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  • I have seen this exact type of tower in the location that I live in..I have found in in 4 different areas..I think it is a cell phone is sort of square shaped at the very top..very high up in the appears on the video that the Aliens use this as a weapon.

  • Flatheat responded..but that is not the video that I am talking about..I am sorry..but I do not know how to put a video on this site..this is my first computer and I am still learning..The video that I am talking about is Wikileaks UFO Footage Banned From Public is on you tube...the video was taken by a young couples is a young white male and white female on somekind of site seeing trip..where they stopped on the side of the road and the male is filming the young girl with red hair..suddenly birds start falling out of the sky and the female gets a nose bleed..and they see some kind of the coluds that comes down to some type of cell phone tower and uses the tower to blow everything up..the young couple talks in some foreign language that I do not know..If someone can locate this video..please put it on this site..Thanks..Amy in NC

  • Umm isn't this already posted?  Yup, it's real :)

  • What video? No linky here......:-(


    Love and Light

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"The large graveyard near me has a long cobblestone drive and people use it for exercise-it's been getting busy lately. No childrens' section yet."
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"Orthodox Jewish families are very picky when it comes to lineage and who is marrying who. The descendants of the priests are not allowed to marry a convert, she has to be Jewish by birth. The old Hebrews must have known much about DNA."
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"Yes and Islam is nothing less than an imitation of the Hebrews...Even their names have Jewish originators...But yes, the spreading of the genetics, far and wide...This science became a religious duty.....
They went forth and multiplied, as it was…"
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"The Hebrews had many wives, thus their DNA spread fast 😉"
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"Yes, a priest using the codename of "Archangel Gabriel." It may also be of interest to learn that Jesus/Yeshua was a reincarnated Joshua son of Nun, who was the Hebrew leader who entered the "holy land."
Well, any religion that believes a woman can…"
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I’m not really into biblical stories, unless it starts to make sense.

Let me guess: the ‘angel’ who impregnated the mother of Jesus was actually a Jewish priest with fixed DNA?"
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"Understand that he was considered so blasphemous, against the Egyptian gods and Pharaoh, that all records of him were struck off...Note that his name was actually Egyptian and it meant "drawn from water." There were variations of this name, also,…"
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