are not able to recognise the oneness and unity purity within the self you will not be able to successfully pass this on to others so what we are bringing across here is that now is a truly important time to be at one with the self which brings us back to today’s message.

Lady in audience coughs profusely - Mary Magdalene spoke to the group to assist her by opening some windows and getting water etc then made everyone do a exercise reflecting healing towards her throat and then towards their own throat chakras using Reiki, charging the throat chakra with love and beauty and the ability to communicate that which we believe in and also to communicate to the self that which we don’t understand as yet. S he asked everyone to bless their throats with the ability to anchor truth, to trust the self and the inner child. S he then guided all to invoke the Blue Ray and to reflect this through the palm chakras into the throat to soothe all of the irritations we still have to face and being blessed with the confidence to do so. S he then asked the group to turn their palm chakras out to face the person opposite within the circle and to look them in the eye giving your love vibrations to them and in this way confirm that we love
ourselves as we love all others and visa versa. (The words of Mary Magdalene).

MM: Obstruction in the throat is mainly caused by the inability to express your truth. As ambassadors for The Christ Energy you are given this opportunity within this lifetime (as you requested) to integrate extreme high vibrations thus frequencies of colour and sound which support your transcendence from a lower vibration or a single carbon density into an infinite silica density thus crystalline vibration. In the process of transforming your energy from that which is limited to that which knows no bounds, anchoring into that which has the need to expand and explore, the need to dance through the universe embracing the universes beyond with infinite expression, you need to integrate and understand these things that not only I Mary Magdalene but many others share with you at this time, through many beings in many ways, through vessels, transmitters, channels what ever you prefer calling these. The answers to all truly lies within and you are able to
integrate these simply by being yourself which is why authenticity is so important. You need to be in your own passion for if you are not you wont be able to give unto another with compassion for compassion is unconditional love in expression thus in action expressing deep care.

Lightworkers especially are being asked to be very aware of that which you project out to others for many are creating subconscious schools of thought and followings merely through that which you project, some of these are as old as time itself. Even though you may be from different pockets or schools of thought you are asked to link hands using the tools given to you through miracles or magic, and for these to be shared amongst all that resonates with it, for you are not meant to go in different directions but rather to interweave these through the action behind the truth that ‘opposites attract’ creating balance in a ‘new way’ so that you can be live through a whole new energy, the same new energy that shall one day give unto you a clear-cut wake-up call about unity and oneness which shall in no uncertain terms present you with every confirmation you have ever needed when it comes to your Christedness within.

The energy being beamed forth at present initiated through the 6:6 Gateway is gifted from 12 avenues of Christed direction each blessing the planet with a specific energy or train of thought along with the understanding these through your way of Being. These Christ Rays will bring unto this planet even more profound gentleness and love than ever possible before, in other words as the density layers are being lifted from the blankets of unconsciousness that humanity to eagerly enfolds themselves a complacent trance within, these new Christ Rays will infiltrate matrixes and densities previously hard to reach laying down blankets of love which we from beyond this realm weave into your reality one stitch at a time connecting hearts throughout worlds. This heart energy is the core energy beamed forth from these 12 directions which are initiated this day beamed forth from the heart aspect of the beings that carry the energy of these physical planets or
energies or systems of light, these cosmic basins that intersect time and space. The essence of being honest, unconditional love, your Christed beingness, and the essence of weaving new truths into time and space, all of this is impossible without it being infiltrated into and through humanity’s heart system including the initial heart energy (the average heart energy), the evolved heart energy (the scared heart) and for lightworkers such as yourself we shall combine these as one heart, the golden heart energy.

Begin working with the self integrating these heart aspects with intent and with that embrace the golden heart energy as your centre of sacred consciousness, your scared heart. When you connect to your planet and its people connect through the oneness of this energy attaching it to every other using the golden cords being released from this infinite realms of golden consciousness.

