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48DNA ACTIVATED AT BIRTH The 666 Anti Christ Seals that were placed in our bodies were placed there very soon after the sperm and the egg came together. The creators of the Seals wanted to make sure that the NORMAL REALITY would be invisible to all Human Angelics even before they were born. Now we have the Truth and the Technology to make sure that your new born baby is not born with those Death Seals. The Death Seal simply guarantees that the baby will be a mortal who will die rather than an immortal who will never die. Before all of the Seals were placed between our DNA, including the 666 anti Christ Seal, we all had Eternal Life. There was no such thing as death in the Normal Reality of the Seventh Level Man. The 666 seal means there was a breakage in the DNA at the sixth base tone of DNA strand 2 was broken, the sixth overtone of DNA strand four and the 12th overtone of DNA strand 5 were all removed from the morphogenetic field of the Templar Mechizedek Cloister. This Seal was a Sixth Dimensional Seal. This means that those who have the Seal are not allowed to enter Tara and Gaia, which is our original home. Those who do not remove this Seal before they die, will be re-incarnated on to the Earth over and over again. That Seal was created 10,000 years ago to keep the Egalitarian Control Centered Patriarchal Melchizedeks out of Tara. The Cloister Order Mechizedeks were the original Christ Race Line, but their were Negative Agendas among some of the Melchizedeks. Another Seal was placed 3500 years ago because the Melchizedeks infiltrated the Egyptian Culture and created Ascension Portals into Inner Earth that released humans with distorted imprints into Tara. This caused such great catastrophies in Tara, that the entire raceline was put on quarantine. The Quarantine Fence was created by blocking certain overtones and base tones from connecting with the DNA strands in the Earth's Frequencies. Ascension requires the Individual to take responsibility for clearning their Seals with the help of the Light and Sound Technologies before they die, so that they will no longer need to re incarnate back to Earth. Four sets of 12 subharmonic must be activated in order to obtain Biological Ascension. What this means is we must activate the original 12 subharmonics or our original Angelic Human Template, plus our Parallel Spiritual Self's 12 subharmonics on the Eka and Veka Planes, plus our Spiritual Self's Parallel Self on both the Eka and Veka Planes. What this means is our DNA was broken apart from our Base Tones of our original Selves that were kept in the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone and the Over Tones of Spiritual Templates in the Cosmic Core of Inner Earth, which is Aquafaria. Both of these places stored the original perfect template of who we originally were. We have a Self and a Parallel Self in these Domains and many others. We each actually have 144,000 Versions of ourselves just as the Incarnations in the First Harmonic Universe. We also have this many versions of our selves in all Five Harmonic Universes. At this Time of our Ascension, we are aligning our Consciousness into Attunement with all of the Frequency Signatures of Consciousness of all of these versions of ourselves. If old methods and techniques that only do Akashic Readings of one or two past lives seems helpful to you, imagine how much freedom you will have when you realize you have a Version of yourself all over the Omniverse. Those selves are doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They are EXPERIENCING themselves in different Versions. What begins to happen after you tune in to the Frequency Signatures of all of those Versions in the Multi Dimensionality of No Time and Space, is your ability to MANIFEST the reality that exists in any of those other Versions of you. You don't have to be that one Version of yourself. You can be the Version that is an Aquafarian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Aryan, Lyran, or any of the Hybrid Selves that you have been within these Versions. We are in a time of Multi Dimensionality. We are in a time when we can tune in to the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound and become anything that has been Created in the Manifestation Room of the Mind of God, or anything that you Invent that hasn't been Invented. However, that is highly unlikely. There are infinite versions of reality. All we need to do is to learn to step into the version that we desire. The Eternal Life Album will be the new PROMISE for all babies born from this moment on to be born into their inorganic eternal life form and their divine right to keep that form from the moment of their conception. The normal Avatar Child would then spend the next 33 years inhaling more and more of the Divine Spiritual Water called Hydrolaise into the cellular structure. By age 33, the Entity would contain the At One Metn with the Spiritual body that provides the Consciousness that allows the opening of all 12 Stargates into the Omniverse and beyond into our new Cosmos. Send questions to [email protected]

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