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Greetings HIS Sons and Daughters of Light!

Did you know that Heavenly Father has a blog? Yep. and the following is taken from it. Please take advantage of this opportunity to see what HE is up to thru "P" the humble servant. Have an inspired day! "P"


Lightship Infinity ~ Sunset Grill Team.

Greetings Friend, Ever wish there was a place to share a great quote, something that made you laugh or inspired you? We have a skype room called Lightship Infinity ~ Sunset Grill Team. And you can also advertise there. You can come and go at will. It is a companion communication room to this, His Blog site. All are welcome to visit. Just connect w Paul at skype: paulfb88 w "visit" and allow up to 24 hrs. Thanks. This is just an option for max info and social contact. Main site info is, of course, right here.


God said:

"You study the finite world. You try to figure it out. All the while, you could be riding in Infinity. The fact is that you do ride in Infinity. All the time that you are fussing with the finite world and perceived problems, you are sailing on the Good Ship Infinity." The Good Ship Infinity | Heaven letters: http://bit.ly/mCmRnq

We gratefully embrace our diversity and uniqueness of every one of us! Now here's a word from our mascot. Take it away, lucky! http://t.co/hpDbVW6

A song for us all...

Thank you Mr Henley!

Join us and have fun!


Paul Brown "P"

HIS and Everyone's humble servant, mentor & friend.

Skype: paulfb88


His blog ~ our destiny: Where 7th Heaven and Earth meet and share "The Goods."

Our Motto: "Love in Action!" (7)

Now, here's the meeting place for HIS eternal Victory. Now is a time for Celebration!


(Feel free to copy and share)

p.s. Coming attractions: "A Simple Twist of Fate" [Now live]

p.p.s. "Thy kingdom come, Thy will Is done Now on earth as it Is in Heaven." Here we are in Heaven, people. Time to run the world om the most powerful force their is: LOVE!

To be continued...


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"You do not seem to understand how refined Soul energy, actually is...You said: "Computers are electrically charged, I could imagine that they can hold souls, i.e. energy. The soul is actually a storage medium, isn't it?" end quote...

A Soul, like a…"
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"P.S. Ghost haunt Machine ;), but don't worry about it´s just a stupid idea."
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Scientists are researching it. That may become a reality. How fast are we developing? Especially with such technologies? It is foreseeable that further research will be carried…"
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"here is the latest from Kosovo & Metohija
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Drekx Omega replied to AlternateEarth's discussion WOW – CDC completely reverses course. IT’S OVER!
"The genocide and war, between Lyran Humans and Theta Draconians, about 7.5 million years ago....One reason for colonisation of other systems, to escape this Draco evil...Later the GFL was formed to unite all peaceful Humanoid peoples and allies,…"
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Drekx Omega replied to AlternateEarth's discussion WOW – CDC completely reverses course. IT’S OVER!
""A wise man hears one word and understands two." Edgar Allan Poe....

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"Drexk -we have witnessed the single largest attempt at genocide in recorded history-wondering if other planets in 4d have experienced this horror."
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