If there is one that you feel incongruent with spin first the golden cords of sacred love between your heart and theirs, and then surrender by allowing these to meet as one as you exercise your Christ Consciousness Will to be bestowed upon them thus share that which you have been so blessed with in this way removing conflict delivering balance which supports deserve ability in other words honesty with the self about your authenticity. Humanity sadly more times than not are only able to relate to their own deserve-ability when it comes to that which they own. The paradox here lies in the fact that there is no judgement on that which you own for this is a physical world with material needs and wants and you are by no means meant to live in lack. As with this so it is with sexuality, which you as a Christed being have full right to enjoy for all are simply energies of this plane so why deny this, embrace it for the right reasons not simply because you feel
insecure or fearful without worth, neither because of victimhood or the need for another to confirm your worth. The Christed being is able to stand tall for that which they believe and share this with others and the ultimate of this is to do so without the expression of voice but rather by example. This is made possible through the natural flow of energy beamed from the heart (expression of the soul), and the eyes which are the windows of the soul, this is true shared compassion. By becoming aware of your energy, that which surrounds you, and the relation between the inner and outer worlds you now have to take heed of these words embracing the Christ Consciousness within for this is what you came to do bringing light, love and profound wisdom, it is indeed what you came to do so why now turn your back on that which has been planned for eons and to begin BE YOUR S ELF! Teach the self to have compassion towards the self, practice unconditional love and
stay on these vibrations or frequencies and if you want to be a light beacon or pillar claiming yourself to be a lightworker exercising your Christedness, then beam these qualities towards another. If you want to now let go of fear, limitation, shame, if you want to truly expand your mind making a set difference in this time zone, if you want to be one of the ones that claim leadership being a forerunner or fore-walker set to initiate change and support the shift in consciousness weaving new light into the matrixes within the lattices surrounding this planet, then you have to surrender into love.

Surrendering into love allows the self to be guided by the consciousness of All That Is. If you take the essence of all that is into one expression you will come to face an energy that is ‘greater and higher’ that you, yet the same, called your higher self, your God- S elf within and without. The higher self, the mastered or Christed self needs absolutely no convincing of the journey that you have come to walk. It knows the route, it understands where you need to go, what it needs to do to guide you along these ventures. Becoming enlightened along your journey of Ascension and Christed Consciousness is about surrendering all of the lower frequencies of limitation into that which is far more expansive, far greater, S upremely Divine in Knowing. This energy of the higher self knows only One energy; God, thus know that God and Love is synonymous therefore with great awareness become aware not only of all that you are set to realign within your energy
systems but even more so that which you have ignored pushing it outside of your energy systems over time. I am asking you to share compassion towards those you have previously snuffed at and in this way share your compassion with the tiny minute flowers in your gardens even those you term weeds for these too carry the symbolism of God in their life cycle. As I shared previously waves of energy are constantly beamed towards the earth in forms of geometry and the geometry of this universe is expanded through the Metatronic Keys which carry the wisdom we present you with during these teachings, you also come to know these keys through life lessons. These keys we also offer to you during your dream state and but this I mean not only the dream state when you are asleep but even the dream state during your hours of being awake (day dreaming) when you allow your consciousness to flow along the pathway of your imagination which shows you flashes and pictures
some which you believe you have not ‘seen’ before when infact you have, for your brain is able to formulate even that which is physically unseen as it triggers new images derived from that which you have previously experienced in some way.

Familiarity breeds content thus do new things, expand your horizons, do not keep yourself locked into one school of thought thus learn different things, share different things and in so doing allow the beauty and the sincerity and the love of Christ to be alive in you! And so to help you, each of you, to guide you, and to give unto you some personal assistance I want you to imagine you are held within a beautiful, most beautiful Temple. Pause.

All get ready for the energy activation.

Transport yourself into this beautiful temple of a diamond vibration and see all around the tingling multicolour reflection of the diamond energy. Pause. Visualise all the diamond colours flickering all around almost a reflection of that which you cannot usually see for that is the diamond energy taking on all atmospheric energy reflecting it to you according to it’s cut, thus it combines all of the energies that surrounds it reflecting these through the colours it emanates. Pause.

Know that you are secure and thus be calm as you sit down in the core of this temple. Pause. For a moment, feel the Oneness of this temple, of this energy, of this space, and as you feel the oneness, as you become comfortable with this energy allowing the blankets of comfort to calm you, I want you to imagine that surrounding you, 3mts to either side of you in all directions creating a circle 6mts in diameter, 12 pillars of light are being released from the floor of this temple, 12 crystalline pillars with you held in their centre standing in the core of the 6mt diameter of this energy. Pause.

I now want you again to invoke the presence of the oneness energy. Pause. You are still alone in the stillness of this temple surrounded by the 12 crystalline pillars of brilliant clear quartz. Pause.

Now within your mind (although these pillars initially are not pure diamond quality) see how the diamond energy within this temple is reflected into the brilliant quality clear quartz pillars with them glittering with the diamond energy in an array of light and colour. Pause. Now transform the 12 crystalline pillars into 12 pure diamond pillars of light. Pause.

I Mary Magdalene now manifest my energy within this circle of Light coming to stand behind you resting my hands upon your shoulders, now feel my love penetrating into your shoulders. Pause. Feel how I transfer the true essence of my being into yours. Pause. Feel how I give of my Christedness for you to embrace yours. Feel the flow of light emanated by my hands as they gently cup your shoulder joints. Pause. Allow these vibrations of love to fully infiltrate into your being and the more love you embrace and integrate the brighter these 12 surrounding diamond pillars become for the more sparkling the Christ Temple becomes. Very long pause.

