It takes a lot of gaul to be disrespectful

The meaning of the eye of horus in Hieroglyphics to refer to variouu sense and experiencesOk I have a communication technique which I am trying to teach here.It is a universal language of communication and I have tested it on many ning sites. This is not the only site I have been on. I have joined 20 + sites can't remember them all.(But the Gods of NING all do) They come and go like people lining up outside a shopping center.I have created several small sites my self and been the administration of many.I have a method and a purpose.
I'm trying to teach a tonal vocabulary which was revealed to me through association with many peculiar people
It uses tone which goes beyond frequency of the noise of words.It is the energetic intent of the energy that you infuse upon a designated object that has an ancient accepted divinitory significance.
What makes the thought forms so powerful is the energy given to them by many people in the past. Th older the thought form- the most powerful divinitory significance.A thouht form is like a child it starts off small.Reaches it prime and gradually dwindles into oblivion but someone might pick it up and continue it in a disguised form.There are three ways basic mediums that are available on the internet-- which is really a gigantic thought form itself.
What creates the thought form of the internet?
The minds of all the ip addresses.They are more than ai- artificaL They are biological earth energy intelligences.
Housed within carbon based beings.
We need to now connect our minds in order to find our soul groups.People like us of our kind of spirit.
Some spirits are very rare. They get to become Gods but that is not the real goal.The goal is to heal and spread lovingkindness to others and achieve our own original spiritual nature. Yes they call it the ascention or awakening or whatever you want to call it.There is a ladder that goes to the higher realms and on this ladder there are those ahead and those behind.
as the position on the ladder goes up or down the perspective changes.
So people will have different stories even though they are all on the same ladder.
There is danger on the wayup -- there are devilish spirits who have made it there business to try to knock you off the rungs.Use care in being guided up
The use of pictures instead of words to describe a concept is much the same way that the egyptians tried to preseve their messages.Hieroglyphics.where different scenarious of life were particularly significant and kept repeating. To these were ascribed abstract concepts like toil or work could be represented by a farmer ploughing.


The third method I use to convey tone is music videos. I watch a video I receive a certain tone and when I want to communicate that mood I embed the video or song
This is a way of conveying our true feelings to people in a more complete and indept way.
The one sends the message the other receives.

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  • TRy this one for yourself,it has magnificent energy flow,and works wonders on many aspects of healing,etc,etc,etc,blessings eve.8113581668?profile=originalSUGILITE ROUGH GEM STONE

  • dear Feather Winger,yes that it what i meant,but also,the energies of ones  chakras are in unison more so since 2008,thats the year i had to write my directive writings,to do with the Seven Rays,and i can say with 100%percent honesty,crystals of certain colour are very prominent now,blessings eve.

  • dear Eddie, thankyou greatly for your explanation,love,light,blessings eve.

  • The basic way that i use crystals is-- the colors are associated with the colors of the chakras they are used with. Some people lay the stones on a particular chakra -- or you can meditate holding the stone and try to feel the energy connecting through your hand to the specific chakra.Or you can place the stone of the chakra you are trying to commune with on your third eye and connect through there.
    thats an interesting diagram eve.It expands the scale to 12 notes some are hard and soft making up 12.
    I ave seen correspondences for the tones associated with the different numbers and letter of the hebrew alphabet-- which is a very pictorial alphabet.


    There is the letters and the meaning. See how the shapes of the letters are pictorial glyphs indicating the inner meaning.
    Note the letters are read from right to left.

  • dear Eddie, would you say the Tone of communication comes from the various colours of crystals used,i have often wondered about this concept,because when i watched the Movie a couple of times over the years,that theory came to my mind,blessings eve.8109926478?profile=original

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