Lord Adama on 2012 & The True Meaning of Our Essence

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     It is my distinct pleasure to be here with each of you on this New Year.  I am happy to be in body and also to be able to transfer my energies to the masses.  I Am Lord Adama and want to share some very important aspects of what 2012 means to each of us within and around the Earth.
     We are transitioning greatly as a mass consciousness.  It is now the time to fully accept our role and pathway as each of us is just as important as everyone else.  We are coming into a time of full acceptability of what Oneness means to each of us personally and collectively. 
     I speak to you from the Telosian Command Center during the last moments of January 2012.  I have many here with me so I don’t only speak from my Highest Essence, but I share the thoughts of all of the Ray Chohans of ascended beings along with many Inter-Galactics of several races along with a very special Team of Light we call the Telosian Council of Light.  We are all in unison at this moment in time to share our thoughts to you through Meleriessee.  It is important that each of us understand that we are here work with one another in Oneness and that each of us has a different role to play but very similar.
     I have been asked to speak for the many levels of consciousness in this moment to help each of you understand your own personal role in the New Earth essence called Terra Christa.  Each of us has arrived at a juncture.  This crossroads is a place where we are all meeting within our essences to share the best that we are to accomplish complete success of accessibility to all levels of Creation.  What does this mean in actuality?
     As I expand my energies within the group of Beings and Souls that I work within here in Telos, I come to you in the official expansion of our Light unto each of you.  The light frequencies that each of you are experiencing at this time are not only allowing you to fully accept your newfound essence within the physical, but to fully realize that not only are you expanding within you, we are expanding with each other. 
     We are coming to a time in which we will no longer be separate entities of the world of Spirit and the world of humanity.  We, in Telos, as you know are fully in physical form, and we aspire to help you to realize that amongst you walk many Masters of the Light showing themselves to you daily.
     Our complete design in this moment is to help each of you to be fully aware of your faculties within you as we do in the Telosian community and all of the Aghartha cities.  The expansion of your physical bodies is exactly what is occurring for you on the Upper Earth to fully realize that in order to accept the many possibilities of dimensional interactions that the body must be accustomed to interact with these frequencies.  2012 is the time for all of this to be realized within each of your Beings. 
     There is much talk about what ascension means to every individual person, but I ask of you in this moment, “Is this coming from your Higher Essence or your physical existence?”  You will not find the answers within the third dimensional reality of your Being as you are not accessing the higher elements necessary to understand the entire experience of what we call “Ascension”.
     This is the year of rebirth, renewal, and remembrance for every individual upon the planet.  It is a time to let the old elements that have served our purpose well but not longer exists in the paradigm of the New Earth.  Each of you that are aspiring to accept the rules of acceleration within your physical existence will truly not understand the process that you are undergoing.  That is the beauty of it all and how it can be manifested within your world.  All forms of thought and what you held dear are being stripped away deeply.  The only part of you that can assist you is your Highest Essence or Higher Self being more fully active within your world.
     So I say to you right now as I speak here amongst many Higher Beings of Light is that you are no different than any of us except that you have forgotten your full Essence.  We are extending our frequencies unto you more fully than we ever have before as there are many posts and roles that are needed to be filled for the New Earth.  Many here are stepping aside to allow others like yourselves to fully accept your new roles.  Some are offering their assistance by bringing forth information that has never been acquired in a physical form and You Are The Ones that are being put on notice in this moment.
     Look around you, feel the essence that you are embodying, and allow to see the magic in each moment.  As your body changes to accelerate into a 5thdimensional nature, you must accept each twist and turn as this is your highest essence showing you the way.  Do not question the process as when you do as then it stops the movement occurring within your body.  Surrender unto each moment of your accelerations as particles of light are being encoded within you for you to access a new surge of information that your Soul knows what to do with, but the physical mind will become confused.