Now feel the Presence of the Christ Jeshua manifesting within this sacred circle, with the Christ Energy standing before you both myself Mary Magdalene and my beloved Jeshua now place our hands with our fingertips touching (his right with my left and my right with his left) covering the cap of your crown chakra in other words we lay our gentle hands upon your crown. Pause. Now absorb the impulses of light that are being transferred into your energy field from the both of us as we charge you with all of that which you lack to fully and truthfully claim yourself to be part of The Christ Team, understanding what it means to call yourself a Christian. To give your love unconditionally for this purpose without placing upon the self or another judgement or expectation and to never conform to that which you truly know cannot be within the world of authenticity thus preventing you from being authentic. Pause.

The Lord Christ Jeshua steps back and so do I as we indicate for you to stand up facing Jeshua looking deeply into his eyes feeling very familiar with His energy absorbing the Essence of His S oul that He reflects from His eyes into yours. Pause.

Now turn around and face me Mary Magdalene looking into my eyes absorbing my soul-self reflected through my eyes for you to absorb. Pause.

Again turn to face the Lord Jeshua as we indicate for you to sit down on the big fluffy cushion for your comfort within the centre of this Temple . Pause.

I remain standing behind you and the Christ Jeshua remains standing facing you as we now initiate you to awaken within the 12 Christ levels of your spiritual physical reality which will truly help you to transcend yourself claiming your magnificence thus Christedness and through this impart your inner Christ Essence to all including the energies that makes up the lattices, grids and so forth. Pause.

The Christ Jeshua manifests a most beautiful and scared Diamond sword similar to the Excalibur of Archangel Michael holding it in His Right hand hanging by His side. I step forward asking you within your mind to connect to the diamond pillar directly in front of you behind Jeshua. Pause. Open your 3rd eye, crown and higher centres and connect with this Light Pillar of Diamond Frequency. Pause. I Mary Magdalene now places a magnificent golden crown upon your head as we initiate you into the 1st Diamond pillar of Christ Consciousness, with Jeshua raising His sword knighting you by touching the top of your crown with the tip of his diamond sword sparkling your crown, bringing it to life with an array of diamond energy with the gleaming golden crown resting on your crown chakra. Pause.

We now activating the second pillar but instead of us moving the pillars are rotating in a circular counter clockwise motion and as the energy move from one pillar to the next within your front facing vision a ring of Fire ignites between the pillars linking them one at a time until a full ring of fire will be active at the end of the process. S o now the initiation is repeated at pillar 2 initiating your crown with diamond consciousness as I place the 2nd golden crown upon your crown chakra melding with the 1st with the Christ Jeshua knighting you to carry the energy of the second pillar of Christ Consciousness. Pause.

As the pillar moves to the third slot so does the ring of fire extend linking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd diamond pillars as we again initiate you with the golden crown symbolically knighting you with the diamond sword of Truth. Pause. This process is now repeated as we come to face the 4th pillar again reinforcing the Golden Crown Christ Consciousness Energy sealed and knighted by the diamond sword of truth. Pause.

As we move on the liquid fire extends from pillar to pillar with you receiving the golden crown imprint and diamond knighting at each new pillar.

This process continues and repeats through pillars 5,6,7,8,9,1o and then 11. After pillar 11….

MM: After the 11th pillar knighting the Christ Jeshua places the diamond sword back into its pouch (hanging by His side) and I again place the golden crown upon my own crown as we indicate for you to stand up facing my beloved. Pause. The Lord Jeshua now places both of His hands over your heart chakra in the front as I place both my hands over your heart chakra at the back. Long pause.

We simultaneously release a most powerful Christ Energy creating a golden weave of divine consciousness weaving between our hands back to front and then front to back travelling through your heart chakra spinning golden cords through you as this energy interweaves connecting all of the aspects of your heart with ours. Pause. Feel the sacredness of this thread connecting us all, from my right hand through you connecting to Jesus’ left hand and His right hand connecting to my left through your heart. Pause. Connect with the intensity of this energy as these cords begin to cross over through your heart from my right to His right and His left to my left symbolically imprinting a Golden Cross within your heart. Pause. Now visualise a golden sphere of light forming in the front and back of your heart chakra with our hands over your heart chakra contained within its centre. Pause. This energy now increases in vibration becoming much more powerful as we invite
you to connect with these golden cords weaved at every angle connecting our energy with yours, connecting the top and bottom right and left ventricles of your physical heart with this etheric energy. Pause.

This energy carries the seal of unity expressed through the symbolic sphere or ring and the cross serve symbolically imprinting balance within your heart space, the initial energy that created the flow of energy through the heart (golden weaves) was introduced into the heart to create a strong foundation for you to beam your light from as a Christed being, one whom is an ambassador for this energy in support for the One who carried this cross for you, and still does. Today we gift you this most beautiful gift of your own golden cross imprint within the heart energy and although some may feel their cross to be a heavy one to bear at times, it always comes into balance. Pause.

