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...many of you at this time are now stepping fully out of the old earth, whether by choice at conscious waking mind level or unconsciously by following the heart space...the human logical mind is but a storage facility for ALL that is experienced upo

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We wish to guide on the incarnated human angels...These energies in human form have undergone much trauma and much “training” in human suffering...We place the coding's of 333 and 444 within their waking vision and we ask for them to rise to their fu

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...ALL within the UNIVERSE of 3...are now expanding and shifting and growing...Many are holding tightly on to all that has been taught in defiance of the changes that are now unfolding across and within planet earth and we ask why?...As the New Earth

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...the energies across and within planet earth (are) now increas(ing) beyond anything that has ever been experienced in this your human form upon the planet...The human logical mind will not register the LIGHT CODINGS of the past 24/48 hours in that

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...the old earth paradigms have taught you to think your way through something that is actually an experience? like reading the words on a page in a book, you can think about a golden orb or you can think about a beautiful rainbow...(but they) can on

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Our suggestion is instead of trying to hang onto ( time ) as if it is a static thing just like the mountains around you, you might view as static or the planet you're living on as static, in that you can always count on it to be a certain way.  What

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You have tried to find answers, explanations upon earth and beyond earth, in the physical and spiritual...yet that oneness has always somewhat remained outside of you....What if the oneness you are seeking is just to be, to feel that you are both spi

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Do You Feel It? The Whole Earth Has Shifted !!! The New Earth of Light, Full Disclosure, Channeling and Gnostic Guidance.    Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,   Do you feel it? We have been going through some massive Frequency boosts the last few…
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"In the video on my blog, named; "Rods: the Smoking Gun Evidence," the investigator into "rods" filmed them both in Mexico, a cave for base-jumping and also in Norway, again for base-jumping shots....They are, of course, the same creatures and are…"
6 hours ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post An Introduction to the Devic Kingdom
"In the video above, the investigator into "rods" filmed them both in Mexico, a cave for base-jumping and also in Norway, again for base-jumping shots....They are, of course, the same creatures and are actual devas, of the angelic types....These vary…"
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"Dear Ben Arion,
Your messages I am not receiving...any problem ?
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""Consciousness is rising within our ACC community and that is a wonderful thing to witness...As ACC rises in vibes, so too does the wider world....It's a domino effect.
And thankyou.....!! "

ACC has undergone purification, now the 'purest gold' has…"
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Roaring Lovely commented on Roaring Lovely's blog post You Are Not A Computer
"A robot does not even think at all. Ascribing any 'mind' attribute to a computer is a total misunderstanding. Why didn't humans begin to say that 'a car is an artificial living thing' given that it moves around, takes in oxygen and then emits co2…"
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"Ivy, you said; "I go for the lighter and brighter vibes though 🧚🌼🧚"
I would reply that your energies are very positive and you are most welcome...The Sirians are looking over us all, with much affection and admiration...🛸💕

Consciousness is rising…"
13 hours ago