     I speak here with the Telosian Council of Light as we are extending to each of you that it is now time to remember your Lemurian and Atlantean heritage without the mental faculties intact.  The beauty of these moments is to fully stand within yourself understanding that there is so much more to your essence than you are allowing yourself to BE…It is now the time of our reunion and this is the year when the growth cycle is going to fully accelerate you into that time and space you left eons ago.
     There are many reasons why you are on the Upper Earth, and we are in the Inner Earth.  You have acquired great knowledges and consideration to fully understand how the process can work on the Upper Earth.  You will know what to do with your newfound knowledge as it is a wisdom that has been lodged inside of you for eons of time.  The cellular memory is being ignited within you to fully reveal the entire pathway of your Being.
     What I am trying to convey to each of you is that your body needs to accelerate into the 5thdimensional frequency and that is the first step.  You are striving to be more but without the cellular structure fully accepting every part of the transformation then the tranistionary phase will be delayed in various ways.  We, of the Higher Beings and Inner Earth along with Inter-Galactics, are here to assist you in transforming the bodies into the Light Frequency you are trying to acknowledge.  But stop thinking about it.  It will not assist you in any shape or form. 
     Take a breath of your essence as it transforms the body in various ways.  You will know what to do with it from that point forward.  Expand within yourself the essence that you are in light-codes of frequencies from your past and your future.
      2012 is this process of Beingness and each month that continues you will move farther towards the integration process that you have been searching for from lifetime to lifetime.  All these timelines are now coming into a juncture of time.  We are awaiting your arrival so we can all walk together on Terra Christa.  Until that time we are here in the masses to assist you in the process.  Please know that you are not alone.
     Many of you are fully being prepared for greatness in various ways, but you must not let your mental thoughts to get ahead of you.  The Higher Mind of your Soul’s Essence is truly the commander of your ship, and your Higher Heart of the Essence that you are will truly be your guide.
      This year is the time of preparation in these stages.  We come to you in the masses to walk with you in the higher realms but please know being in a 5thdimensional body is not as difficult as you may make it seem.  The bodies you inhabit at this time want to stop you in the process so each thought that is deeply rooted within you which can make you more miserable as the transition even be more difficult than you can imagine.  Visualize yourself being free and allowing magic to enfold in your life every minute will pull you into each moment.  This is where you fully want to be but remember it is a process of continuation.
     We know that many of you are already feeling these moments and this brings us great excitement beyond our wildest hopes.  This is the year of transformation for many, and each of you that feel this excitement will truly understand our words and frequency that we are imparting to you at this moment.  As this is not only a message in words but one in vibrations.
     Accept it fully as it now expands within your Heart as your Soul is singing a beautiful melody of pure love.  This is our Essence unto each of You in this moment as we are so joyful in the realizations of each of your essences onto your physical existence.
     I Am Lord Adama speaking for the Creation of Oneness with the Telosian Council of Light, Ascended Beings, and Intergalactic Frequencies of Light.
~Channeled through Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Shared through New Earth Newsletter, Feb 2012 - 
Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
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  • great post!

  • Just beautiful! I love you Adama!

  • Just beautiful! I love you Adama!

  • Thank you! This is truly incredible! I never really believed the idea of people in the earth and never,ever read anything about it.I actually paid no attention at all. Almost a year ago I had a vision of a man with blonde hair that spoke to me telepathically. He said his name is ADAMA. I thought I heard wrong and his name was Adam. He had brilliant piercing blue eyes and all I could see was his face very,very close to mine. Anyways, over the last several months, this ADAMA has come to me many times and even once in a dream. The other night I had a very vivd "dream" of a place called Telos. I had never heard of such a place,I actually thought maybe it was a new planet or something. Well for some reason I ended up on this page just now on this blog and there is ADAMA!!!! I still can't believe it!! And he is from TELOS!! People he is real!! As real as you and me!! I am just soo amazed by this!! So the inner earth is REAL EVERYONE!! I am just so amazed and overjoyed to find out all of this is real . I wonder what is going to happen next?

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