Both of us now step away from you and with that I want you to feel the essence of the Christ Love deeply anchored within your heart, tap into and draw from it. Pause. Again bring into your mind the energy imprints we have activated within your heart energy, the weaves from back to front and visa versa, then the weaves crossing creating the cross imprint then the forming of the anterior and posterior spheres which seals this energy. Pause. Now allow this golden heart symbol as a whole to begin spinning in any way you choose, become aware of it increasing its vibrational spin until it spins so fast all you are left with is a golden energy within the heart that sparkles and glows. Pause.

As this glow is reinforced the sacred ring of fire closes up linking the 11th and 12th diamond pillar forming a complete ring of fire surrounding you, protecting you, keeping you safe. Pause.

I now come to stand next to my beloved both of us facing you. Pause. The three of us now join hands in this way forming a scared connection creating a wonderful flow of golden supreme light as Jesus charges from His masculine aspect into yours (holding your right hand) power and will for you to be your authentic self and I charge your feminine aspect (holding your left hand) with the flexibility and creativity for this to be. Pause.

Now visualise the 12th Crown come to life in your crown centre. For each it will reflect in a different colour, it may not necessarily be gold, so visualise the crown of your choice to bless your own glory with a colour vibration that resonates with you. Pause. Now allow this individual colour vibration to transform into a crystalline vibration which absorbs the 11 golden crowns becoming one with the 12th representing Oneness, see this crown in a crystal form that you can truly relate to thus allow your chosen crystalline vibration to glow gloriously upon your head. Long pause.

Lord Jeshua now lets go of our hand, steps forward, embracing you with His heart pressing closely to yours as He transfers the love that He Feels for you from His heart to yours. Return His embrace and give your thanks to Him as He steps aside. I now step forward embracing you giving you my love from my heart to yours. Long pause. We both step back again taking our initial places me behind you and Lord Jesus in front of you, we both turn and walk away from you in opposite directions, passing through the ring of fire and come to stand facing you now on the outside of your ring of fire which links the 12 pillars of Christ Light. We hold out our hands as to bless the fire and with that the fire ignites burning stronger, glowing and expanding becoming more intense as the 12 pillars increase in height and width becoming massive tall and wide pillars of light touching each other becoming one with the fire thus all you are aware of now is this massive diamond
fire energy that surrounds you, anchored deep into the earth, flaring high into the sky. Very Long Pause.

Today we ground these pillars of Light into the foundations of Mother Earth. They are beamed forth from various galaxies and planets of which the most prominent are S irius, Pleiades, Arcturus then there are the constellations that serve as balancing energies to charge the earth with these Christ Rays. Rays beam forth from Cassiopeia and Bootes, S corpio and S agittarius, then there is your S un which anchors the fire aspect unto the earth blessing you with a constantly charged Ring of Fire aspect, you also have the femininity of your Moon and Venus, then there is the unpredictableness of Jupiter and Mars, these are supported by many other energies beaming these Christ Rays unto your planet in the form of 12 Rays as a gift to support you, helping you to become as one with the new vibrations of Light, now we also blessed you with the Ring of Fire for you to utilize in any which way you feel comfortable with. The Fire for protection, the crystal diamond
pillars also representing the 12 aspects of you as well as the 12 major houses and how these affect you (Aries, S agittarius, Virgo, Leo and so on). The 12 main houses give unto each a spark of personality or flavour of dealing with things which is very important thus when it comes to astrology there is much more than what seems to meet the eye or ear for that matter, so know that each of you have very evident within you an aspect of each of those representations within your skies therefore you have the 12 major archetypes to deal with and grow through upon this plane, then you have the 12 senses of which most have only been exposed to the first 5 of sight, sound, taste, feel, smell yet there are truly 12 available to the enlightened being. Then there is the one that you call your 6th sense, in fact your 6th sense is actually another 6 senses which makes 12 not so.

So with these towering 12 pillars of light which project these Christ Rays towards you via these areas mentioned we sincerely hope for you to utilize this energy, creating that which you desire by placing yourself within this energy, by walking your Christ Conscious truth, by embracing everyone of your fellow man as a Christed Being, with you as them, one that knows no judgement that does not support in any way victimization or blame, and with that one that will do all within your power to share with all your Light, and you do so best by simply surrendering into Christedness. I am Mary Magdalene I gift unto each of you a beautiful Magdalene Rose as a gift, thus see this Rose of the same crystalline and colour vibration that you are crowned with, and then place this into your heart so that this may remind you each day just how very special you are. Au Revoir
A: Au Revoir, thank you.

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